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I know everyone says it and it's obvious, it's still worth saying how well made Alien is as a movie
@HippyWizard The fact a film that old *still* holds up is a testament to how well it was made.

I really wish Animorphs Book 3 was about Tobias getting trapped in morph (start getting intel, see home life, go to battle in middle, end of the book being about being trapped). Kinda get to know Tobias as not-a-bird. Then later you can have his existential crisis (probably a Cassie book?)
I know this is taking a book from Cassie, but it would be better than her having psychic dreams for an Ax-book. Fuck - give that slot to Ax's first book.

That way you don't need magic whales.

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Wait. Will Github accept branch names with emoji?
Yes it will. This changes everything.
Hoo boy hoo boy hoo boy. I can't wait to get back to work on Monday :flan_evil: (long weekend in this part of the world)
I hope this also works with gitlab...
it almost has to. they're in the unicode spec. not allowing unicode would prevent folks from using their native languages in branch names.
yeah, that's what I figured.
I shall also try to switch the text flow to right to left.
sungo/PROJ-12345/๐Ÿ™ˆ has been submitted.
Maybe I should add โš  to branches/PRs that need extra review
โ˜ ๏ธ ๐Ÿ’ฃ ๐Ÿ’ฅ

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there is actually no ethical way to participate in cryptocurrency, and itโ€™s not the same as other unethical industries like meat or fast fashion because those are things where the sustainable alternatives are unattainable to certain classes of people

remember that during the Ferguson protests Palestinians sent tips in solidarity bc the same brand of tear gas is used on themโ€ฆ the chief of St. Louis Police studied counter protest tactics in Israel


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Conversations around the pandemic and Brexit are great information about the dangers of JIT scheduling, and the ways that we think about goods scheduling. JIT scheduling has lead to the normal panic buying pattern being warped in ways that panic buyers don't seem to get.

I wanna play a high action mashup of Ashen Stars and Wild Talents
Full Ashen Stars character sheet, used for outside of combat stuff, do a workup of Wild Talents powers based on the different species of characters in Ashen Stars, do a workup of the different crew roles, and then use that for Action Scenes vs Procedural Scenes, Investigation Scenes, and Dramatic Scenes use Ashen Stars.

Ideally I'd use like, Attack Wing for ship combat, but that's probably too much.

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It's called Hashicorp Terraform because it takes as long as terraforming a planet would take
got em
Currently fixing a production bug because of how terraform treats some of those infrastructure.

Making a 1:1 relationship between node types and pods in Kubernetes

Why does every single single employer sponsored financial manager sound like they are talking to a highschool?
Oh fuck! This one pointed out that employer matched savings aren't free money, your fucking employer is paying you for work. This is the only time I've ever seen someone be that capable

Funny sysadmin story:

me: "I need super user access to all of our databases."

admin2: "No problem, give me a day or two"

me: *performs SQL injection and gives myself super admin privileges* "Nevermind"

admin2: nice!

admin2: wait a second.... *NPC stare*

I am engaging with Palo Alto's intensely wonderful auth system again, pray for me

Hey! Look at me! Finally figuring out xargs

The horrible part of all of this is that these kind of online learning platforms are necessary for our future. But algorithms, tracking, and pulling children into a surveillance state is the way people do this. And it's garbage, because it hurts everyone.
2021-05-10 13:07:44

Received from Child V1's school: "This year, we want to give Year 10 students extra support with their English, maths and Science revision so we have subscribed to a highly recommended online learning and revision platform called Tassomai."


Making extra of certain things so that my toddler can be distracted with it during Breakfast In Bed for mom
It was lovely to not have to rush out of bed โคโคโค

2021-05-08 21:18:06

@WRPSToday @WilmotTownship We see OPP pushing children on the ground at a skate park, Peel Police hugging illegal and confrontational protesters, and WRPS officers honking in solidarity with illegal protests in Waterloo. You are part of the problemโ€”weโ€™re not in this together.

Making MAC addresses with D as the middle initial to make my packets drop less

At the point where I:
Start my stock Linux laptop using ARM
Plug in a MacBook charger to charge it
Use SSH tunnelling to connect to my house
Watch a movie using my browser via the tunnel

Only thing that required me to fiddle was the SSH tunnel, and only because no VPN at home

This is @Becky who call anything that contains something else a bucket.

Accidentally called my grandfather's "stock tank" a "bucket" and I am now in Grandparent Jail.

So how does she call something that contains itself?
I believe Becky objects to dimensions being incorrect. But you'd need to ask her

2021-05-07 16:38:43

My fav part of being a QA other than driving devs insane by insisting they make notes in tickets and have proper docs, is breaking all their carefully crafted stuff. I get great delight from this.
As a dev, I actually have better relationships with QA people than product people.
this is the correct way to do things. And yet so many don't

@HippyWizard this is a nitpick, but I wish that whoever wrote/edited that article knew that mortality and morbidity aren't synonyms

it was really distracting and basically necessary to check the paper afterwards to be sure that they hadn't misrepresented the study

2021-05-07 03:03:43

Warning all: @Twitter's new "Tip Jar" feature reveals the recipient's email address that's linked to their account, even when you don't send them any actual money

(I got permission from @jason_kint to show his email in this video)

Thread here:โ€ฆ

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attaching surveillance cameras to your bedroom's ceiling so I can gather anonymized statistics

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Apparently the new audacity owners are adding telemetry to it :/ This is....concerning. Especially because that PR discussion has _zero_ opposition to the feature being added
it's had a _lot_ of pushback now: so much so that the whole PR has been reworded with conciliatory/explanatory language and the telemetry code is only enabled on certain builds (and is supposed to be opt-in only: we'll wait and see about that)

Oddly, they were much more open about their flagship software's telemetry:
@Olm_e tu รฉtais au courant de ce genre de trucs?

I wish people would stop writing Star Trek and Star Wars
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I have always felt that the Original Trilogy is a bunch of really cool ideas, incredibly well executed. The Prequel Trilogy is a bunch of really cool ideas, incredibly mediocrly executed. Which is fine, I get why the execution sucks, and there's still the spectacle that drives me. But I wanted more.

And, say, The Clone Wars shows were both very good. I watched Rebels and I really enjoyed it. The Sequel trilogy, eh, no original ideas in TFA and I can't bear to watch the rest. Solo was uninspired. But Rogue One and The Mandalorian really have used the space of the Star Wars Universe to tell stories that are different, and contained in their own contexts, which I like.

But for the Wars side, the problem is that people keep shrinking the universe to tell only one very tight story, rather than use its scope. And like, to me, that sucks. Whereas, on the Star Trek side, people keep dropping the themes of Star Trek, and more importantly, keep explaining that the core value of Star Trek is *stupid*. Which I fuckin' hate.

But in the end, none of that matters. I don't say this because of the contexts of those things.

I say this because we keep getting stories that don't belong set in those universes. I want stories not constrained by those contexts, because so much of the time people aren't constraining those contexts, they're muddying them into those places aren't *fun*.
Star Trek Picard would have been a far better show if they just never put the word Star Trek on it.

My health benefits are setup such that I can only use them if a random cashier at a drug store has been trained how to process a specific debit card in a specific way to be able to use them

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Agile+Time Reporting is *hell*

All cards have to be minimal small tasks, but time needs to be reported as cards.

But if I have one project, with 8 associated cards, and I solve 4 of them with one action, how do I report time?!
Yes, I know I just need to Do Agile Better, but no, I cannot, magically finding out information before the investigation is not something I am going to do

This week has been entirely in pure terror, pregnancy is terrifying, even if it's not you who is pregnant

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2021-05-04 03:14:25

If you own a Mac, you should update it. Right now. :-D
Image doesn't display โ˜น
Wait - which image?
Oooh, the shared tweet contains a text smiley that is converted to an image by Friendica, and added to the post's attachment following @Michael Vogel recent work on post attachment.

The image URL that is failing is
Oh, that's both very good, and very weird
That's interesting. BTW: It isn't failing here.
And now the smiley image is showing. ๐Ÿคฏ
I think we might have issues with the thing where Friendica hasn't picked up the image yet because of a slower worker, even though it's picked up the status?

Which tends to just immediately happens because workers are slow?
It is no worker issue.
This still doesnโ€™t address that:
  • Shared content shouldnโ€™t be converted to image smileys.
  • Converted image smileys shouldnโ€™t be attached to the post.
  • We only should use unicode smileys to avoid these problems.
What about 2. ?
They shouldn't be transmitted at all.
Friendica is written to be self healing.
I made some research and found the reason for this. This only happens when the sender doesn't use Unicode smileys but the receiver does. Also the transmission has to be done via AP.

When done via AP the content is converted to HTML and transmitted. Additionally the BBCode is transmitted as well. On the receiver side the BBCode is then used to display the message. But the content HTML is also stored. And that field is used to scan for linked images. And there the GIF is found. But since the BBCode doesn't contain the image link, it isn't displayed at the right place, but placed at the bottom.

The (obvious) solution is to not use image smileys when transmitting posts. I will prepare a PR soon. Sadly this has to be done on the sender side. So newer systems will have some fun for some time now.

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Everyone in Ontario who wants to take a sick day should be allowed to cough on the Conservative Party MPPs

2021-05-03 14:22:15

I really wish the MIME type for JSON was text/json instead of application/json. Reality is an ontological nightmare.

Reset my password via email
Login with my password
Asked to put in a code from my email

I hate these made up not-really-2FA logins

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A4 A5 US-Letter
C5 US-Tabloid B4
C3 US-Legal A3
Pretend I made an image