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Of course there should be a balance of spotlight and coolness between characters!

Oh, you meant in a fight...? Uh, why not make wizards bad at that and give them all the cool spells?

If I middle click on a link and it just says "javascript: void(0) as the tab name, you fucked up

If I click the blob of Javascript and it opens in the same window, you fucked up and should stop webdeving

It is probably a better idea to move away from Github, not create financial dependence. This is a move by Microsoft to further increase acceptance, popularity and dependence of developers on their proprietary and centralized platform, and everyone is just running to profit from the carrot they are holding in front of our faces.

It would be a more sustainable move to finally abandon this centralized, commercial and proprietary software silo. Please consider this.

fuck off
Hello Mastodon! You're just like RSS: decentralized, open, and mainly for power users. For growth's sake I hope that changes.

I can see the appeal. For some people anyway.

He is in for disappointment though.

“For growth’s sake”? Sometimes it really is a cult.
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I am very glad I am getting to spend this much time with my baby, and the demands on my time otherwise are minimal

I'm sorry, what?! Nintendo needs a port forward for all the UDP ports?!

I just found in my work lastpass, an item with a blank URL, a comment of "Not Real", a username of my first name, and a password of "A reasonably long strong"

Which is the kind of thing I'd made - but huh