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Tabletop RPG for kids who can barely speak:

Remember when technology people made Standards instead of Platforms

Email. IRC. SMS. HTML and shit. The fucking internet itself

Those things would never ever be made today. Instead they'd be shitty proprietary apps that probably only work on shitty proprietary hardware and can't be used by anyone without permission from the company that patented them

That's still kinda happening today? With stuff like dat and SSB and ActivityPub. But all of that is super super niche and technical and not at all accessible to the average user (with the exception of AP as of pretty recently). And it just sucks man, web 2.0 is bullshit

Email used to be limited to academia, IRC is still niche, HTML is barely used by non-professionals. I get what he's saying but the AOL platform played a huge role in making email accessible to the average user.

You just can't have it both ways. Making something accessible is expensive. Commercialization has been a way of doing so. Crowdfunding is another.
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If your project is using I am less likely to use it

I haven't left my house in three days, except once to go to the end of the street to get a pizza
I've eaten pizza every day this week
I've not seen anyone who wasn't a family member this week

This is bad

Infosec, PR, and HR are jobs that act like people who do them are members of a secret club of illuminati, when in reality we're just cogs in a machine

Damnit, my pinephone hasn't updated its shipping since Monday and I waaaaaaant it

Dev: How do I make this work
Ops: How do I make this not break

Devops (theory): How do I make something that works and doesn't break
Devops (practice): How do I make this work

SRE: How do I make this not break since devops isn't doing that step

Dev: how do I make this work?
Ops: how do I make this not break?
Production engineer: how the fuck I am supposed to integrate this without breaking everything else?
Sysadmins: how this even exists?
Tech support: why people who made this are allowed to exist?
Users: what is this? what was wrong with 2012 version?

the biggest problem with Star Trek: Picard is that it rewards people who watched Nemesis

I hate to be that guy, but, the book was better and I don't know how the *fuck* they are gonna do the second book after that mess of a season

But also - cyberpunk yo!

Feb 27th... in case you hadn’t heard.

Altered Carbon, the book, of course being... not great
The other two were great

The first human writings are tax records

The second human writings are "kids these days"

The thing most stopping me from watching The Mandalorian is Baby Yoda

Wireless headphones are the best baking supply

Wasn’t that evident? I write code in PHP! And I have no idea of what I’m doing administering my own server, my backup status is unknown at best, I can’t tune MySQL for the life of me and I often struggle to find the logs of my own apps.

There's a logging module for friendica! It has some issues where it fills your disk, so I just do this:
55 23 * * * /bin/mv /var/www/html/friendica/ /var/www/html/friendica/
0 0 * * * /usr/bin/zip /var/www/html/friendica/ /var/www/html/friendica/logs.out
0 0 * * * /bin/rm /var/www/html/friendica/logs.out

You can tune myql by turning it into Postgres!

Friendica doesn’t support Postgres just yet, although it is a long-term goal.

Hey, you're the one who writes PHP, I just told you how to tune it

Sooo, I'm getting a separate 16 cores 8Gb RAM server just for MySQL, got it.
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I mean, load averages should never top 10 per core

On my current server, global load average is hovering at 4, and I set up Friendica to shut down at 5.
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Wait no, worker stops at 10, frontend stops at 20.
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MySQL was hitting load averages of 20 the other day, since, wow

The recent notification migration merged in develop made my whole server unresponsive for a few hours.
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Fuck, this upgrade is gonna take hours

My friendica server is on another continent, so backups take FOREVER to push offsite and restore, and the only way to update is to pull the backup, upgrade on a bigger disk, and push back to london

High-five for team "clueless sysadmins".

I'm at a sort of zen point in my sysadmin cluelessness where if I lose everything in a hack/crash/ransom, it isn't that big of a deal after all.
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What I'm hearing is "Hypolite is a great place to learn red teaming"

I'm honored to provide learning opportunities.
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Seems like you might already be

It would be so contorted to steal my actual Friendica credentials or issue a CSRF just to edit a single reply I might believe it.

Honestly, sounds way more fun than doing something actually bad

This is incredibly bad advice

Both of those track connections, and when possible, device fingerprints

Also, this is the default in Firefox and Chrome, so watch out

So what 's a good one? I'm tired of seeing Verizon search engine when I make a domain name typo.
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I have this list in my bookmarks (sorry for the German language) which has in the top a list of "trustworthy" options. Among other CCC and Digital Courage (formally FOEBUD).
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I use my ISP's, since I trust my ISP, since the operators are friends... how helpful!

Level 3's *probably* isn't too bad, and OpenDNS has resolvers that aren't evil, and has rebelled against adding tracking to DNS

It depends I suppose. Every DNS can track connections however your ISP is near you, knows exactly who you are and readily cooperates with your friendly police, government agencies and who knows else. For Google and Cloudflare you are just one of billion users.

@Hypolite Petovan, good one is running your own DNS server preferably not in your country jurisdiction and connect to it over protected channel (DoH, DoT or just setting your home router to it and routing DNS requests via VPN). -

Myself I am lazy to set one up (it is on todo list) so I just VPN to and

I am seeing a job for working with AIX

This obviously is a job I should go for - right?