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Entering my pintrest arc


New sandbox planning going well

Old sandbox wasn't big enough


When the development team meet their first Scrum Master

Yikes Slack 😬


Oh shit! Someone else using the bonkersness I am!

I am also on a Surface 3

I am using straight Debian (devuan's installer couldn't figure out GRUB) and just XFCE - this is mostly because I think... I hate all the touch DEs I've seen. I just use Onboard to get a screen keyboard.

My main issue is that youtube (the website) crashes it sometimes - so I wrote a little tool to make VLC do the work

Ok, so, uh, Jade has forced me to think about finishing the things I've been writing. But - LOOK AT THESE COVERS! HOLY SHIT!

(both images licenses under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0)



I look like this, and therefore this is insulting to me

Not being able to eat a saxophone

@HippyWizard has 3 drinks this morning try to take a guess as to what they all are before reading the next tweet and comment how bad the difference between imagination and reality was (if you want)




I also don't recommend my OS choices

Not a lot of venues for this vest ya know

I always felt like Stephenson was gonna be a shithead. Mostly because Anathem. And apparently.

You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
Press release screenshot:

Visionary Futurist Neal Stephenson and Crypto Pioneer Peter Vessenes Announce Lamina1, the Layer-1 Blockchain for the Open Metaverse

Stephenson’s book Snow Crash originally described the Metaverse and gave it its name. Thirty years later, the biggest names in Web 3 are supporting Lamina1’s vision for a blockchain protocol equal to the Metaverse’s original promise.

So # is right around the corner again, and of course that also means another tiny booklet giveaway! I’ll give away 5 booklet/ sticker pairs on June 18. Just comment or retweet to enter



Fascinating cultural differences


Brand new pinephone OS just dropped

A pinephone with keyboard case running Windows 3.1 in dosboxA pinephone with keyboard case installing Windows 3.1 in dosbox