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Puns must only be judged by a pury of your jeers

Yes, I know it's the NeXT kernel, but the userland is mostly from BSD+MacOS so this pun works damnit

Windows posting

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cat Dragon\&DungeonBarcodes.txt |sort | uniq -c |sort -n|grep -v " *1 "|xclip -i -selection clipboard
      2 009281018230
      2 394533151TSR0300
      3 071486018254
      4 071658018259
     12 074470018254
     15 074470018230
     19 071486018230
     25 071658018235
     34 074808018239
     35 074808018253
     69 046363160340

Scanning my collection of stuff
Apparently I have lots of duplicates

Next step is to get that turned into proper codes and then get it turned into actual US-MARC data, and then make that library useful

Annoyingly, apparently Dragon reused the same code several times for their issues, so I have 69 issues inside the 046363160340 block

Nice though

I wonder if anyone can guess what was sitting next to Sean when he needed to test his barcode scanner

My office has the weirdest branching strategy

Where you make a branch
Constantly rebase that branch off main

Then make a branch off that branch

PR the second branch onto the first, then PR the first onto main

I... am so confused
Yeah, that sounds more like a coding nightmare than a branching strategy.
We're normally very good at things, this is just confusing

Inserting "except as part of normal job duties" on all the items on the acceptable use policy so huge portions of my job are actually allowed by policy

imagine a world where "email attachments from unknown senders" were this scary magical thing of danger, and no other emails were dangerous.

Now imagine how many security docs pretend that's the real world

Today my followers are learning that asking me questions about coffee leads to too much answer

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"Containerd gets support for launching linux containers on FreeBSD"

Gimme that FreeBSD work laptop!

@HippyWizard has 3 drinks this morning try to take a guess as to what they all are before reading the next tweet and comment how bad the difference between imagination and reality was (if you want)



All yummy!
My thoughts exactly! And I wanted coffee and cappuccino and it seems a shame to waste the leftover espresso my 1980s espresso maker makes!

I really want to write "Fuck You" on this document showing that we need 2FA on our amazon root account.

Holy shit! A single 2FA token! Fucking fuck

Don't fucking make me have a chance to lock ourselves out of AWS root trivially, Amazon needs to fix it's shit, seriously

Github Copilot seems very bad, but because it's bad ML code rather than code theft.

But then I also license everything WTFPL so maybe I just have a weird view of ownership?

I also pay extra to have my art commissions licensed CC-BY
no relation. :)

Do you think they'll let me use… as cybersecurity training? Probably more useful than the normal ones I've gotten.

I often think of myself as not a maker, because I rarely take projects to the point of sharing them, and I tend to do projects mostly from manuals. Like, buying a broken tablet, installing spare parts from offbrand retailers, and then putting a beta linux on it.

Or writing 30 thousand words of RPG rules in order to port Dragons into Burning Wheel as having a full suite of lifepaths.

Or making experimental muffins where I take a recipe and ignore it and make a different thing.

I feel like I'm not a maker because I rarely change the state of the art, just grow my personal circle. If I write a software tool, I generally assume no one wants my changes, ans never advertise because I assume that it's just stuff no one wants.

I dunno, this is a weird anxiety, and it's the kind of anxiety I assume makes me a worse person, or at least a foolish one who is too focused on culture.
Others have stated the obvious regarding your status as a maker, but more importantly, not believing you are a maker doesn't make you a worse person. I'd rather someone who makes things and doesn't call themselves a maker rather than the opposite *side eyeing Elon Musk*.
Yeah, it's far more about tenseness about leaving a mark and bettering communities by my presense

No you're writing a Definition of Policy Definitions policy
>grabs copy
>flips to glossary

Me, trying to prove the problem isn't on my end: *attaches radio frequency scan of bluetooth frequency range showing no noise*

Ya know what, let's ban programming computers
All the computers can do enough things, programming is over

I think I can stat a full cult in burning wheel before 8 pm tonight - right?

Remembering how "The Phantom Menace" sounded like it was gonna have a cool spooky ghost in it, not "There's No Real Threat Here"

As someone who hates programming and finds most of it grating, I spent way too much of my weekend writing recreational C

To be clear, it was fun
I was playing and trying to make a single robot that could solve every level, without storing state, while sticking to the rules like "the ant doesn't know if it's holding a rock" and "the ant can't look in any direction but 1 square forward"
Ok, not quite true, I had some counters

I just adding the "feels?: fake" tag to a VPC

feeling good today

Just asked a customer service manager why they didn't have automation tools to add their product to our AWS environment

Then linked a blog post from their own company to explain why I wanted this

I think they attached the blogpost to the engineering ticket, and that brings me joy

Will Roko's Basilisk torture you if you believe there's already sapient AGIs and so get fired from doing AI research?

I'm on a work call where I'm not the technical person, I'm doing management, organization, and communication

This is the fucking weirdest moment of my life
Management, organization, and communication have turned out to be some of the most important technical skills of my career. Funny how that works.
Fuck, but I don't want them! Give them to someone else.

Let me be the longhaired person who mumbles at the computer until the black magic is done

My wifi access point just fell off my wall

I guess I should have actually screwed that in...

My server room is now a room that gets too cold usually, and not a room that gets too hot
Air conditioning should be adjusted maybe?
We have it set to 24.5 in the main room, which is pretty good? I dunno

As a person who does technical interviews for tech companies.

If someone ever showed up to an interview in a suit, I'd be stunned and offput

I'd try to not let it affect my decision, but damn would I be weirded out

So I've been playtesting a # technomancer stream for a while, and if you are interested in technomancers in Shadowrun - check it out!…

It uses the Tarot deck to make daily Techno streams! And the techno in my group *loves* it.

The move from "lots of aliens" scifi to "no aliens" scifi is weird.

Like, just such a difference in the kinds of optimism I can feel.

I hope one day the designer of this project finds out about HTML

I hear it's pretty cool
The review conversations were worth the price of admission.

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When did spam start meaning "Emails sent by botnets" and not "that garbage every fucking website sends you if you so much as look at a tracking cookie wrong"

Me, trying to get a timestamp to compare with logs
Idiots who think they're clever: 14 hours ago

Step 1: Create Urgent Ticket
Step 2: Go Out of Office for days

Recipe to me disliking you
Oh no! These are coworkers!

Sales people making me go through demos are slowly making me want to write a 6000 question pre-purchase security review for them to fill out.

But that way vengeance lies.

This thing where I need to argue with a CEO hasn't happened in a few years, and I need to get better at it