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This is the problem with everything Abrams has ever made

It only has theory, and no stories

I am still in awe over how many problems I have with Linux are caused by Lennart Poettering

Why is it that every interface is a race to the bottom in terms of usability, and then designers always complain "That interface element is obvious, therefore bad!"

Me before Social Distancing: "If I was stuck in my home for days on end, I'd do so much!"
Me now: "Fuck yes"

Good for you, I found this not to be true for me, I'm spending way more time entertaining myself away from anxiety and actually less actual productive time.

I hadn't been that productive either. I'm spending more time relaxing, since the days had been really stressing for me, because of much work at our company.

This is so far my experience too.

Yeah, not being prone to anxiety is the real actual superpower in this - which is... nice

But I mean - 0 year old doesn't help my personal productivity, but also helps my *actual* productivity, which helps me feel like I am productive, and lets me move into other productive things.

Mostly, writing the RPG work I've been meaning to - but also slowly learning some new code and figuring out some baby and house stuff - but it has been nice

OK, Ibhate Disney movies

But how did this person not hear the Circle of Life song and the message of ecological balance

It's really hard to miss

Anything past 3 deserves prosecution

Step 1: create a diverse ecosystem of successful open-source software, dominating the software market and defeating Microsoft once and for all

Step 2: Put it all on one proprietary software forge

Step 3: Microsoft buys the basket we conveniently put all of our eggs into


Theory about fixing True Strike in 5e

At 5th level, this cantrip allows the user to make a second attack instead, but the next round they have Disadvantage on all attacks
At 8th level this cantrip becomes a bonus action

Of course there should be a balance of spotlight and coolness between characters!

Oh, you meant in a fight...? Uh, why not make wizards bad at that and give them all the cool spells?

If I middle click on a link and it just says "javascript: void(0) as the tab name, you fucked up

If I click the blob of Javascript and it opens in the same window, you fucked up and should stop webdeving