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I've been a wreck all week

Not going to get better
@silverwizard once the sea is calmer, I'm sure you'll be afloat again in no time.
Thanks. Yeah.

Isolation is getting to me. That's all. Just. tired.

You can note the security people on my team. Someone leaves, and we both immediately start looking at the ways this changes the organization, and how we should start handling the organization

this has been said for real by people in protest stream chats I've moderated.
Yeah, it's kinda a problem. Since it's not a joke.

Although if people legit don't want to punish them after firing them, I cry

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this is so fucking funny to me
The cover of “dude where’s my car” but the faces are replaced with Aragorn and king Theoden and the title is “Dude, Where was Gondor when the westfold fell?”

Isn't this concept art for some sort of future-proof nuclear waste storage site?
Yeah, and the inscription was supposed to be "nothing of value is buried here. No deed of esteem is here" or something

And so... Amazing

Has anyone at AWS ever used awscli?

any history of COVID-19 in the US should really start off with an anecdote about how the chernobyl miniseries came out in 2019 and there was immediately a conclave of pundits smugly declaring that we would never respond to a disaster with such epic and malicious mismanagement

What would you do with $220 Million? We found the RCMP that's spending it on sexual harassment lawsuits and human rights complaints

This is why I like using protocols over products. No one company can own "email" or "ssh." If you don't like the provider you switch. #

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Today's gender is numb and numb.

Started looking at # - and this seems to want to be a better Gopher, but is instead a worse HTTP

I have yet to see proof that I woke up yesterday

Asking my wife for a favour is a tricky business. Yesterday I asked her to buy me a donut, because I was stressed, and didn't want to make cookies I could stress eat, but could limit to a donut.

She bought a box of donuts for only me.

The other half of the time, she'd have bought me nothing. Or a tea biscuit.

It's not that she's bad, she's trying to help, but she always wants to put a spin on things in order to try to go above and beyond. And it's super hard.

Relationships are hard.

I kinda hate Shopify, but I do really like they can make just anyone start a store. But could they *please* acknowledge they're Canadian and setup interac

Hot Take on the thing going around:
Traffic models that push safety from timing and flowing onto software and coordination is the kind of stupid that makes me want to start throttling people

Me, talking to coworkers, "I tend to use OpenBSD, since I hate the user-hostility of linux"

Which is an obvious thing, but feels very weird to say based on how everyone seems to treat OpenBSD

So first lesson, when you're giving notes to a friend or person in the # community: you are not the writer of their script. You don't live in their interior world. Your notes aren't about you - they're about helping the writer tell the story THEY want to tell.

Why are my coworkers talking about how CanadaPost steals packages because they're unionized?!

I... am... so confused
Oh, yeah, I put all that text between the lines
What level of UTF are you even on? 128? 1024?

it's not a "tehe math is hard" problem

so much as a "you've made enough sausage to know exactly how made-up the whole concept of a 'budget' is but you still have to treat the farce of making one like a sacred rite anyway" problem

The most unpopular FCC chairman in history has announced he will step down.

It's tempting to forget he ever existed. But hear me out

We need to #

His smug face should become a meme, a cautionary tale of what happens when we don't hold our government accountable


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I am not sure if I can work on security teams that view security as primarily a technical problem

I feel like an interface polyglot. I can happily use Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, MacOS (late game), dwm, twm, fluxbox, GNOME, XFCE, and a raw terminal

I mostly use XFCE and dwm for daily computing

KDE still baffles me and is a huge pain to use
What if all the lack of discoverability of MacOS, the shitty design decisions of Windows, and the blame-the-user of dwm?

This looks horrifyingly evil
Not the least of which because it has no space for "doing work"
Esoteric metrics based on analyzing extensive data about employee activities has been mostly the domain of fringe software vendors. Now it's built into MS 365.

A new feature to calculate 'productivity scores' turns Microsoft 365 into an full-fledged workplace surveillance tool:


Pathfinder: Kingmaker would be a lot better of a game if it wasn't so... pathfinder. But it would also be a way better game if it was *more* pathfinder. They have like... a batshit medium

I hear you all wondering "so St Nicholas Church has loads of Gay Pride Flags, but does she have any trans flags?" And the answer is not just "yes, she does" but "they're in the porch so people can see that trans people are welcome before they even come in"

Churches welcome any kind of sinners, I would stay away.
What? Are you pro or anti Christian? But also - fuck off for either
Are you playing “holier than thou” with a fucking church?
Probably I don't know I'm from an other country.
That was, successfully, the most confusing possible answer
Yeah well that was intentional or not ? :blobthinkingeyes:
Ahh today's sermon from a pulpit of discrimination.
As if there weren't enough of them already!
Exactly. That's how hatred perpetuates.

@KayceeMaduYEG You mean like the insurance bill that would allow insurance companies to follow your moves on the roads? Through gadget or app.

Huh. But that’s your Bill. Not the NDPs.

I wonder how much work it would be to scrape wikia/fandom and repost it all on a bare mediawiki using namespaces
Probably the main barrier is getting IPs to bypass bans, managing copyrights, and finding the space to contiguously put the data

But the easiest thing you could do is, you know, download one of the backups.
Oh, crap. That's more polite than I expected. Good on them!

One of the few things that they've done well. I was just idly musing.

For the same reason everything in our hardware stores is still measured in inches and pounds -- being adjacent to a much larger economy.
That annoys me too ;)

@nixcraft Fastest how?

Fastest latency? localhost

Fastest to spin up a new bigger-spec instance? would have to profile

Fastest to advertise on podcasts? Linode

Fastest to take gobs of your money? Amazon

Fastest to get distracted and kill the product you've integrated into? Google

How is it that machine learning is still in so many ways equivalent to asking a fucking octopus who will win the world cup??

Anyone interested in a thread about where modern fandom came from, and who created it?

[only 18 tweets long this time! I may be learning brevity.

When I was 12, a friend of mine tried to explain the Spider-man Clone Saga to me (I had never read a Spider-man comic at that point)

I think that was the time I understood it best

Billionaire dislikes how billionaires are portray in today’s media.

Sit the fuck down Paul. You had your time.

It’s our time now.

The entire school administration and board needs to be fired
Including teachers
Disgusting “positive experiences with residential schools” assignment from middle school in Abbotsford, BC

My superpower is turning Third Wave Ska into dadrock

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OHSA hasn't changed their training materials since I did my highschool first job

I am craving Fig Newtons, this is how I know I got old
Start worrying if you get a craving for Werther's Originals. ;)
One day
One day