This is what I don't get. Why should we need to use an app simply to upload a video and share it with your friends?

What you're looking for is a hosting service, not an app. We. Don't. Need. An. App.

And the same goes to all the websites that require you to install an app to use them.

Sharing and reading data shouldn't require to execute arbitrary code on your cellphone.

I gotta say again that @CTropes is easily the best comic youtube
Consistently kind, well researched, and loving comics as both art and stories

I hate cats
Having animals live in my house is terrible

Thundercats prepare to transform and ReBoot
I apologize in advance

"we value your privacy. Don't believe us? Just check our privacy policy! Under section 184.2-B we explain how the personal data we've collected about you is a part of our company's valuation and will be sold to the highest bidder in the event of an aquisition!"

Playing an RPG, I was banned from asking if my character's general knowledge on gnomes could be "someone who has been Sean for 32 years"

Alexander friendica (via ActivityPub)
It is not really economically efficient in the long run. Bad things happen, even without something as drastic unexpected disaster recovery is very costly and often nullifies all the cost-cutting (unless it can be offloaded to someone's else).

Basically this sort of approach is not about efficiency per se but replacing long term planning with short term.
I think that's the article's point
We keep squeezing costs out of our economy, until they can no longer withstand shocks

When I was in university - I put "ping -c 5" into my fingers as a way to test my internet.

Is there a sensible replacement for Google for this?

I couldn't remember which IP the server coming up grabbed normally
for count in `seq 1 100 `; do for ip in; do echo $ip; ping -c 1 $ip; done; done

One day I am going to watch a TV show without spending half the runtime looking at the fan wiki, wikipedia, or IMDb pages related to the show
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
Watching professional esport games with commentary has been my preferred form of passive watching.
Yeah, I 100% can't do it
I do mostly watch shows since they are easy to passive, but eeports just make me border

[bookmark=]# Good afternoon! Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦 The Crimson Diamond is my colourful, retro-inspired text parser mystery adventure game set in Northern Ontario, Canada! Here's a screenshot not in the demo, a bit of Canadian Shield!…

Image/photo [/bookmark]

[bookmark=]DM's Guild takes 50% of the creator's income.
DTRPG takes 30-35% depending on exclusivity.
Steam takes 30%
Itch lets the creator decide how much they take, but they default at 10%

If you plan on buying anything from an RPG book PDF to a video game, check to see if it's on itch[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]one point from today's incident review "what went well" section:

> [employee]felt empowered to say "I'm parenting" and not step into the incident.[/bookmark]

It would be super nice to see Linux die and that energy move to the more elegant places
[bookmark=]'It's really hard to find maintainers': Linus Torvalds ponders the future of Linux [/bookmark]
Christoph Bugel friendica (AP)
Seriously? You want to see linux die? Or are you joking
Linux is definitely the least well done of the free operating systems, and putting the energy into less toxic cultures and nicer code bases would be better

The actual trick is: more than doing it outside the cloud, but someone will aspirationally price it cheaper
[bookmark=]“This thing that I refer to as the ‘cloud paradox,’ the fact that if somebody comes to you and says, ‘How much will it cost me to do this thing in the cloud?’ And you literally can't tell them.” —@getwired, research analyst @DirectionsOnMS

Have a listen:…




if the device enumeration subsystem detects that usb has been inserted correctly on the first attempt it alerts the network administrator to the presence of a Hacker

[bookmark=]Riverdale and Game of Thrones have the exact same plot.[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]You're more than green squares on GitHub 🌱[/bookmark]

hey! If you work on # frontend
I hate your work, and it is bad
I don't care that this is combative, but if you work on #, please quit in order to make the team collapse.
Alexander friendica (via ActivityPub)
I blame lack of experience primarily of course but still every time I there to try something I find it plain antihuman. It isn't even too bad function wise or reliabilty-wise but it looks like they just hate people as species.
That would make sense. But it feels like someone, just... hasn't done the job

Playing a lot of Shadowrun these days means that I am thinking about how Shadowrun rejects the Minigame as a component of play - when it's explicitly a game about minigames. I don't know how to handle this
Burning Wheel does the "lots and lots of complexity" well, while also having a lot of minigames. But nowhere near the complexity of Shadowrun.

People doing single hyphen longopts for shell tools makes me assume they just don't know existing tools

I want more horror RPG scenarios which reject the Campaign mindset. I also think it would be great to do more scenarios where you can't control your character creation (since, it makes horror easier)
I *did* start writing a setting that I need to work on more, where the PCs are the leaders of the team of colonial marines coming onto ships that are in the wrong spot. You see, the FTL method was bopping through Hell, which goes wrong is Event Horizon kinda ways.
All of this came out of thinking about Haunted Houses - but obviously - derelicts are haunted houses IN SPACE

[bookmark=]@DrsDefundPolice How many crimes do they prevent perday?

Would it be easier and cheaper to give everyone about to "do crime" one hundred bucks to no do crime at this point.

At 5,000ish per 100,000 people, it might be.[/bookmark]
Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit

[bookmark=]I just spent forty minutes troubleshooting a routing problem caused by me transposing two digits in a number. I've been in this biz for over a quarter century.

It doesn't matter how much experience you have: always check the very basic basics. #[/bookmark]
kat gnusocial
@silverwizard only 40min! ... that kind of shit normally needs a new pair of eyes to fix.

[bookmark=]if you watch the Internet backwards, the nerds kick the corporations out and simplify the communications protocols until a single person can understand everything at once[/bookmark]

[bookmark=]Did… Ubuntu just put an ad in my Linux login message


My mom rented Hackers in 1999 and I never got better

Me: Hey can you do [progressive thing]?

My MP: We are very committed to [centrist disappointment]

Me: No no I don't want you to tell me your policies; I want you to tell them what I said

My MP: Can I interest you in [other centrist disappointments]?

This is a really important conversation
We need to
1) Ban fake cellphone towers being used by police
2) Ban police from going through phones
3) Figure out better methods for recording

One of these is likely
[bookmark=]Where do you think videos of police violence — especially recorded at night, under poor lighting conditions — are coming from?

I don't think they're coming from burner phones.[/bookmark]
Alexander friendica (via ActivityPub)
#2 seems to become a problem everywhere and it is a part of much larger problem - blatant disregard of privacy and right to information.

This has to be addressed on the global level.
Yeah! Treating our data footprint as as private as our homes!

Ok - after some bashing I added Friendica notifications to my dwm topbar, I hope this means I can get properly notified
Alexander friendica (via ActivityPub)
There are other endpoints available, e.g. api/statuses/replies but I am not sure how to discern unread ones easily.

Myself I have an idea to make a script to automatically dismiss (read) less important notifications so I don't miss mentions and direct replies.
The problem with Replies is that I can't get a simple count of novel items

Fuck the fuck off and shut up
[bookmark=]Stratford Festival among $1B pandemic hit to Canada's tourism industry

Image/photo [/bookmark]

oh! Hey! Canada is flattening our curve!
We managed to bring down the number of new daily cases, reopened, and now that curve is going flat!

Compiler errors, but for posting on the Fediverse, like
input:1:1: error: no, no, bad terrible
1 |   Hot take, but pee pee poo poo
  |   ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1 error generated.

lawyers please learn to not "but that's illegal!" when that doesn't actually help anyone

[bookmark=]Signs that maybe being in quarantine is starting to affect your mind...@TheDollyrots doing an impromptu theme song for the Chickies. 😂😂


I keep boosting this memorial
But I am very angry about framing this as protestors
This was a memorial
[bookmark=]As police in riot gear were spraying protesters with pepper spray and using batons to push them back at the # protest in Aurora today, this man began playing the violin. One of the most surreal scenes I’ve ever seen. Music is powerful. #

Temple of Mishakal
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