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This anti-pattern is the thing that makes AWS EC2 the most user hostile IME. I never want to click "Copy To Clipboard", because I often want to *select the text* which is made harder because by clicking the text changes it. I often want to put it into another clipboard than my default - but maybe I have different goals than everyone else.

And I don't want to "Open Address" most of the time. Why would I want to open it on the web! It's a brand new VM?!

A screenshot of the AWS EC2 console, with the IP of a server, with "Open Address" and "Copy To Clipboard buttons"

Hour 7 on a train today

birthday at a mini-Legoland in Toronto! They have a Lego earthquake machine!
A lego structure on a baseboard with controls showing how intensely it will be shaken

Watching the wee little Quinton Youtube video, but I'm refusing to try to find all of these
A paused video by Quinton Reviews, Quinton is editted into the single frame of the video

Boost the fibre with a staple in it to make a network admin twitch
A piece of art made with old cables, the photo is zoomed to let you see the fibre cable has a staple in it

Just got #InFUNity Tiles, and my 4yo is excited and I'm excited

So I gave up coffee until Lent back in November, and I've been chasing the dragon of something that tastes half as strong as coffee
A cup with a ginger teabag floating in it
The same cup with the tea bag, but also slices of raw ginger

@Dan Hon @Sean Tilley 50% is definitely a lot, but I still feel like Mastodon has things it needs to be beholden to, I wish more people saw Friendica's federation statistics page

I love this keyboard so fucking much

Friendship ended, now my kids only love typewriter

So my 4yo son said to me "I want a computer, inside a pumpkin, with a microphone on tap, and a speaker on top, and a cable out of it, and we can talk through the pumpkin."

So I grabbed a few things
-a https://Libre.Computer LePotato I was gonna try to build a tablet with
-a speaker/mic I use for testing
-a battery pack

And so current status

@Alex P. 👹 From the groupchat this very morning
A screenshot of a groupchat
"A King receives a letter from the Lich"
A Calligraphy letter E
"The Lich really doesn't understand"

@sungo A screenshot of reddit. a user says "r/adviceanimals and r/tumblrhave been forced public by reddit" someone replies "How?" and there is a final response "Reddit Admins removed the Moderator(s), replace them with other Moderator(s) and reopened the sub(s)". There is a bottom text of "REDDIT ADMINS ARE FORCIBLY REOPENING SUBS AND REPLACING THE MODS"

That's all I know - and I don't know if it's a real thing - but subs do appear to be opening up

A USB -> PCI adapter

I wonder if I can connect a GPU to my pinephone now

Several computers, monitors and cables in a mess on a deck

Spend the weekend on the deck they said

An image of the login page with an arrow pointing to and nothing about

This is their proof that the bareword domain has SSL on it. Whicjh uh, I am glad BugCrowd hires the best.

@Dee :heart_nb: and here I always assumed it was Avatar from Bakshi's Wizards
A cartoon wizard in a green hat and green clothes. He has a pointed hat and a round red nose, making him look not unlike the Java character.

Me, looking excited, standing in front an of SUV with the entire trunk full of RPGs books.

I... do not have that problem

Found sandtoys sitting in a square bucket

We almost want a pick and brush

Image: a long haired hacker in a black N95 mask with a tablet next to him on a fancy couch

Not in image: Mechanical Keyboard

I feel like a happily out of place hacker in this setting

I am really happy that I've gotten to the point where I have the stuff done in advance to be able to make these in 10 minutes (plus 20 minutes cook time).

Homemade bread, homemade pizza sauce, vegan pepperoni, and a stick of cheddar, inside. Parmesan grated over top

Drinking whiskey from a mason jar, causing a prod outage, and playing Blades in the Dark, while sitting in front of 3 computers

The full Sean experience

Seems impossible for AI to do

So Halloween problem:
Child's bag not big enough for treats

Hello #PortfolioDay! My name's Jade, and I'm a senior comics student who is making weird sci-fi, horror, and fantasy work! Here's a few things I did in (and out of) school! Follow for more! 😁





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This is actually the actions of a monster
Text saying:
My one coworker complains every time I give him a ticket to work on a printer so I just gave him a ticket and just replaced the word printer with peripheral.

Looking forward to him finding out.

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Successfully bought these without giving Amazon money! Pretty excited for them!

Entering my pintrest arc



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New sandbox planning going well

Old sandbox wasn't big enough

When the development team meet their first Scrum Master

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