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I weirdly want to follow up on this in three weeks.
But what about the Temple of the Rock in Jerusalem?
No good. Doesn't fit in a hat. 😋
You know the seer stones are legit when Wikipedia has to append “(Latter Day Saints)” to the article to distinguish it from The Lord of the Rings's seeing stones

To be fair, Smith's seer stone pre-dates Tolkien... although, they really tried to hide its existence until a few years ago, because the history gets a little questionable when you do too much digging (pun definitely intended).

Been looking at installing an ILS at my house, and I love the documentation of things aimed at librarians

Categorized by audience, by need, and indexed. Also available via html, pdf, or epub. Awwww yeah
Will it have a fancy terminal like this? 😲

I wish! I think I'll be stuck with a webui

Computers, especially network computers, still blow my mind at how cool they are
A processor is just a rock we tricked into thinking by putting lightening in it.

Today I made a cloudformation stack with terraform

This is a crime

Thinking about the Christian camp that banned most non-Christian music, but allowed System of A Down because they never swore

The amount of... just... everything about the thought process there baffles me

Just let me get a job working with computers
SOMEONE out there must be using computers to do computing and not 99 abstractions!

I assume people have made the joke
Considered Harmful Considered Harmful
@PizzaFacts2go There's a famous paper called "GOTO Considered Harmful" that basically ruined an entire part of programming, and so now if you're a nerd you make a blogpost called "Thing I hate Considered Harmful"……
@HippyWizard Ah.

Goto is only harmful if you're not a master of spaghetti such as I

Welp, for the second time in my life I registered the domain in someone's twitter bio and put up a page making fun of them...
i kinda want to see it.
that actually brilliant. I love it.
It's a fun kind of mean because it requires cooperation
I didn't get the "If you follow me" part.
I dunno, I wrote the copy at 9 am, I guess I was trying to apologize to followers, do you want me to proofread >-1 times?
This is one of those things where either you do it right, or not at all.
Is that better?
Probably, I'm still confused about who's the narrator and who's the "douchebag". I thought they were one and the same but the writing makes it ambiguous for me.
Oh! The narrator is a theoretical person running the social experiment

That's why I changed it to be "My Name Is Not Atom Jones" to make that a little clearer
So yes, definitely better.

Oh, I wonder how this is gonna shake out
I can’t believe how entertaining this is.
Seriously, I am so glad someone went around trying to make sure everyone knew about the site, to raise awareness

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Ah ha, here's the problem, too many toasters
One can never have too many toasters

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Macbooks are just really annoying unix boxes right?
Hey! I managed to get to my homedir once!
I've never been able to replicate the feat, but I did it once!
I do that by opening the terminal and typing "open .".
User friendly™


USB-C: A complete mess
Also USB-C: I can unplug my laptop and plug the charger into my phone

Do I hate it or love it? I can't tell
Yeah, but power IQ and stuff. The power supply has logic to specify how much to put out. Because Reliable™ Technology™
trademarks are cringe

One thing I like about my Burning Wheel game is how my PCs get asked by a bandit they own a favour to to disrupt a meeting. And he's like "Hey, stop these people from making a deal by an means necessary!" and the PCs were like "Any means eh?". And then the Bandit gives them a bomb, and the PCs are like "OOOOOOOH you meant violence"
I totally did read it that way and immediately think of that Babylon 5 episode

+ disarming the bomb, yes 100%. I'm connected to the nature spirit who absolutely would not like the after effects of a bomb
We call it reforestation

A thing I got to say without a hint of irony
"It's basically LittleBits for nerds"
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For context for those less nerdy…

Fuck it.
Looking for work.
L2(not so much customer facing)/ entry level sysadmin work. Proficient with Linux/shell scripting, can find my way around aws, basic VMware esxi knowledge but can learn both esxi and aws quick.

Wait! No! i can't hear you! I just can lipread "can you hear me" after two years of pandemic

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I want a job where I don't just end up cryposting about Agile all day
it could be worse; it could be scrum. (it probably is)
Don't worry, it is

Or at least is *is now*, we moved off it because it didn't work, but now we're on it because everyone other team likes it and who cares about our team
I once had the one in a lifetime opportunity of leaving a team using an abominable combination of scrum, kanban and general, misc "agileness"
I am looking for such an opportunity myself!

How do people jive the idea of propagating as many tickets as possible, and the ideas of tickets as documentation?

Give your developers Chromebooks running Linux
Make sure that they build using CI and are using a browser that's more painful to use than your users
When developing something I expect others to use, I always want to make sure it'll run nicely on a potato. Modern software tends to be very wasteful of resources.

It helps that I don't run top-of-the-line equipment myself.
Yeah, exactly

It's ok to use nice cases and wifi, but I want people writing software to work for people who aren't doing regular hardware refreshes

John Scott Tynes' Three Days to Kill is my personal go to for explaining cover art to writing quality differences, damn that module is real good

Oh look, Waterloo's roads are completely plowed but their city owned sidewalks are up to my waist

My neighbour is trying to use a snowblower on their driveway and seem to be stuck. And it's shaking my whole house.
😕 that's not encouraging lol
Just a fairly deep thrum

Crap - my glasses are delayed, I hope post drivers are ok!

I hate that looking for epubs it's often easier to find a pirate site than a place I can give the author money. Which sucks.

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The best part of NFT people is that they don't understand what barriers they are overcoming, they aren't quite sure what ownership is, they aren't really sure why or how societies exist

We won the auction for €2.66M. Now our mission is to:

1. Make the book public (to the extent permitted by law)

2. Produce an original animated limited series inspired by the book and sell it to a streaming service

3. Support derivative projects from the community

@ValpalCoolGal They don't even have vibes! I cannot vibe with anyone into crypto
@ValpalCoolGal Fine, I will conceed rancid vibes, but you will need to accept this image to get that concession

@ValpalCoolGal Wait wait, if Connie is all curves... That means he's Non-Euclidian
@ValpalCoolGal World destroying horror
Secrets incomprehensible to the human mind
An evil old and lurking in the corruptness of humanity
We reached beyond our intended world, grew beyond our ability
@ValpalCoolGal Hey @PizzaFacts2go wanna play some Unknown Armies? I have this concepts of Cryptobros as godwalkers and ancient awakening cabals coming forth
@HippyWizard @ValpalCoolGal I can't follow any of this enough to know if this is for real.

Why do these DAO projects always have a name like a function with an emoji for arguments like Dumbass DAO (😆,😆)? What does it mean
@HippyWizard @ValpalCoolGal Did these people buy a rare book and they think they own the rights to create a dune tv show?
@HippyWizard @ValpalCoolGal They think nobody ever made jodorowsky's dune because.... What nobody could find these missing production bibles? Were they stolen by raiders? Do they think Alejandro Jodorowsky didn't make his adaptation because the book got stolen?
@HippyWizard @ValpalCoolGal I joined their discord so i could make fun of them... They have a bot that has to approve you to see all the sections. To get the bot to approve you, you have to react to a specific post. Discord has a hard limit on reactions per post and that post has reached it.
@HippyWizard @ValpalCoolGal two questions

are these just smart contracts that collect money then place a bid?
does that mean fucking christie's has some sort of API or whatever to collect bids from crypto weirdos?
@PizzaFacts2go @ValpalCoolGal So I don't know
For the Constitution it was just a wallet that collected money without any underlying logic or contract and said it wouldn't be evil
It did refund people, but most people lost all the refund as gas
@HippyWizard @ValpalCoolGal I'm trying to formulate a question along the lines of "what happened that our society ended up here" but can't find the proper phrasing to fully encompass my exasperation
@HippyWizard @ValpalCoolGal genuine question

is this dumber or smarter than beanie babies? I'm genuinely not sure
@HippyWizard The blockchain is a solution desperately in search of a problem its actually good for.

Oops I accidentally am installing Koha and categorizing my books

Please stop me from buying rfids for them so you can scan the book at the door as you leave with it
Must I stop you tho?

So far today my house has cooked pancakes, turkish delight, and now sushi
Today has been a cooking day

Also rising pizza dough for tonight

Using SSOnand OAuth to make zero trust just Security Without Borders

The best part of Wordle is that people no longer post pictures of randon squares and say that they're a bad dev because they don't commit to github hundreds of times

Waaaait I get it!
Cryptocurrency is the best webdev project
You take something that works, and replace it with something slower, less easy to use, uglier, that takes more power
That's basically their whole purpose
Sir. Sir!

Doncha love when your ci starts:
docker-image: ubuntu/ubuntu:latest
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get install ...

This is what docker is for! This is why we made it!

Much to our chagrin, computers are the pinnacle of human acheivement

Can someone tell me why people aren't running Kubernetes on autoscaling groups and then using that for their CI and other ephemera?

Can you *please* tell me why people aren't doing that?!

That's what everyone tells me they want from this garbage! Why aren't they doing that?!

Using to figure out what the devs are doing because the comments have apparently been there a while

One thing about time tracking and using scrum and stories I am noticing is that they create secret knowledge

Because people are discouraged from solving problems (especially minor ones) without a card, there's friction to solving minor problems, and so you build secret knowledge
I have yes.

In my situation though, we have strong engineering management as well as domain experts that aren't business people, so the business folks have to take somewhat of a back seat.

What you're talking about is a common problem, I'm just saying that there's a different way and that overly powerful PMs are a sign of problems.
I think the problem I am having is that you seem to be focusing on Agile-In-Theory and not Agile-In-Practice.

I am glad you have a great employer, but I have not seen one in any of the several places I've worked.

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The "state inaction on a problem" to "individual responsibility" pipeline

I keep thinking about Mutant X and how it coulda been such a better show. It was clearly set 20 Minutes Into The future for like... ⅓ of a season, and then later it was *definitely* set in 2002 or so. I really want the show it was bibled as, rather than the show that was made.

Gitlab has been importing from Github for 19 hours so far. There is no log as to what the fuck is happening. No option to cancel it and restart because the run is obviously broken.

Started using ( @Delta Chat ) this morning and I am hella impressed so far. I am feeling a little "who needs XMPP!" but also a little "Those who do not remember the past are doomed to reimplement it badly over HTTP" and I don't know which impulse is winning
and if I had keys that were modern I'd sign it, but blah