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Me: Gonna go to bed early, since exhausted and need to wake up early with my toddler tomorrow
The Toddler: Starts crying at 10 when I start to go to bed and cries on and off until midnight

People advocating The Cloud: "Self hosted stuff is full of ancient plugins and is never maintained"

Do they have a sense of how cloud deployments look after 6 months to a year of work?
But also - you can either automate the expensive way, or automate... more cheaply
That's true. I love my raspberry4 server. It's hosted at home, and it is cheap to run. The only thing I need a off site vps for is email.

Coworker: I'm not interested in reading the error output, I just want to figure out why it's not working

Sorry, but the Peel police murdered someome in cold blood?!
A ‘noise complaint’ followed up on by police and now this man is dead. “He was at home and there was no indication that anyone was in danger.”…
I'm always going to be surprised
I have a manila envelope in my house. With a 50 page report from the police accountability board. Saying that police should pull weapons on anyone they suspect are mentally ill.

I will never not be surprised.
I will never not be angry.
I will never not be angry about it either.

Ok, so, I really don't know if I like Player Facing games, where the GM doesn't roll dice.

Person boxed in by enemies and my first thought is "Kick their asses, you'll probably roll enough partial successes to rarely take damage, you'll be fine"
@DuanBailey Definitely wasn't *directed*, but I think I made most of my thoughts clearer (although exhaustedly garbled) last night
@HippyWizard Yeah, no worries. I was mostly kidding ;)

Ok, I like the #Remarkable2 tablet as an eReader. I also like it as a writing pad.

This is bullshit. Why is a device this nice? Am I just gonna have to admit that sometimes people make good technology?
The day Silverwizard pivoted to a sponsored technology review Youtube channel.
Damnit! I'll still a technology hating misanthrope I swear!

1) Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies
2) Ashen Stars
3) Spirit of the Century
What rpg's premise/setting would you absolutely watch a movie or TV series of?

My shortlist (@edige23)
1. Night's Black Agents
2. Balikbayan
3. Brindlewood Bay



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TIL: "Carbon Footprint" is marketing by BP to blame the individual for climate change

Me: I should buy a pokemon game for Switch, just to see how the games have changed
Also Me: I have not touched my switch in almost 6 months
@Tracid089 Also I think Pokemon Let's Go is Pokemon Go attached or something?

Man, I just really wanna play Pokemon Stadium

But yeah - I definitely don't wanna end up pay $100 for a video game
@HippyWizard They’re semi-related. My understanding (I could be wrong) is that Pokémon Let’s Go can get you the Pokémon Go exclusive Pokémon Meltan - but Pokémon Go does not benefit Let’s Go at all - or maybe you can transfer across games regardless?

Let's have a frank discussion about bitcoin hype. Bitcoin is really an symptom of the problems of our era, of a post-truth world awash in crackpottery and of a breakdown of trust in our institutions. 🧵 (1/)

there's just no *point* to these people

no platform you give them will lead to them saying anything other than "help, help, i'm being censored" and "[incoherent racist noises]"

@HippyWizard None of the issues with Parler ever would have happened if they had a form of identity verification implemented.

Person who is an idiot says the same thing every idiot has said, wanting us to waste time rebutting his idiocy for the thousandth time
My suggestion for any social media platform moving forward would be to eliminate anonymity. Make each user be tied to a cell phone account with a billing name and address and be transparent about who they are. That would clear out a lot of the dangerous elements.
@HippyWizard being trans is a trade off between name validation and infosec

Is this seriously a podcast without an RSS feed?

Did we hit this point? Where we just ruin podcasts?

Ontario. Where so many Covid cases are happening in low wage workplaces. In communities with multi-generational homes and a large percentage of people in unsafe factory jobs.

Ontario. Thinks a 8pm curfew will solve that. Because they look tough

There will come a day many will wonder when the die was cast.

It wasn't 1/6.

Was it Charlottesville? Waco? Ruby Ridge?


It was George Lincoln Rockwell. Barry Goldwater. Phyllis Schlafly.

Not events, but people allowed to "politely" launder fascism after WWII.
Bingo. This is the ultimate manifestation of something started long ago, by the John Birch Society onward. The modern right had a history of selling lies or half-truths before, they just did it with a slight whiff of professionalism, allowing a despot to bring it to it's natural state on January 6th.

Bah - figuring out how to get ssh keys into my friendica chroot and server was such a pain
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were you doing that from windows or linux? I think I did that through windows with the following:
I have a linux server with a chroot, and a different user, so I couldn't even copy my agent or something. And it wanted valid keys for *github*, which, uh... bah.

Wasn't just copying the keys, was more figuring out which of many contexts they were being used in, and which user wanted the permissions. But thanks.

I used the term "immune to bug reports" to describe systemd features. And I think that's useful.
@efagirard I am personally pretty unhappy with the amount Arch Linux and SystemD enter my life, Linux is really falling over these days

#UnknownArmies pitch:
You are the team Elon Musk uses to clean up his paranormal "experiments"? (Jokes? Pranks? Trolls?)
@HippyWizard alternatively: you are the victims of said team
@HippyWizard probably. but your lives have been uppended by the pettiest, dumbest bullshit. stale memes, basically.

The seditionists that invaded the Capitol today wore a Punisher logo. I say @Marvel needs to either aggressively enforce their trademark so it isn’t printed everywhere or abandon the Punisher completely. You can’t allow your characters to be used by terrorists.


The function of a system is its output.

If you have dog grooming machine that sometimes smashes puppies and you keep running it, you're in the dog smashing business.

If you work for a mass surveillance company that keeps enabling genocide and undermining democracy...

Developers be like: "Security is based on the language you choose"

2021-01-06 23:30:57
"As a Canadian who spends my time entirely oblivious to Canada's fascist movement, let me be the first to say how relieved I am that nothing like that could ever happen here."

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2021-01-07 13:07:34
...for those saying the police did nothing yesterday. Not entirely true : they arrested Washington Post journalists for filming protests

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2021-01-06 20:51:49
damn turns out the fascists were the fascists all along

I do not support states, I definitely do not support police. But I support replacing both with something compassionate and humane.

But if I have a state, I do not want the state to cede its monopoly on violence to fascists.

I really hope centrists are thinking about today

2021-01-06 15:05:55
Hating borders is much like hating cars or lawns... It should be the most basic vanilla position for anybody calling themselves radical

Python docs: Don't use getopt it's dumb, use argparse
Argparse: Documentation is for suckers

I used getopt
Odd, I find argparse really well documented.
Argparse has a lot of words documenting it. I do not find them good at explaining it.

For example, what is the return values of parse_args? How do I make a - command?

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Mon fils m'envoie des blagues geek, maintenant.

Hi! I'm on a DevOps team! This means we put everything in a PR cycle!

So now you need to review a 10000 line PR, which can't be split up, and changing any character ruins it.

Oh, except the one character that's a subtle bug I didn't notice.

Good luck!