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So I knew this song as a kid. And I cannot find any evidence it exists online *except this website*

I've got a memory of finding a youtube video of one person sing it

Does this weirdness live in anyone else's memory?

Made candied orange peel, and then made orange cinnamon bread, then French toast with maple butter

and uh, gonna do that again

(sorry, French toast is not photogenic)

Do I know anyone with an M2 Mac to try to connect to MySQL in a docker container via an SSL tunnel via MySQL Workbench?

I think I found a consistent crash

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I confess myself a bit baffled by people who act like "how to interact with ChatGPT" is a useful classroom skill. It's not a word processor or a spreadsheet; it doesn't have documented, well-defined, reproducible behaviors. No, it's not remotely analogous to a calculator. Calculators are built to be *right*, not to sound convincing. It's a bullshit fountain. Stop acting like you're a waterbender making emotive shapes by expressing your will in the medium of liquid bullshit. The lesson one needs about a bullshit fountain is *not to swim in it*.
"Oh, but it's a source of inspiration!"

So, you've never been to a writers' workshop, spent 30 minutes with the staff on the school literary magazine, seen the original "You're the man now, dog!" scene, or had any other exposure to the thousand and one gimmicks invented over the centuries to get people to put one word after another.

"It provides examples for teaching the art of critique!"

Why not teach with examples, just hear me out here, by actual humans?

"Students can learn to write by rewriting the output!"

Am I the only one who finds passing off an edit of an unattributable mishmash as one's own work to be, well, flagrantly unethical?

"You're just yelling at a cloud! What's next, calling for us to reject modernity and embrace tradition?"

I'd rather we built our future using the best parts of our present rather than the worst.
I Hate this shit SO much

Like it actively interferes with me teaching kids how to write research papers, which they've never done before

It's objectively harmful for k12 students who don't fully understand how to write a thesis or organize a paper

fucking despise these arguments
I've already got a very low opinion of asking students to critique each other's work let alone something made by a machine. I had no difficulty with homophones in writing until one semester when I did a lot of partner work with someone who confused them persistently. Although I could still catch his errors regularly, I also had to figure out what he meant, which built the circuits in my mind to load the homophonic meanings and check them against the word... thus creating in my own writing homophone glitches for years after.

The question on everyone's mind today
Awwwww, they shot it because they thought balloons were from the same place as spaghetti

I describe NPC body language as giving away vibes *a lot*

Like, the PCs say a bunch and I go "She scowls and seems disbelieving but doesn't speak"
Or "She replies " that makes sense", obviously not believing that"

I realize I don't know if I see that elsewhere.


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Hmm, this inspires me to put a body language cheatsheet into my GM screen!

One of the things about people being bad actors with APIs is that APIs are a way to make automations more polite, and work on your terms. They are contract.

Twitter is basically WotC and the OGL right now. They want you to pay microtransactions in order to do something you can legally do, but they could, in theory, make take *slightly* more work.

Well, ok, twitter wants macrotransactions

In the 90s my mom bought of super 90s wireless headphones (INFRARED) in order to watch TV while washing dishes

And as a parent - that's a decision I completely understand now
@silverwizard My dad had these clunky wireless headphones (but were some sort of RF) so he could listen to the hockey game. Before he got those, he just had a pair with a ridiculously long cord.
This was like ... 94 so like, back when IR seemed like a better idea than it was, and Mindstorms was using IR to program robots

Counter Strike: Global Offensive was the first video game written in Go

@silverwizard Rust (2018) was the first video game written in Rust.
People often say "I'm gonna go play rust" and I'm like "Oh! I'm writing a webserver in that"

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I was walking down the street where the houses were numbered, 64k, 128k, 256k, 512k, and 1MB.

That was a trip down memory lane.

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Elaine!! Cory traded his recording equipment to some demons, so the brilliant Sara Century joins Hub and helps him unpack the strangely beautiful, problematic fairy tale that is the 1985 Gargoyle miniseries. Topics of discussion include: Gargoyle is the anti-Valkyrie, liking art you disagree with, Germaine rules, and WW1! All this, plus a heaping helping of Dylan disparaging. Enjoy! Enjoy!

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Wilhoit's Law can be understood as "No laws when you're drinking claws"
Claws are White Claws, kinda the worst beer

And yeah, the Wilhoit thing is incredibly funny, you need to attribute it to "American Composer Frank Wilhoit"
The import thing is that I associate White Claws with 20-30 year old white men, and 18-25 year old white women

I feel like a lot of people don't differentiate Buzz Words and Jargon, and I think that not knowing the difference is a giant communication problem
@silverwizard it isn't an organic problem, though, it is very intently cultivated by people who stand to gain from the confusion.
Yes, buzz words want to be jargon

@SEGFAULT Also, I hate that most diagrams show a classic cable car. They don't switch like that.
@Capheind if it was a modern high speed train switching it without it being planned into the route would likely derail it as you must slow for switches

This company's support team is making me go use the Internet Archive in order to explain that their statements have changed since last year

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Thinking about a tabletop RPG where the attributes are roles.

So - basically take the Leverage (RPG) model with Hitter, Hacker, Grifter, Thief, Mastermind and then use that in place of like, Strength, Dex, or Intelligence and so on. I would probably use a die pool system since I love it, and so you'd end up with Role + Skill.

And then I think the secret sauce is that you set the consequences of failure based on the Role used. So a Hitter failing generally is hurt, a Grifter is identitied, and a Thief is seen.

If you have each role be attached to a specific kind of health bar - it can incentivize changing roles and so on.


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TDP magic is flashy. There's somatic and verbal components, so that would be the potential downside. And if it's dark magic there's a whole other level of downside.
That makes sense
Blah, I need to get into that series and game


Someone just used the words "tinder box" in the context of tech things.

And my first thought wasn't "thing that burns" but something much worse
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"Date went pretty well, we ended up getting a tinderbox after"

Last night I dreamed I did a git pull on Friendica for the latest develop and it ruined everything

So that's a fucking weird dream, and means I care too much about this

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Content warning: financial need, electric bill, lost child support

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Content warning: re: financial need, electric bill, lost child support

Content warning: re: financial need, electric bill MET, thanks

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Why the HELL does the Discord desktop app want to have permission to receive keystrokes from ANY application?

And the dialog should not just have "deny", but "NO FUCKING WAY BEOTCH!"

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likely because of the overlay
it's to make the push-to-talk work when you're using the overlay for gaming

Content warning: politics, cops

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I always loved it when clients would say to me during the first interview, "I'm guilty!"

I developed the habit of responding, "Yes, but of what?"

I would then point out that the district attorney was accusing them of being guilty of a lot more than they were willing to admit, and wanted to impose far greater penalties than they were willing to accept. It's that moment when they see the chessboard.

Tattooing a QR code on my forehead decoding to "Ce n'est pas un mark of the beast"

Content warning: Wound

The important thing about Wizards creative commonsing D&D is that it's a trick to make you pay micro transactions for D&D

Recipe: no flour? No problem!

Also Recipe: put oats in the food processor until powder

This recipe doesn't get No Flour at all
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reminds me of when the app I was using on on of these crashed to desktop and didn’t restart, so of course I dug in the start menu and started Minecraft
A child playing Minecraft on a large information kiosk

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I worked on London Underground's touch screen ticket machines in the 1990s. We made damn sure only our app could use the touchscreen, and the OS thought it was just a serial port.

@EndlessMason 🤷🏻‍♀️ I calls ’em like I sees ’em

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Content warning: tech ragepost

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Content warning: tech ragepost

Content warning: tech ragepost

It is just me or is NextCloud always super fucking slow no matter what?

Ok good

No matter the cores or ram I throw at it, it seems to suck
@silverwizard It is surprisingly memory hungry, isn't it?

I am so tired my eyeballs hurt, and I thought I'd caught up on this year

Apparently, no?


Don't become a father just months before a deadly global pandemic!

I have multiple working pages and CSS for my statically linked website working

Soon my terrible idea will bear fruit
Just gotta deal with
1) putting some HTML in a rust binary will probably end up with a 2TB file
2) figure out how to easily serialize an image into a rust binary
I was just making fun of Rust's binary file sizes
@silverwizard This is perhaps terrible, but could you not just create a program that you could pipe an arbitrary binary file into it and it would output a rust module that defines an array of bytes that matches what was fed into it?
Yeah, basically a makefile that runs markdown on the file, makes HTML, then objcopies the html and images into a rust file, and then populates the valid pages header with the list.
@silverwizard I'm curious to see this now. Is there a git repo you can point me at?
so firstly - right now it's just me doing:
pub static {
 index: &str = "<html>...

The next step is all the objcopy shit - mostly because I don't have a sense of how to do what I want to do in rust yet, since I've probably written a total of like... 2 hours of rust.

And right now the code just sits on my laptop, sorry. I'll probably open it once it's in a reasonably acceptable place.

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🙏may your home projects all require just the one trip to the hardware store🙏

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started writing rust in order to be the actual worst - and... I'm having fun