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Explaining to support the way we fixed the problem last time:
I bought LinkedIn Premium and cold emailed my counterpart at the client's CASB vendor since they would only ever call us

Parenting during a pandemic is all about scamming children

My son just found out what a hotel is and wants to go to one. So my wife is taking them to a campground to go around trails and look at campsites and "Car Hotels" ... aka RVs

Adding a .php-info.php to my webserver, but it's just an incorrect static page

Just to annoy people
Yes, our locally patched build of PHP really does have a version number that's 8 kilobytes long and contains valid amd64 instructions, why do you ask?
That just seems natural. It also contains javascript to make it not display if a human reads it, why do you ask?

If I spin up an LTO-6 drive in my home, that's a problem - right?

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Hey - this is important, especially if you use twitter anonymously or you feel threatened by people learning your twitter account
@HippyWizard not to be pedantic/blame-the-user type but anonymity shouldn't be expected out of a service that monetizes its own user base. either you accept the defeatist "yea it is what it is" stance and post cats or you go find somewhere that respects yr privacy. greasy move either way tho
@HippyWizard we're already on to fighting to preserve pseudonymity, even

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It's horrifying that the most heavy program I use at work is Slack
Honestly, the people working for Slack should just be embarrassed. If you work for slack, you should write on your resume you were in prison or something
You're a sysadmin. "Web browser with chat app inside" *should* be the heaviest thing you use in an average day.
(That doesn't excuse slack, mind you.)

As a parent I'm seeing the fucking Jeanette McCurdy thing and fuck.
Why are people so focused on what kids owe their parents and not what parents owe their kids.

Parents fail kids
Kids don't fail parents
so many parents fail their kids and don't see their children as their own people who can make their own choices.

It's fucking awful.
Yep! And fuck parents who don't believe that!

Parenting can be hard! And it can be hard to have a *human being* who demands of you every day! Especially a human who relies on you for all knowledge and support.

But holy shit - don't dehumanize them! That's literally the opposite of the job of parenting!

Do people really think sending a screenshot of a terminal is a good idea?

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Stop using the abbreviation "a11y".

If you're obfuscating the word you use to talk about accessiblity, you're not actually particularly interested in accessibility.

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it's supposed to be "accessibility" with the 11 letters between A and Y removed, and replaced with 11 so it looks like ally

Which is the kind of cutesy wordplay people like, but especially in this case there's good reasons not to do it
iirc it's based on the prior use of i18n and l10n for internationalization and localization, which i suspect got adopted solely to avoid having to decide between American and British spelling

Nerds, y'all. We're bad at naming things. Never let us name things.

Ok - so - when I run D&D I tend to tell my players "Vote when you wanna level, if everyone agrees you do". And people tend to level when they're bored of their current power set and want new toys.

So many people tell me they'd go straight to level 20, but I've never seen it.
@HippyWizard Honestly one of my biggest gripes about D&D games is that I'd prefer if I could have level 6 numbers and level 20 features.
@PunishedLorelai Yeah, that's a totally valid! The cool powers are fun - but the high level numbers break down very badly! And D&D puts its coolest powers in its most badly made places.

And honestly, I am a 12-15 range for games, but 5e wasn't made for over level 12 it feels!
@PunishedLorelai But I also think that it says something that so many people can say this about D&D. If D&D is fundamentally about zero-to-hero play and leveling up - why do so many people *have* a favourite range that isn't 20?!
@HippyWizard I've barely played 5e. I will say that the numbers seem to stay pretty small, except for health.
@PunishedLorelai They seem small, except for how easily they breakdown.

My players got mad at me when I made an NPC with +17s... using PHB only.... At level 12...
@PunishedLorelai I mean, I usually had that at level 1 back in 3e days, so it's probably an improvement...
@HippyWizard That *definitely* seems like a lot at level 1.
@HippyWizard Straight to level 20 would be a nightmare. It would be like back when I was playing wow and you'd encounter somebody at max level who had clearly bought their character. Nobody would know how the fuck to play their class at that level
@PizzaFacts2go New plan
everyone is level 20 and the enemies are bouncy balls that travel a number of squares equal to damage dealt in a random direction whenever you hit one, when they hit a wall they bounce randomly, and they deal 2d8 damage to a player when they hit them

2000 HP per ball
@HippyWizard I like it because it brings back a reason to use miniatures to dnd
@HippyWizard For all my quibbles with your system I know that RPGs give you verbs over time for a reason.
@HippyWizard Granted this would be way more of a problem in like Pathfinder than 5.0
@PizzaFacts2go Yeah - I love adding new verbs - but lots of people hang up on them.

I'm working on a system where characters are made of cards, and there's shopping-based-nerdery - and I'm hoping it allows very complicated characters without causing too much of that problem
@HippyWizard Being obsessed with caves of qud lately I feel you and love the idea of that. Super modular. Super customizable. Interactions
@PizzaFacts2go I really need to set aside time to play Qud...
@PizzaFacts2go If I say "I've not had time to play Qud because I'm too busy Net Hacking" understand that I'm not playing a roguelike...
@HippyWizard I refuse to understand. I will make it an awkward misunderstanding every time. I will get excited and ask how far you've gotten them get all quiet and disappointed when I find the truth

Trying to envision an MMO RPG where players can set a bunch of variables for their characters. But like, mechanical vars. So set how much ore you get a from a mine (but not related to recipe costs), or XP to level, or whatever.

Literally let people pick the game speed.

Trying to microwave a pogo and off of a sudden I find out what Bohemian Rhapsody meant by "Very Very frightening"

So I guess I need a new microwave


Striping with parity

RAID 5.1
Striping with parity and a subwoofer

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If you're gonna paginate a list, let people know how many pages there are, and let them skip to any item.

If I need to click an arrow >400 times with a 1 second delay between them, I'll assume you're as bad at your job as an Amazon engineer
They probably didn't think of that idea that the browser should do the work. Tell Google. Hopefully everyone else will follow. The *design system* probably might still not go away though.
Yeah, I'm really offended by the whole concept though.

I set my browser up to work for me, why do they do extra work to make it not work as well! Just because they dislike that I might like something different than them?!

I blame Steve Jobs and his obsession with everything looking the way he wanted

Ok, so, uh, Jade has forced me to think about finishing the things I've been writing. But - LOOK AT THESE COVERS! HOLY SHIT!

(both images licenses under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0)


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They are absolutely amazing!
Yeah, now I just need to make book contents that are worth like half of these!

I guess my day is just spending the whole time waiting for datadog metrics to show up

The difference between working with kids and without is that if you don't have kids, and you didn't sleep, it's probably your fault. If you do have kids, you might have woken up at 5 am and just... not had the chance to deal with that fact.
My 2 year old is a human alarm clock. 5am every dang morning.
Damn - at least it's consistent!

My 3 year old is anywhere from 7 to 10 am, but my *1* year old is like "Could be 5? Could be 6? Could be 7? Don't know!"

I don't know how to make x11 use okudagrams
I just want to access and retrieve from a library like I'm on the Enterprise damnit!

I've been using Kumospace for a few months now - and I'm officially unsure why it's made so badly - but I'm assuming it's because they want to record me at all times. It's the only reason why I can envision them keeping my mic hot even when muted, and disabling noise cancelling.

My Dream Youtuber Patreon Unreachable Goals:
Moving from weekly to every two week videos
Swearing in the damn video
No sponsors that are scams
Paying rent


I'm pretty damn excited

The sorcery rules, after getting 5 minutes to skim them, are entirely perfect

There are no notes. This is the perfect sorcery system.

In a game with the perfect setting.
The closest I ever got to playing a tabletop RPG was merely owning the Shadowrun 3rd Edition Rulebook. I loved the artwork and the setting, but I was in a very nerd-starved region as a kid.

I love game mechanics generally, and it's cool to hear about elegant rules like this. It's what drew me to the Baldur's Gate PC games as a kid. The magic system was so different from all the JRPGs I was used to.

I need to find a group that plays games like these.
Yeah! I am currently overbooked with games :( but I know that Roll20 does like "Meet a group" stuff, and is where people meet each other for games in person usually.

But I also understand both of those are hard...

I *love* Shadowrun so really respect it as a choice!

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"Neofeud is the most visionary game on Steam, sparing what Metal Gear Solid V could've been,"
Grab it while it's 70% off!
# # # # # # # # # # #

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I just realized that #'s dice are about bidding and #'s dice are about haggling

I haven't played RPGs in person in years

And that sucks
I wont know my dice anymore! I need to get to know them!

I need to read The Name of the Rose and Foucault's Pendulum again - I just need a dose of Eco

I really wanna play some new RPGs, which seems weird because I'm in an RPG group for playing new RPGs. But we've spent a year on Blades >.>

Making an RPG tool for managing clocks in Blades
Obviously, when you say the scene is over, I just *drop* the whole clocks table and make a new one - because, how else do you clean up data?

I've figured out a trick for RPG divination that feels elegant.
When someone uses a Divination skill I set a difficulty, then, when the player asks a question about the future (where I don't know the answer), I ask them what answer they want.

If they succeed, they are correct.

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Left wing groups stop using facebook properties challenge 2022

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there are many otherwise decent mutual aid type groups in my town who have become dependent on FB, despite often having indie websites of their own which they neglect as "too much work" to keep updating (they tend to be slow responding to emails as well, but are more often active on FB)
Facebook is great for mutual aid because it simultaneously helps create a desperate need for it while making money off the organising of it!
are we getting mutual aid and charity confused? I'm unaware of Facebook having any interaction with # which requires those that are helped to be those that have helped, like a fraternal benefits society or a labor union, as opposed to # which helps people regardless of former (or future) comitment from the same individuals, like most food banks and homeless shelters. @Alex@rtnVFRmedia Suffolk UK @Charles ☭ H
although it cuts off people who rarely use it or have never done so at all (I've never had an FB account in my life and definitely won't start one)
I wish I'd had your prescience. not to mention how many old people already feel trapped in overpriced ISPs because "I don't want to loose my email"
I mean, that makes sense. I didn't mean as the *only* option, I meant it as a quick way to give everyone an option. Kinda like how so many people are like "here's an ISP email" and then get a GMail anyway.

I have an ISP email, but I also have my domain mail!

Converting all my math writing to little endian and only using reverse polish notation

I might become addicted to buying Microsoft Surfaces and putting free OSes on them and trying to make them usable by others.

This weird "nun chuck computer" design I'm using, where you have a tablet, and then a USB keyboard is really nice. It's currently my main computer.
@silverwizard sounds awesome. You got dinner obstructive?
diner obstructive? Uuuuh?

I've been mostly working on building a sigil library using SVG magic so they scale really well

So the Hamburgler used to steal burgers, mostly for redistribution, but after years realized he needed to make systemic change. This is why he disappeared, he attempted to unionize several McDonalds.

McDonalds Corporation cannot stand a Robblerouser.

Look, if you had, the one ring, or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted, one moment Would you capture it?

Printing a Monstrosity Druid subclass on DM's Guild where you can wildshape into a Monstrosity and get nothing else, settling today's drama forever
Printing a Sourcebook called 'Fixing the D&D Movie' where it fixes all the movie's many rules mistakes

Also has a Rod of Savril just to annoy people who hate the old movies