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NOPE NOPE! NOPE! Nope! Don't let me buy one these. They're terrible and bad
I can get past it if they accept my offer of $50. ;-)
yeah - they're definitely not worth the prices, the main feature of the sales for not buying

I know a lot of people don’t like the sound of this, but its an absolute gift. If means that Zach Snyder fans will shut up for over 4 hours.

@PizzaFacts2go this is the thing with half of it mirrored
I've never been able to see the skull in The Rosette Nebula.
But have a close look. Can you see it?


personally I think android is a fucking abomination, and it annoys me to no end that it is perceived as "wrong" that as the owner of my hardware, would want root access to my device.
The thing is, Android users don't really own the hardware. The true owner is Google, and Google will only allow the hardware to be used in a way that benefits Google.
I'm an android user, I want to.

I get the impetus for this idea, but the fact that it's not an *option* is the issue

Damn, so last night I left Mindustry running in order to let it keep sending materials out all night for as long as it would go.
Woke up this morning to Mindustry being on wave 500 and still going.
Think I am getting the hang of this.

You both are adorable.
She found one for $5 and I think I'm getting the worst Rack

She's not just adorable, she's the *best*

Anyone in KW have a small rack? I ask starting to hate myself
@HippyWizard I suppose it wouldn't be helpful to offer colo at my house. I have a mostly empty 42U rack... Maybe if you're looking for a DR site, I guess (around 4Mm away)?
@jjthiessen I don't know where you're currently living, but uh, that would be awesome, but I suspect I would cause you annoyance and pain with my bullshit
@HippyWizard Probably. I'm pretty sure that's the defining quality of friendship. Either that, or I'm a terrible friend ;)

Honestly though, the biggest impediment is that I don't have a great internal networking setup.
@HippyWizard Full disclosure — the reason why the rack is mostly empty is because the x3650s died in a flood. The rack is around 75cm higher now, so it's probably safe.
@HippyWizard My other possibly unhelpful suggestion is that you could make a fairly cheap half rack out of 2x4s and angle iron (or just angle iron if you have access to a welder, and want to spend more).
@HippyWizard Pre-drilled and threaded rails (or square hole punched) are probably the better way to go (for the verticals/rails). Probably $100 in materials for 4 ~21U rails and 4 8' 2x4s.
@jjthiessen I just bought one of these, gonna build into it this weekend
@HippyWizard Neat. Looks great for reasonably light stuff (punch panels, switches, trays, SBC cluster brackets, maybe a 1U server). I'd be worried about 2U+ servers, disk shelves, etc; but it looks like people use them for that, so I guess I'm just too conservative 🤷‍♂️ (or I... Lack faith).

Can someone was #AWS kill whoever decided to make it hard to select and copy text and instead try to force you to click on buttons to copy text?!

If anyone suggests this antipattern - please give them any system with multiple clipboards, and force them to use it for a month

I should work on the ReMarkable API tonight in order to see if I can figure it out. And watch Riverdale.

Like a monster.

Friday, burn down some reading.

Saying things aloud should help me keep my brain together. I hope.
I forgot new Riverdale was Thursdays! Gonna have to catch up tonight and move androids around to get @Becky onto Lineage, and me onto new phone. THEN read.

Uuuuug - I wanna read books, but I need to not buy from Amazon. And there's an author I wanna buy, but they only Amazon (prooooooobably because of some sort of contract). I don't know which is more important to me. My hatred of Amazon, or my support of Authors.
can you pirate it and donate to the author directly?
I really hate that idea. I also don't know how to donate to the author, since she doesn't have a public donation link
Yeah, figured that was a stretch :/
It's, in a way, the ideal world. But it also has issues. I dunno.

Standards, corporation, and so on.
@HippyWizard Would you feel okay if you bought the book from Amazon and then donated money to an org that supports workers rights?

Just sent a DM to someone in Slack. Typed "Hello, I" and then missed, and instead of "Hello I'm blah blah blah" I hit Enter, and sent a blank DM of "Hello, I" and I am the monster I hate.
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Leap Years but the naming convention applies to Leap Seconds

@HippyWizard I hear google just adds 4 minutes to every day throughout the year to spread it out.
@TheSturgington I believe that is correct, yeah. But less dumb

I'm gonna have a second child in a few months. This is the greatest of all possible things.

But I'm having trouble facing everything else. And I need to be a better dad.

It's hard how much my identity has become Dad since Shæ was born. I don't care about computers. I don't care about RPGs. About narrative. About Stories. About building.

These have become hobbies, minor distractions from the job of being a dad.

But it's hard, because all of those things aren't giving me the joy they used to, and so I can't hide.

I just want to be a father to these kids.
It sounds like if nothing else, these children will have a good father, and will be raised well... so there's that.
One thing I realized is that Reading is a First Class hobby again, because other hobbies have decreased in importance. And that's important, because Reading is something I strongly identify with and enjoy. But I don't get to do much when I am constantly writing or pulling off stupid jokes.

For those with doubts about the safety of vaccines, I propose the following. #science #vaccines

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Content warning: US concentration camps

You okay?
Been a really shitty.. year
Sorry to hear. I hear that's been going around. Anything I can do?
I mean, it's more just isolation, job being crap, and so on.

You know how it is.

Now my pregnant wife is vomiting blood (this is apparently a thing that happens to pregnant woman?!) and main server has a dead chassis. So you know, nothing that can be done.

Which makes it worse.
I actually hadn't heard about the whole vomiting blood thing. That sounds... terrifying.

I agree with you though, it's been a generally shit year all around.
It's a Mallory-Weiss tear, which is where you vomit so much you tear your esophagus. Which is... horrifying
Is it dangerous?
Apparently very rarely, but she's now how two
Hey now.

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If you have $4 and like cyberpunk, help me put some food in my kids' mouths!
"This is secretly the greatest and also funniest cyberpunk point and click adventure game on Steam. Very low-fi art style but the gags are just too good to pass up, and a lot closer to a "real" cyberpunk dystopian future than most favorites of the genre."

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Bought the bundle!
Thanks a lot!
"The Island of Last-Gen Toys" Neofeud is a #cyberpunk adventure where a cyborg social worker for homeless robots takes on immortal CEO / Kings.
Grab Neofeud and help me finish this sequel (pictured):
#cyberpunk #adventuregame #indiegame #indiedev

I think I have #ZFS not killing my RAM now, but uh, it's slow as fuck now.

this wasn't amazon's idea. But the best feature of AWS was being forced to type the human-readable name of a resource before deleting it

Datadog loves to publish resources, and then their support team gets super flustered when you ask if they support things on it. And they never get the idea that you might want to use their publlshed tools with feature flags or options.
This is a culture and dev team problem, not a support team problem.

Generic ebooks are one of the best places for reading currently.
There's these massive blocks of text that people would prefer not to be overly formatted, and they can't expect the user to be on any fuckin' screen size, or want any text size. They just give you glorious text.
I say currently, because someone (looking at you Amazon), is gonna ruin them inside the next three years

After American Gods I thought I would hate Ananzi Boys, but I tried

Anazi Boys was amazing

Gaiman said he wanted American Gods to be long and meandering, and succeeded too well, Anazi Boys was tight and strong
if you by chance didn't read it as an audiobook read by Lenny Henry, it is soooooooo good. His reading, I thought, added incredible dimension. 12/10 recommend!
Oh I believe it would work well as an audiobook! Sadly, I can't read audiobooks, I don't know why, I love podcasts. But all the Neil Gaiman audiobooks coming out right now look real good.

I love these pages of this book, Canadian books are so... Earnest

"List of books that have won... An award"


I am sending a #ZFS on #FreeBSD dataset to a USB disk (which doesn't have a copy of that dataset), using
zfs send -v zroot/dataset@back | zfs recv usb_disk/dataset

It's taking more RAM than the size of the dataset (and eventually... crashing the process instead of swapping)

I've never successfully figured out a tool for making my beard stop being a beard that isn't "remember to not fuck up every other day"

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Fucking hell

I am crying

this is devestating
THREAD: There are 9,000 people caged in the downtown Houston jail, most of them solely because they can't pay cash. The situation is getting dire: "We don't have any running water anymore." (1)
@silverwizard, ohhhhh... got it.

Sorry, I've been living under a rock. I'd heard something about a problem with the power grid in Texas, but I hadn't put two and two together.

Thanks for the clarification.
Yeah, makes sense.

But yeah- Texas is having a real bad... everything

Failure of the American state, climate crisis, and failed state policy don't go well together

Superlative flirting is a lot easier when you have a kid.

me to my wife:"Do you know who the world's greatest person ever is?!"
My wife: "Shæ?"
Me: "Yes!"

and we didn't need to argue it was the other person.

Second kid is gonna ruin it.

I just locked myself out of my office
With my lockpicks inside the office >.>
Presumably the keys as well? ;)
A door to which I've never had keys annoyingly

I agree with this
Make the characters a strong hook into the scenario without a personality!
What people look for in short convention games. Scenarios are whaaay more important than anything else closely followed by people. It turns out that Play is the Thing! (Thanks to those who responded)


Wait - is Stargate Atlantis just a show about people exploiting Something Your Are authentication?!

I don't know if I hate this week or this month more

All my drives got renumbered and my zpool descided to explode
I think I fucked up somewhere #freebsd
@HippyWizard Maybe you should consider using GPT partitioning and labels. That way you can shuffle your disks around all day long. Well, maybe apart from any boot disks.