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I think Dune is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills aleins and doesnt afraid of anything.
Dune Nukem 3D

Trying to figure out the way to use Crest to form deities for my tuesday night game

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1978s joke: How many computer scientists does it take to change a light bulb? None! It's a hardware problem.

2020's joke: How many computer scientists does it take to change a lightbulb? Well, first we need to know the SSID and Wifi password. Then we need to download the app. Then we ...

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sorry, the app got pulled from the app store.
Also, that colour setting you liked, is now locked behind a premium subscription.

I'm not quite sure when I switched from "the specific device my console is wired to matters a lot" to "all devices are fungible network terminals", but I am excited that it finally happened

Hey, can we stop using JSON for anything humans need to interact with?

*especially* logs
XML would be better
XML is verbose but expressive
JSON is terse but opaque

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Fintech? Wow finsubbing has come a long way huh

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telltale sign of a liberal: they don't or won't understand how power works. So they do embarrassing things like say "rest in power" when someone who wielded incredible power in life dies
tell me they didn't. Tell me you didn't see someone say this for Colin Powell.
a few
CW emetics in the future please
im going to shit
I mean at this point how surprising is it when liberals misuse radical language. It happens basically every way you can think of. They think they're the left.
I'm not surprised, just grossed out
I'm just picturing him getting preserved on public display like Lenin, but in Portland
"oh wow they kept his vial of anthrax"

Damnit, fucked up a thing and had to cancel an upgrade and restore to the pre-upgrade snapshot

and uh... damn, I am glad I have learned how to properly backup

I have friends who like poetry, even friends who are poets, and I wish I could share with them the ecstasy of finding this Super Metroid FAQ in which the author, for some inscrutable reason, completely justified the monospaced text using nothing more than precise word choice



I visit less than once a month for something.
I visit my personal mail server's webmail a lot.

Firefox *still* puts in "" as the autofill whenever I type mail into the address bar. *FIREFOX*

What is happening there?
It's just annoying and seems calculated to disrespect
Right, 'cause I have nothing better to do.

If you must know, I actually had search suggestions on my mind because of seeing a post these past days about a new feature "Firefox Suggest" in Firefox 93 (which made me go back to my settings to mkake sure it was all disabled).
Cool. That makes sense. The last clause was where you went from being helpful, to be disrespectful (in perception). It's not that I don't want to engage new people, it's more that I am exhausted and don't have time.

I am a little surprised you're being as combative about this because you seem very put out by a response with a tone you didn't like, despite the fact that it was responding to a tone problem. My goal with my initial response to you was to get you to step back and think about the wording of your response. Obviously it was combative, and probably too much so.

Search Suggestions is the kind of thing that would cause similar problems, though not this one, and is definitely something worth bringing into the conversation if you missed that nuance.
there's a whole bunch of providers of results ( My guess is something somewhere in this is responsible.
Gmail is in my Most Visited bookmarks but is not. But is. So it's not just "ony stuff from a major provider" or something.
This is the kind of stuff I was referring to. If you go to check the settings, the Firefox address bar can autocomplete from any of: History, Bookmarks, Open tabs, Shortcuts (the New tab tiles), and search suggestions from your default Search engine - and now from Firefox 93 onwards, the new "Firefox Suggest" thing which is similar to Search engine suggestions, but from Mozilla. You also have "Most visited sites" (which I guess comes from applying some algorithm to History, which is probably totally overengineered and "intelligent"), "Firefox Snippets", and "Sponsored shortcuts" (I think that last one is new too? I just saw it).

To sum up, I don't think there's any meaningful difference between any of those as far as the address bar is concerned, and how all of those get sorted and presented is anyone's guess. There is however a "Show search suggestions ahead of browsing history" toggle.

I don't know what settings you have set and everything keeps changing between releases, so it could be that something got introduced that wasn't there before. I know I try go to settings from time to time to check, and there's always new stuff - and it gets enabled by default, btw.
yeah, and that's exactly what the original post was mad about! Why does firefox insist on this sponsored black magic!
I assume, to try to keep the lights on?

From what I just checked, its desktop share is below Edge. Now that is bleak


You can all finally stop debating what #grimdark is now. @FletcherMR has nailed it:


Wrath-Amon (Monster)

Will B5
Per B5
Agi B4
Sp B4
Po B6
Fo B6

Health B6
Ste B6
MW B11
Res B5
Cir B2

Stride 7
Hes 5

Traits: Resilient, Imperious Demeanor, Cold Blooded, Scaly Skin

Sword B4
Brawling B4
Climbing B2
Stealth B5
Doctrine B2
Sorcery B6
Astrology B4
Bloodletting B4
Enchanting B4
Command B3
Star Metal-wise B4

Wrath-Amon possesses the Black Ring which allows him to maintain humanoid form, as well as granting him the Gift while wearing it.

He also possesses a superior quality longsword, and a suit of snakeskin armour which is 3D armour to all locations (this overlaps and does not stack with his skin).


Gifted Child -> Cultist -> Madness -> Historian -> Cult Magister -> Cult Summoner

48 years old

Will: B6
Perception: B4
Power: B2
Speed: B2
Agility: B4
Forte: B4

Corruption B4
Hesitation 4
Reflexes: B3
Health: B6
Steel: B7
Stride: 7
Circles: B4
Resources: B3

Sup B3 MW: B9


Wrath-Amon (Major, Hateful)
Church of Set 2D
Dark Wizard of Set B2
Finery, Sword, Shoes

Spells: Fire Fan, Wyrd Light, Binding

- Cult Doctrine B2
- Inconspicuous B3
- Conspicuous B3
- Falsehood B3
- Persuasion B4
- Religious Diatribe B3
- Brood Guard-wise B2
- Ancient History B3
- Obscure History B2
- Ophidian-wise B2
- Calligraphy B2
- Illuminations B2
- Ancient Languages B2
- Read B2
- Write B2
- Symbology B2
- Sorcery B5
- Spell-wise B2
- Circination B3
- Summoning B3
- Bargaining B3
- Demonology B3
- Spirit-wise B2
- Sword B3

- Misunderstood
- Gifted
- Spirit Familiar
- Zealot
- Speaker Of The Secret Language
- Snake Eyes
- Deranged
- Forked Tongue
- Corrupted
- Tough (Corruption Trait)
You probably thought I wouldn't be a weirdo, but no, cartoons you don't remember are the only thing keeping me normal

Shæ has started figuring out his arguing style. So whenever he wins an argument I say "That makes sense"

So now he says things like "Daddy daddy get my cars and bring to me. Makes sense" due to Makes Sense meaning he wins

It’s risky to attribute the growing strike wave to a single cause, the US’s grotesque mismanagement of the pandemic. But I think a lot of what an EMT said at a DSA mtg last year: “when you realize your boss will kill you, it changes yr relationship to work”

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I'd like to remind you all that while Firefox may not be great, Chrome is a lot worse and telling people not to use Firefox is just going to push most of them back to Chrome. Demanding that people go "all the way" and rejecting incremental steps is pretty high on the list of reasons why free/libre/open/non-megacorp software isn't more popular.

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I know nothing about Dissent, but Brave is Chrome with a different coat of paint and (as I understand it) some advertising-related things bolted to the side.
Dissenter is a fork of Brave (so fork of a fork of Chrome) that lets you talk to Nazis in the corner of any website

Imagining Return Of The Jedi and Empire Strikes Back but with Yoda talking funny

"Do, or not do, no try there is"
"Seek Yoda do you"
"Another Skywalker there is"
That last one makes the scene a lot less suspenseful

@PINE64 My pinebook pro's charge LED (the red one) turns on when I plug it in, but I can't get other signs of life out of it.

Are there obvious places to look? I see on the forums it's almost always eMMC needing to be reseated (which I did). I am wondering if there's anything I should do that should cause obvious signs of life?

(Unplugging the battery and then plugging in the bypass did not seem to help)

Plugs everything in, figures out cables
Looks at blank screen
Looks at computer
"There's no disc in that"

The nerd in me wants full plate armour in my settings, and no guns, and so of course, I want to carefully steward technology for settings

Despite magic existing

I am sad my noodling with weird Urban Fantasy got me in knots, so refreshing brain and trying again
I found exposition hard to naturalistically write without being condecending, and I was three books deep into rituals about dreams in order to try to make something obvious-but-out-of-left-field
I tried some other small pieces on that style, and they worked, but building a *plot* felt like it needed more research

@batchsample Got any nerds who like plan9?! I wanna plan for pinebooks!

shhh that's after-hours fedi (except for people who follow chjara :kappa:)

Parenting tip:
When your grandchild eats poison
Don't eat the same poison in solidarity, it stresses the hell out of your kids
Yes, my mom just did this

In other news, my parents are apparently just... Growing poison
This seems like sound advice.
Thanks! I thought so
LOOOOOKS like my son and mom will live

RCMP have been coming into Coyote Camp daily for the past few days. Yesterday they came in, joked about genocide & how they can’t wait to see it all on social media.

Tomorrow is day one of the Week of Action! Solidarity is needed. Take action where you are!


Terrible mistake: making a custard while also having a toddler

Last week, a police officer assaulted one of our reporters.

This week, we'll be publishing police statements as if they're facts.

The most embarassing possible person to be would have to be the gangster named Corn Pop

Firstly, you need to think.Corn Pop was a good name, secondly, you need to hear Biden get dunked on for making up a stupid gangster name so often

I am probably the only person who tells union positive jokes playing the "airplane goes in the hanger" get a kid to eat game
Yes, yes, you’re the only one.
See, I am exactly this nerd.

Tracy's greatest strength as a designer is the question, and their games are impossible to be unfun due to the quality of their ability to do good questions

I tried One Shot skeptically and got one of the best games I've ever played

Today's Iron Edda topic of conversation is questions. Specifically, leading questions.

Every Iron Edda game I've made uses them and they're so powerful.

@EmeraldMagus and I are not allowed to talk
We started with trying to disagree on how DRY a program should be
We ended up need to make sure we had a shared definition of terminal and tty
This also happened when we discussed sex

Doing some Shadowrun work, and, uh, getting into Humanis as an editorial voice is unpleasant as hell

Holy shit, this is exactly the kind of access log parsing that using "data lakes" gets you

Imagine writing log parsers assuming no knowledge of log contents

Honestly, it feels like this is just a whole different profession than mine

Hey every web browser
What I want is: type in URI, load page at that URI

Please don't ignore my port or protocol definition

Holy shit
What did you try again, whippersnapper?

Which it decided to load via https

So I sent it to

And it decided to honour HSTS on non-standard ports (which is wrong)

I had to do http://charred:8080 which did load

And this is all caused because charred is a ruby app and so using Sinatra (a web server) to run itself, rather than the two obvious things of:
Running via a multiplexed webserver which can handle ssl upgrades and name based virtual hosting
Not using http and using a protocol more suited to running a character generator (which, to be fair doesn't exist, CHARGEN is sadly not well-suited to running a character generator for an RPG, but I can dream)