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Thinking about this again

That was 4 days after the domain was registered, and the day the phone was release....
It's longrunning character Hat Dan! The Dan with a Hat

It seems incredibly impossible to email a tailor and be like "can you tailor me a pair of baggy cargo pants?"

It just...

I'm sure they'd take the commission, but it just seems wrong

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This blog post seemed very normal until I hit this bit


"What happened and what actions have we taken?

This week, we discovered that’s RSA SSH private key was briefly exposed in a public GitHub repository. We immediately acted to contain the exposure…"
I love that the article straight after this is about GitHub's secure code game!
Accidentally publishing the key is awful, calling its replacement an "abundance of caution" just tells me you have hardly any commitment to using and safeguarding it properly in the future, either.

As AI art gets better and better at photorealistic art, it gets worse at *art* and better at *deception*. But of course, as it gets worse, it gets worse at *art* and better at *making garbage*.

There is an obvious solution to this dilemma.
Latent spaces don’t necessarily seem to have to work that way. I lean towards thinking generative AIs will be able to maintain many dimensions that don’t affect or attempt to compensate each other. “Realism” is ultimately just another parameter or artistic style; Dali’s surrealism is built on realism.
@mike No I agree
I was thinking about this image I saw of someone next to a TV with a person in the TV coming out to hug them.

If an AI made it, it would look bad and dumb

If a human made it, it means something weird and personal

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Reporting posts to my instance admin because they're funny and I want them to see it

I love the idea of Joke Theft and shit on social media.

Someone makes a joke, and then someone else riffs on it. Or tells a similar joke. And people get super up in arms about the joke being "stolen".

Copyright and Clout just rotting their brain until they ignore the idea of culture
I love how so often the "how dare you steal this joke" posts are about such low-hanging fruit, the most obvious riff a person could make about some current thing jokes. Maybe they saw that joke and reposted it, or maybe dozens of people came up with the same thing independently.
@⛅ w chance of bears Yeah

And like, maybe someone sees a joke, and would prefer a slightly better one and riffs.

you don't need to cite your Joke Sources

MLA Style Joke Citations

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If you have an SSH server and worry about disclosing your private key: OpenSSH has a server key rotation feature. Transparently change your server keys without requiring your users re-verify host keys.

It's documented in SSH Mastery, by the way.

Not that this has anything to do with github, of course. Pure coincidence.
@eingemaischt SSH Certificate Authorities. Same method used by Google and Yahoo. Also in the book.

I just wanna be an embedded dev so I can port Android Open Source to surplus Google Glass and mount it inside a pair of ski goggles

I am a simple man
@Hypolite Petovan Face computer is honestly pretty cool! I am the kind of nerd that likes face computer and hates always on camera and mic

Web of Trust For Content is going around, and uh, that feels way more fragile than the other WoT
yeah, that's a nonstarter on like every level.

I would really love digital signatures to be on more fragments of content, like I feel like the possibility of digital signatures is severely underused. But the truth value isn't something we can ever fix technically.
@серафими многоꙮчитїи I dunno - I don't own enough technology that I trust to own a key longterm

I don't have a device I feel like my key wont be exfiltrated from, and I am terrible at keeping reliable hardware tokens.

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an emoji face where the mouth has been replaced with a diagrammatic representation of a USB-C plug, and the eyes with USB-B 3.0 plugs

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I'm once again annoyed about how half-arsed the 3.0 version of my favourite USB connector (full-size B) is
@SigmaOne USB 3.0 connectors are either "let's glue some more bits on" or "let's see if we can shove more connectors in here... they'll fit, right?"

Are you really playing RPGs properly if one of your players is concerned about going on an adventure but says "I wouldn't have my home bees"

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Content warning: "ai"

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Content warning: "ai"

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Content warning: "ai"

Content warning: "ai"

Content warning: "ai"

The biggest problem with Star Trek Strange New Worlds is that I hear it's really good - but it's related to Discovery and therefore I can't believe it

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Introducing my new organic, all-natural intelligence search engine: Mark.

It's just this guy Mark. He'll do his best to answer your question, and he'll make up a reasonable-sounding answer real quick if he doesn't have one.

How will we scale? We'll hire more guys named Mark as demand ramps up.

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