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After reading the comments of the acting FSF president, I can conclude that the "S" in FSF stands for sexism.

Terraform was documented by a half asleep gibbon
It's the only explaination

check out my new noise album:
cat /bin/* | aplay --channels=2 --rate=22050

me: y'all stop using X service it talks straight-up to the cops

y'all: eh i'm careful about what i say and don't really care

me: i would like to talk about real shit and do care.


for real: recognize your choice in tech scopes who will be willing to talk to you and what they say. So many people use Discord, use Amazon, and yes, "it's easy and I don't care" is a valid reason for yourself, but do you not care enough to consider other people's cares?

Imagine thinking that sending all of your DNS lookups to CloudFlare was an improvement to privacy

I find pre-scripted chatbots making obvious puns more annoying than anything else

It's trying to seem personable, when in reality it's just a script

AWS's WebUI intentionally makes it impossible to read the inbound rules for a given instance - right?

There's no configuration where clicking "inbound rules" has your mouse in a place where the popup isn't mostly off the screen - right?

if you get back together with your ex, they are your ex-ex, and in you have sex, it's ex-ex sex, and if you cast a curse during the encounter, it's an ex-ex sex hex, and if it's a curse on the body parts that attach the head to the body, it's an ex-ex sex necks hex, and if it's also a curse on the chest muscles, it's an ex-ex sex necks/pecs hex, and if the curse is on someone who has the same first name as the former secretary of state, it's an ex-ex sex necks/pecs rex hex

I want to emphasise that DoH will make data exfiltration easier, and make fingerprinting *you* easier, though you get to pick who does it (between Google or Google currently)

Yep, this already happened to us.

But it also happened before in other circumstances, DoH just adds one more case.

I mean - it's super easy to do - and you still need to connect to the IPs - but it's another layer

Guh - this just feels like Disney ground the post-OT era into the ground, destroyed all the good will the EU had, so they've decided to make a "new Era" with a lot of Jedi, as a different space

I hate to say "they're gonna make Star Wars boring" - but I feel it

I’m bad at this and I forewarned you about it.
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AWS's terminology creep would be a lot easier to respect if it didn't use different terms in different places