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Yeah, I am not super surprised

Especially since I only go to spotify to listen to one of these


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Bonus points if you can spot the smalllllll indications of me being a self hosted tech nerd in this spotify screenshot

I just had a revelation that Web3 promises that every website will be
@silverwizard "I am getting a lot of questions about that are answered by the introduction audio on the site"

Everyone: read local news
The Local News:

Despite community calls to freeze or cut police budgets, Waterloo Regional Police Chief Bryan Larkin said rising crime, especially violent crime, means the police force urgently needs more officers and resources.…

I'm not surprised a police chief wants more resources. Every head of every department does. It's his boss' job to cut his budget. I don't know who that is, for you, locally. The mayor? City Council? Other?
It's the council, and the council is quoted in the article, but the Record should be reporting more than a paragraph reporting the councilors saying it's a bad idea or the organizations opposing it locally. And the whole paragraph just mentioning it exists

Basically, reporting should mention the context of the statement

I wanna write my kids' names as Shæ and Α but Α looks too close to P to make people think Ro
What's the relationship with Shæ, other than actual siblings?
Oh, it's more obtuse characters in both names due to his Γ¦

People need to stop shooting my Shadowrun party in the face

Mostly because I am playing the Face

It seems every couple in my friendgroup is assigned a Rachel or a James
The exception is my friends Rachel and James who have both
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If I understand correctly, I’ve been assigned a Rachel too.
See, everyone has a Rachel or a James in the group

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Does anyone got like 20 bucks? I need gas so i can door dash i got hit with an overdraft fee and am -7 in my account right now :(

V*nmo: @/ValoriePalorie

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lol a news site started just selling ads themselves instead of using targeted bullshit and made so much more money

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If journalism can't survive without advertising, let it die.

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Look at the state of politics, and tell me that journalism isn't important.
journalism isn’t important

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Okay you got me there.
Look at the state of politics and tell me that journalism didn't help create it.
Investigative journalism used to help tear some of it down, but we don't really have that any more, so… don't really know why I'm defending the institution, really. I haven't read anything by a journalist for over three months, and I'm still informed.

Yeah, hard to find an entry level person with a CISSP, 20 years exp who wants to work for 40k temp to hire. But yah sure β€œlack of talent”

Why are all the metaverse images just copy/pasted from MiiVerse?

Elon Musk is the only billionaire who has ever gotten the public to pay for Death Holes through the planet

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The most important rule for email is to live and let live.

Other people are gonna bork up the subject lines, CC you on list mail, be overly verbose or terse, top-post, bottom-post, interleave, fullquote, forget to quote, reply too quickly, too slowly, ask too many questions, too few questions, have annoying signatures etc etc etc. That’s fine.

If we wanna get people back into email then we can’t be all shamey and gatekeepy about it.β™₯
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@HippyWizard I thought you liked reading docs for fun πŸ˜‹

This has been a really shitty week for me to be having the best week out of everyone in my family

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discard discord december

School resource officers are morally equivalent to pedophiles

(CW: Police violence)

Police spray and tase students at Little Elm Highschool in Texas after a walk out for a girl who was sexually assaulted and put on suspension. this afternoon.

A game called starcraft which starts with hydrogen and heat
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TIL that something between:

Will timeout a conncetion after 48 hours
No I wasn't copying a file over sftp through an ssh tunnel to a remote samba server, that would be dumb

Canada is a country that wakes up to find whole towns and key infrastructure destroyed by climate change, and the VERY FIRST thing it does is send in the militarized cops to arrest the only people standing in the way of its oil and gas corporations expanding their footprint.





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Talking about my neices' Disney toys with my son who wants to make changes, and trying really hard not to say "there's a special factory where kids your age make these" in front of family

I feel like at some point my daily commute of "I don't like driving biking is more fun" became a political statement I am unsure if I am making

Canada criticizes the rest of the world for human rights abuses as it brutalizes Indigenous Land Defenders for its gas pipelines.

The one lesson from Constitution DAO is that you can get anyone to send a bunch of eth, spend a bunch of power, and then give it back. This means you can now do crowdfunding with nothing but an apocolyptic energy cost! Rather than no cost!

This winter the police can look forward to $50 million of new office space while 1,085 were counted as homeless. The region is spending more to construct a police station than it is on the housing crisis. It’s time to

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A big hey! from diaspora*

You might have been wondering what happened to diaspora*. Well, although we’ve been a bit quiet, we haven’t gone away! In fact, some big things have been happening in the background that we’re really excited about, and now it’s come to the time for us to tell you about them.


The first is our API, created with a lot of the initial work done by Kent Shikama, completed by Frank Rousseau and @Hank G β˜‘οΈ, and supported by core team member @Jonne Haß. This was completed earlier this year, and it enables other applications to interact with the diaspora* software, giving a lot more flexibility in how it can be used, for instance in the creation of native diaspora* apps.

Account migration

One of the key features of a decentralized social network has to be the ability to move your account data from one node (we call them β€˜pods’) to another. This has proved to be one of the most difficult things to accomplish properly, and consequently it has taken a long time! The back-end code to do all the hard work was completed by in a mammoth effort, and what remains is to create a β€˜front-end’ interface so that it’s easy for anyone to access the feature via the account settings page. This is currently being worked on by new member @Thorsten C with support from core team members @Fla and @Benjamin Neff 🌟. It is currently being reviewed and tested, and once this has been done we’ll be able to merge it.

Next major release

Once this has been merged, we’ll be able to release a major version containing both these features, plus a lot more. This will be a big step forward for diaspora*, and we can’t wait to bring version 0.8 to you. We would really love to release this before the end of 2021, but we must make sure all bugs in the new features are ironed out before we release them, so please be patient if we can't meet that deadline!

There is always a lot more work to do, and as members of our core team have had to prioritise other areas of their work, so development of diaspora* has slowed down. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We’re an open-source project, and we’re always keen to hear from prospective coders who want to help make diaspora* better. If you want to help us, get in touch! We’ll do whatever we can to support you.

#diaspora #development #release #features #accountmigration #api

You all are welcome. I picked up where others left off, had help from the team and Frank to get up to speed on it, and it was brought to actual release status Haß. I'm glad we are seeing the fruition of it all now *and* with the account migration stuff that has been brewing for awhile as well.

I meant charging it
Don't wanna switch chargers between my phone and car
That makes more sense, but still...

It Was Supposed to Be So Easy off A Grand Don't Come For Free is such a tightly written song, totally aking every day pain hurt but also contrasting the Β£1000 loss to not having Β£50 in the bank, and just constantly hurting a little

And yet, probably no one under 25 can relate

Considering making my resumΓ© available only with Gopher, as a bogon filter

I got my browser ready... πŸ‘‡

Perfect! is set to receive you!

I'm just trying to figure out if the gopher and only the gopher version should have the resume

Recruiter: Oh, they need someone to do operations for cloud services, specifically help do a cloud migration
Hiring Manager: Oh, we also need to know what applications the candidate has created in order to consider them

Seriously - if the hiring manager says this, *run*

Pilfered the many costumes my grandma and mom made me over the years as a kid
We now have 4 large boxes of dressup toys for my kids

Imagining the 30 year nostalgia cycle catching up to The Nostalgia Critic and Angry Video Game nerd
Your kids might wear a badly tied tie and screech!
Your kids might wear a badly tied tie and screech!
oh NO

You monster.

Seriously, Mega Bloks are fine, they're occupying a market niche LEGO won't grab, my problem of course is when LEGO and Mega Blocks are mixed together 😭
Found it at my mom's house and had to tease you

But I know

Conceptualizing the Star Wars trilogies as a campaign where Obi Wan and Anakin as the only PCs
It's a niche criticism, for sure, that was heavily tied to Star Wars RPG, so not a criticism of the movies in isolation, not sure about the Extended Universe either.
Ah, on the RPG side? Which one?

I feel like WEG doesn't do that ag all but maybe SAGA?
I'm out of my depth here, I'll have to defer to my friend.
His answer after checking out the public conversation thread, shared with his permission:
So for the RPG end of things, it can be tough to give players varied goals at times. Having a bunch of money isn't a big deal, becoming someone important is. Everything has to tie to a character which is not bad necessarily but it can be limiting.

Take Pirates of the Caribbean. In the first movie you have heroes and villains that are after each other and the treasure. The treasure is a Mcguffin but it helps move along the plot and vary up what is happening in scenes.

Star Wars struggles with that in the movies. They have them but they are only important for a short time.
Yes, Star Wars is a clash of *empires* not of smaller people. I think this is recognizing the roles of Iconic Characters and they way they don't tend to struggle internally but instead struggle externally. Probably hates Superman too.

But this is one of the reasons I am conceptualizing this. Obi Wan and Anakin have strong goals, both start out as *new* and both have a side in the conflict. In a way, everyone else's goals (as we can see them) are bent toward engaging them (Yoda trains Luke for Obi Wan, Palpatine exists to tempt Anakin, Leia exists because Obi Wan's player fomented rebellion, etc etc etc)

But I also think that Rogue One and Star Wars Galaxy of Fear have strong things to say about how to *run* Star Wars, you need to use the universe, not the themes, if you want to run smaller quiet stories
I personally loved Star Wars Rogue One because it was a contained story with high stakes but non-iconic people. It was connected to the larger galactic struggle but wasn't too close that everything had to be over the top dramatic.

And conceptually Solo was good for thid

Though a worse version than the Han Solo trilogy
I'm not familiar with the Han Solo trilogy? I know about the Solo movie that I haven't watched but a full trilogy?
Boom series, which was real good at doing smaller stories