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Just scared my son by roaring like a dragon while reading the Paperbag Princess

Successful roar, less successful dadding
my little nephew is so afraid of t-rexes. one year we got him a t-rex toy and he was scared of it for weeks, finally played with it tho, but yeah, kiddos are funny that way
Oh, Shæ *loves* dragons, he just got very scared by the roar.

I love him so much.

He also loves Cthulhu
now that is cute! i bet you could find him a little plush cthulhu online
I don't think he quite understands that Cthulhu is not necessarily supposed to be "cute" or a plushie....

I now have a Dev server my Shadowrun game's wiki, I blame @EmeraldMagus
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We're now discussing options for building a release pipeline

Gotta Do Devops for the damn wiki

this concept of putting β€œproof of ownership” of jpegs on the blockchain appears to be the same concept as those β€œname a star” registries that have no special authority whatsoever but will still happily charge you fifty bucks
Someone else did the math, entirely
Seems legit.

Bad people in the sense of not very emotionally aware, and bad at giving emotionally, not like, villains

authors: if copyright was only 30 years, what if my novel gets successful when I'm 65? I'll starve!!

me: if I archive this inaccessible thing and make it digitally accessible, will I be fined my entire life savings? well I go to jail?

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a trend i really do not like is "yeah join our discord to download these mods or view our documentation"

discord... is not a wiki, or a documentation storage platform, or a file sharing service

it's just irc channels

you have created a new future dead link graveyard

My dad guarantored my mortgage, and TD sent my dad a physical letter, before they tried contacting me. To let me know that they couldn't withdraw money because their computer system is broken.

(Of course threatening me because it's unpaid)
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Well, a week after they emailed him and the same day they sent him physical mail, they called me.

So they definitely figured it out
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Ugh, ugh and triple ugh.

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β€œ"Crypto art" is literally just "numbered prints, but each time I sign my name I also promise to burn down a local park."”

Programmer: "It's infrastructure as code! We'll just update the code and it will figure itself out"
IaC is a fancy word for "backup"

Tremors 2 is better at escalating its Lone Monster threat to a swarm than Aliens 2

I envision a world where github plugins use the config on the branch being built, not on the default branch

One of the best parts of Prisma Cloud is when you leave it for 10 seconds, and they log you out and there's no "sign in with SSO" button

Any #FreeBSD #bhyve people able to answer a question about #chyves?
I had to reinstall and restore a backup, I brought in /chyves/zroot, and mounted it and its config and guests, and chyves says its not installed in the pool, and I want to force it to look
OK! My config hadn't been properly snapshotted, meaning it didn't get captured in my zfs sent


Ya know what, I agree, let's cancel the concept of Culture

Found a list of lists of trusted IPs:
"Team Name"
"Security Program"
"Would Be Deleted If There Was a Delete Button"
Don't worry, it was empty

Me, thinking seriously: my life would be easierwith an LDAP server
I've never looked at LDAP before now. Looks interesting. What's your use case?
Would like my mail server, web server, wordpress instances, wikis, SSH services, password manager, and so on, on a single auth endpoint.

Like, uh.... a normal person

We bought two baby gates from two sources. Both are broken.

Our babies hate incarceration and apparently believe in direct action

Does anyone still talk about System Is Setting?

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Public Service Announcement

The symbol # has many names, including "hash". Using a hash to make a tag word easier to search makes the whole construct a "hashtag".

Because people say things like "check out hashtag 'learn'", people inferred that the # itself was spoken as "hashtag". This has led to some confusion in certain kinds of discussion.
An image of the hashtag "#learn". The # is labeled "hash", the word "learn" is labeled "tag", and the whole thing is labeled "hashtag"
@dump_stack() @calcifer cursed

but in the harsh cold reality out there: true

Day 7 of file transfer about to begin

@VelvetRebel1984 @RollingStone Remember when everyone used to get really angry about DRM on iTunes purchases? Well, it’s that again, but you also have to set fire to a rainforest to keep the infrastructure working.

Anyone wanna start murdering people who use NFTs? It seems better for the planet?

I spend hours writing useful documentation. I specify every button in order to make a Product. I describe each piece. I send a message to each of the teams explaining the need.

The question: "What's a product?" "How do I change things to a new product"

WFH, as a parent, with a second parent who is currently not working is a lot easier, but every so often, a one year old will start screaming at maximum, and you really want to help, but shouldn't

WTF Apple?

PHP is what lets us afford your overpriced machines, so maybe slow your fucking roll and keep your shit opinions to yourself.

(h/t @uberbrady for noticing this.)

Output of running php-fpm --version on Mac OS Big Sur, which contains a warning that "PHP is not recommended"
I've not ever intentionally used a Mac, so I can't confirm. But that's a (fairly) up-to-date PHP that *they installed*.
It's very strange.

The ability to read logs and google error messages is probably the least interesting thing about me as a human!

There are a lot of stupid things that have happened in my life, just because I was a high school nerd into computers.

I keep being worried I'm going to see my name in the list of Yearly Milestones of employees. I think I've been at my new job a week. But reality says 5 months, and I don't know who to believe
Definitely. The before times simultaneously feel like yesterday and 20 years ago, haha
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Luckily it's March again, so we can pretend it's been 0 time

Our child's favourite toy was a Roary the Racing Car, and then we found the show. Then we let him watch the show. Now he loves it so much he wont even let us sleep until he has the toy
Terrible mistakes were made.
@HippyWizard It was more about the bedtime toy rather than the show that reminded me TBH. I'm not sure *why*...

Now that I am regularly reading ebooks - the fact that it's a fragmented infra is becoming so clear. I don't wanna buy for a Kobo, I wanna buy an ePub to read on my reader!

I know it's DRM all the way down, but blah

ls has taken several seconds to run

my disks are having a bad day

sudo: a password is required

Oh, thanks, I actually did forget

Playing Pokemon again
I still refuse to learn what an EV is

Took a day off this week to catch up

And uh, if I had this every week I'd probably be a lot better of an employee for my employer, because I'd be able to relax and do housework

I hate jobs
I know a while back singpolyma was extolling the virtues of the 28 hour day. I don't know if that's an option (or even useful) for you.
I also know that I trust Singpolyma's view of sleep a lot less than I trust the psyche profs ;)

Also - my kid definitely disagrees.
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NOPE NOPE! NOPE! Nope! Don't let me buy one these. They're terrible and bad
I can get past it if they accept my offer of $50. ;-)
yeah - they're definitely not worth the prices, the main feature of the sales for not buying

I know a lot of people don’t like the sound of this, but its an absolute gift. If means that Zach Snyder fans will shut up for over 4 hours.