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systems administration via consistently triggering failure states until you run out of failure states to trigger.

My mom liked this tweet

Please upload this for every google suggestion


The tension between leaving stuff in a good state and knowing you could feel productive for a bit, or leaving while there's a long running job going but *could* fail still and knowing you could come back to broken shit

Welp, I have been asked by work to write down all my opinions on a topic

This is gonna take a while

Yeah, this just seems gross

I see both arguments here (I would rather be in Canada than the US when being questioned, but I don't want to lose the rights to protection for those being discriminated against), and it's very predicated on a devil's bargain

It turns out video games suck

They are inefficient storytelling mediums, they occupy spaces where the play doesn't want to consume that hard, while also getting some gratification

Unless some has *gamer* as their identity, games are simply a way of resting, not engaging

I think there's just a lot more proliferation of "Gotta make something and monetize it!" polluting the industry than there used to be. The ratio of "works of passion" to "works for money", especially amongst indy games, is decreasing. I don't think there's fewer good games, I think they're harder to find. And also we have higher expectations at this point.

It still is true that the design philosophy overall is moving away from challenging players, whether in gameplay or in art. One of my favourite things about games is the joy of discovery, and more and more games want to walk you through their established path, rather than let you discover things on your own. Like, I don't think all games should be nethack levels of "don't tell the player anything", but I think I more dislike games which tell you everything you need to do and just leave execution to you.

I think is partially making indie games more monetized, but also, giving indie games space to try shit.

Not saying it works - but saying it's doing something interesting for the space.

Ok hear me out:
90s super hero team:
Smashmouth and Allstar

Smashmouth is a generic Hulk ripoff who offers knuckle sandwiches

Allstar is a Captain America/Booster Gold mashup of personalities, gloryhound but also considerate and intelligent

My metaboss just told me that he thought all the things I was saying were great because he could tell everything wasn't shit, it just needed to be fixed, and that was pleasant

More importantly, he assigned me to hang out with the project lead and write a document where we just bitch out the existing app

The local regional twitter account is slap fighting with me because they don't like the fact that I am calling them stupid for not understanding that you're not supposed to make environmentalism look hard, and instead just not be stupid

I am trying to use a ticketing system called Jira, and I'd really like a ticketing system where you can sort your issues, move them around, and maybe even find them if they get misplaced.

Jira is Agile. This is all one has to know.

Kanban FTW!