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So inspired by the Hat Dropping With AI dude's movement to drop goods on people from windows, I'm thinking of selling eggs

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Who would rather spend $13 million on the Ontario Science Centre instead of $650 million on a private parking lot for a mega spa? Or a blow a billion bucks to rush beer sales to corner stores??

#DougFord #onpoli #toronto #Ontario

Conservative Math
Sorry Folks! We don't have any money for (choose from Column A)
We're spending it all on (choose from Column B)

Column A: Healthcare, Public Education, Nurses, Teachers, Paid Sick Days etc
Column B: Parking lots, legal fees, grifts to donors, deals for developers, WHATEVER WE WANT. 
Photo of Doug Ford grinning

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The two protocols I need better tools for are RSS and IRC

I hate irssi and I don't want a webapp for RSS

can we… can we combine them?

@hotsoup RSS to an IRC room would be great, if I had a good rss

IRC over RSS sounds like a bad enough idea for me to take it seriously

I have invented a drink I call the St Lawrence Crossing

It's absinthe with maple syrup instead of sugar. (See - it's a Canadian Ferry and absinthe is the Green Fairy)

It's tasty

@AN/CRM-114 I buy this because the LCBO sells it, and getting non-LCBO absinthe is a huge amount of work, So I'm not really the person to give recommendations
ironically that particular absinthe is also uniquely easy to get not through the LCBO due to the distillery being in southern ontario

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Might have a few of these too...
cDc and Veilid logos beside the statement The revolution will not be monetized.

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I need one of those. Whoa, great message.
@jwgoerlich You gonna be at summercamp or HOPE?
@joshbressers I’m still solidifying my travel schedule. If I’m there, I’ll find you!

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#Ontario Science Centre Rally this Sunday at Bathurst and St. Clair.

#dougFord #onpoli #toronto

Poster for OSC rally  Sunday June 23 - 12pm-2pm Wells Hill Park, 145 Hilton Ave Toronto
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Acclaimed architect, Raymond Moriyama, designed the Ontario Science Centre to last for centuries. It was one of the most beautiful architectural feats in #Canada.

Today, #DougFord moved one step closer to demolishing it.

#CivicVandalism #toronto #onpoli #cdnpoli #ontario

Credit Alex Bozkovic
Exterior shot across a ravine showing the connecting bridges at the Ontario Science Centre View onto the ravine from the Ontario science centre
credit Alex Bozikovic Ontario Science centre as an example of brutalist architecture

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@GG I've been trying to figure out what to do. The slime has no shame. But this feels too far.
@silverwizard Yup. Ontario is furious. Closing the Science Centre has enraged more voters than #DougFord's privatization of our healthcare system. There's a rally being organized for Sunday. Will post when details confirmed.
@silverwizard Rally to save the #Ontario Science Centre:
Sunday afternoon June 22nd, at Wells Hill Park, Bathurst and St Clair, #Toronto
Rally to save the #Ontario Science Centre:
Sunday afternoon June 22nd, at Wells Hill Park, Bathurst and St Clair, Toronto
@silverwizard The Science Centre will trigger more outrage than the provincial health system because while the #cons can trick people into thinking the "Ministry of Health" is #Trudeau's problem, it's harder to convince people the Ontario Science Centre is a federal failure, as it has "Ontario" right there in the name.

@Alex Block @GG I hope you're right.

i'm also hoping Life Labs can shrivel and die because we fixed our broken healthcare

Anyone else getting the "You are using a pihole" constant cloudflare "security reviews" suddenly?
@08956495 More seriously - it feels like it's yet another way we're going to get blocked out of the open web

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“TODO” in code doesn’t mean you’re actually going to do it, it means you don’t want questions about why you didn’t do it.

My brain just thought the words "Etsy but ActivityPub"

Basically just - do ActivityPub, add a shopping cart, and try to manage the bots - so you can have art and craft and so on focused instances with sales inside them. I... have no idea how to make this work non-evilly.

But ok - if you want to *scale* activitypub with commerce - this means that the question is one of community.

Building a community with a store is really fucking hard. You have all the problems of Ebay, Etsy, and Twitter. This means building spaces like systems for Art, Writing, or whatever. And that means supporting those people. This means figuring out how to discourage advertising and brands, while supporting people who create.

I don't think this is a needle I can personally thread. I should not try.

But someone should. We should try to figure out how to do capitalism without as many siphons in the middle, at least until we can get rid of capitalism.

This brought to you by me thinking about Etsy and its problems - and how I want to find *creators* first, and then wares, rather than wares first and then creators (at least most of the time)
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I just realized that this is literally OnlyFans in a lot of ways. A social network for following creators who can sell things to you easily.

And course that - that immediately got moved toward Sex Work because that's the most tech savvy and mobile group, but I think there's something valuable here.

Isn’t the hardest part going to be the payment system integration, and accounting? And shipping costs across dozens of possible shipping options? All the little quirks like charge-backs creating credits/debits? Or is your system going to attempt to not middleman dozens of payment systems? In which case you still need to API integrate to lots of different options and still do accounting for every worst case scenario?
I’d guess creators/wares is the “easy” part?

@Jay Hannah So in this case we're looking at small vendors - so this means that you're probably looking at:
Shipping is going to be integration with the local postal service
API integration with Stripe/PayPal/whatever is pretty simple
If you want to directly take payments that's PCI DSS and also other stuff

But that's all technical detail. I'm not saying it's nothing, but it's all mostly solved problems with very common answers. But the "build a community based on selling without being a hellhole" is not even slightly solved.

Any #KitchenerWaterloo folk aware of a place I can rent a 10 disk CD ripper? Or similar device? I just want to digitize a bunch of CDs and don't wanna think too hard. And don't wanna pay $100 to get someone else to do it.

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I would like to point out that *there is no way to fix this*.

I don’t mean it’s difficult, or expensive, or we just haven’t scienced hard enough yet. I mean there is literally no way to make an LLM not do this, or an infinite number of similar mistakes, in the same way that no improvement in ladder technology can help you reach the moon.

You’re asking a slot machine what your most likely bank balance is.

Google Gemini tried to kill me

"I followed these steps, but just so happened to check on my mason jar 3-4 days in and saw tiny carbonation bubbles rapidly rising throughout ... I had just grew a botulism culture"

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@Becky said she wanted to watch classic movies and I had to ask "Casablanca or Mean Girls" and I feel like this kind of distinction would serve very well in a lot of situations.
Babe wake up new verse of “Hey Nineteen” just dropped

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The best part of systemd is that whenever it fucks up it chooses if the fuckup was bad for desktop users or enterprise users, and then says it's designed for the other group.

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For superhero shows, I reckon one of the best must be The Red Panda Adventures! It has it all!

Realism, cheesiness, action, banter, evil laughter (lots of!), superpowers, pseudoscience, magic, mysteries, more mundane crimes, & history! Gregg Taylor, with costar Clarissa Dernederlandon, makes balancing these disparate tones look effortless!

The bulk of the show ran 2005-2015, & was set in 1930s Toronto, Canada. Expertly capturing the reality & fiction of the time!

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@silverwizard Something that strikes me on relistens: He barely uses narration! Except ofcourse for the title sequence.

Few other audioshows get away with telling their stories near-exclusively through banter...

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@Adrian Cochrane I relisten to Black Jack Justice more (it's more episodic) - and there's more intentional narration there. But yeah, he's so good at actors, stage queues, and using all the other tools at his disposal.

Any #AWS types ever seen an issue where when restoring from snapshot a table or schema is missing?
basically, the thing to understand is that like 95% of RDS was literally built one piece at a time, each by a different single guy without any mandate or support so that he could put it on his resume, then bail within 6 months.
When I was at a LARGE customer, we'd regularly get excited about RDS item A. We'd get on a call to talk about A with our AM and the engineer. Three weeks later our AM says 'oh, BTW, engineer is leaving so your FREQ is dead.'
@RootWyrm 🇺🇦:progress: Oh, I know how Amazon works, don't worry. It's fucking stupid. I honestly wish I could just pay for some instances and manage mysql myself so I could tune shit better, and have better insights into wtf

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Last boost: Another reason why I get irrationally angry about software that knows what is going wrong but refuses to actually say anything about it.

It trains users to be overly trusting of software asking them to do stuff for vague or completely unspecified reasons. This makes people vulnerable to inadvertently installing stuff they shouldn't

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Back in the day malware had to provide something actually compelling like "click for funny pictures"

Now, thanks to everyone suffering from Apple/Google brainworms you can apparently get people to download malware just by saying "uhh, something didn't work I guess 🤷‍♀️ "

My neighbour has an above ground pool, which has some sort of tech on it that beeps like a failing UPS.

I am actually starting to have trouble sleeping due to my brain panicking that something is going down.

Another entry in the world of "Silver says something that's barely even words unless you understand everyone one of them"

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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads who understand that streets are for people.
A black-and-white comic strip featuring a child asking his dad for a traffic safety poster slogan. The dad enthusiastically suggests a slogan promoting cyclists' rights and criticizing motorists. The child responds by deciding to ask his mom instead.

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The existence, and especially ongoing existence, of brings me continuous joy.

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Someone made Blender for Nokia N95 which is really cool, but its repo is Spanish only.

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Personally my favorite era of mobile phones is the period 2007-2008 just before Android and iOS took over this entire market.

There was so much innovation happening with cool OSs and shit. There's a lot of phones from this era that can do things that even modern phones can't do, like physical keyboards and such.

Not sure if it's my favorite era but I do hate Android and the slate form factor enough that I ended up sticking to a feature phone since ~2020 (ironically right after I bought a pinephone, which so far I've only used for basic mobile linux tests).
That said SailfishOS is quite neat, used it 2016~2020.
I am not so fond of SailfishOS because it has too much proprietary shit.
Much less than Android (specially stock) though, plus there's Glacier if you want to get rid of more things.
And one thing I quite liked with SailfishOS is the ability to modify applications right on the device, it's the kind of thing that made me regard shit like Android as rendering a nano-computer into a semi-autonomous peripheral just like what's done with game consoles.
I'd like to extend that to 2009 I guess. iOS and Android were there but didn't have full adoption yet.
When I was at university around 2000 or so, I had a desktop that was running: Windows; Linux; QNX; and BeOS. It was so much fun. I don't remember the year, but I also had a Macintosh LC-III running NetBSD.
Desktop wise meanwhile I'm stuck with missing OpenSolaris / Ubuntu 10.04 era.
That said gnome1 era is nostalgic to me, first desktop that I used.
One of my favorite phones from that era was the Sony Ericsson Aino. A Java feature phone with a touch screen.
From the same year I prefer the Sony Ericsson W995. It's essentially the same phone as the Aino except a little smaller because it didn't have the pointless touchscreen.
The touchscreen worked great with Opera mini!
Opera Mini, that takes me back.
Yeah, I wish it would still be usable on J2ME devices.

you can have pyramids in your pyramids on your pyramids

This is a joke about vampires, it has not deeper context around the problem with a lot of The Purpose Of a System hot takes is that a lot of the systems are hidden from view

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Welp, I have just been let go.

I call myself a Senior Systems Developer and Administrator, having being on both sides of the fence and on the fence itself. My full CV is here except for the post I'm leaving now, which was titled SRE, but included security, systems architect, devops and IT guy. You can also have an idea about what I have been doing by checking the #til tag.

Please boost

#GetFediHired #FediHire #JobSearch #Python #SRE

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I need to go get in a fight with my city about their fucking lawn bylaws. "No plants over 20cm" is basically a crime against the ecosystem, and they're on a tear this year.
Ah, the classic city planning priority: classism. Followed quickly by racism.
@Craig P with help from my parents I bought a house while still in university, and because of that I live in a fairly poor area. And holy shit, it's hard not to understand what people are talking about. "We will collect your leaves, but only after snowfall. We will penalize you for having leaves after it snows". Just so many ongoing attempts to fine people who live in my neighbourhood.

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I'm trying to collect what #XMPP clients are usable with screen readers.

weirdwriter recommended:
Windows: MirandaNG
iOS: Monal and Siskin,
Android Conversations is rumored to be decent.
Web: Conversejs

So does anyone else have experience with using jabber clients with screen readers on Android, OS X, or Linux? Does that match other screen reader users experiences?


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as the #Conversations_im developer I can tell you that I'm trying. I have had individuals reach out explicitly thanking me for making Conversations accessible. However those are just individual opinions and I'm always happy to receive actionable feedback.
While I belive that #Conversations_im mostly follows the 101 of accessibility (label all your icons) I reckon that the devil is in the details.
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Holy fuck

I just want to upload some files to Google Drive from the CLI.
How the hell is this so hard?!

@Kicou The rclone I have access to in packages is sliiiiiiiightly out of date, and in that slight change, Google changed its entire auth scheme
@Kicou importantly I'm stuck on AWS linux, and AL2 has out of date rclone and AL2023 wont install fail2ban
will the installed rclone binary self update?
@Kicou I installed it from packages, will that out of band update?

Ya, it will pull the latest binary from repo and overwrite the existing one

You may want to back up the original binary file beforehand

@Kicou nah, the server doesn't live longer than a few hours

but ok, this might make me not claw out my eyes

I hate to say it, but could you bodge something together with curl?
@DHeadshot's Alt @Kicou I got allowed to put the docs in S3, which is good only because AWS interacting with AWS
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This anti-pattern is the thing that makes AWS EC2 the most user hostile IME. I never want to click "Copy To Clipboard", because I often want to *select the text* which is made harder because by clicking the text changes it. I often want to put it into another clipboard than my default - but maybe I have different goals than everyone else.

And I don't want to "Open Address" most of the time. Why would I want to open it on the web! It's a brand new VM?!

A screenshot of the AWS EC2 console, with the IP of a server, with "Open Address" and "Copy To Clipboard buttons"
Don't worry, I'm gonna delete that server, that IP isn't a thing.

I gotta figure out a funding model to do security for libraries and hospitals, there's gotta be a way to build DFIR and hardening teams for these orgs, the question is how to get the money.

@Rye yeah! I'm at the noodling stage

I just my first main cert so feel like people can take me seriously, am dre