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@Alex P. 👹 From the groupchat this very morning
A screenshot of a groupchat
"A King receives a letter from the Lich"
A Calligraphy letter E
"The Lich really doesn't understand"

@sungo A screenshot of reddit. a user says "r/adviceanimals and r/tumblrhave been forced public by reddit" someone replies "How?" and there is a final response "Reddit Admins removed the Moderator(s), replace them with other Moderator(s) and reopened the sub(s)". There is a bottom text of "REDDIT ADMINS ARE FORCIBLY REOPENING SUBS AND REPLACING THE MODS"

That's all I know - and I don't know if it's a real thing - but subs do appear to be opening up

A USB -> PCI adapter

I wonder if I can connect a GPU to my pinephone now

Several computers, monitors and cables in a mess on a deck

Spend the weekend on the deck they said

An image of the login page with an arrow pointing to and nothing about

This is their proof that the bareword domain has SSL on it. Whicjh uh, I am glad BugCrowd hires the best.

@Dee :heart_nb: and here I always assumed it was Avatar from Bakshi's Wizards
A cartoon wizard in a green hat and green clothes. He has a pointed hat and a round red nose, making him look not unlike the Java character.

Me, looking excited, standing in front an of SUV with the entire trunk full of RPGs books.

I... do not have that problem

Found sandtoys sitting in a square bucket

We almost want a pick and brush

My wife recently made me my very pissed off "WTFM" shirt, so I appreciate the want!

Image: a long haired hacker in a black N95 mask with a tablet next to him on a fancy couch

Not in image: Mechanical Keyboard

I feel like a happily out of place hacker in this setting

I am really happy that I've gotten to the point where I have the stuff done in advance to be able to make these in 10 minutes (plus 20 minutes cook time).

Homemade bread, homemade pizza sauce, vegan pepperoni, and a stick of cheddar, inside. Parmesan grated over top

Drinking whiskey from a mason jar, causing a prod outage, and playing Blades in the Dark, while sitting in front of 3 computers

The full Sean experience

My instance is on another continent, but that thing does most of my life so it hosts me in spirit

Seems impossible for AI to do

So Halloween problem:
Child's bag not big enough for treats

Hello #PortfolioDay! My name's Jade, and I'm a senior comics student who is making weird sci-fi, horror, and fantasy work! Here's a few things I did in (and out of) school! Follow for more! 😁





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This is actually the actions of a monster
Text saying:
My one coworker complains every time I give him a ticket to work on a printer so I just gave him a ticket and just replaced the word printer with peripheral.

Looking forward to him finding out.

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Successfully bought these without giving Amazon money! Pretty excited for them!

Entering my pintrest arc



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New sandbox planning going well

Old sandbox wasn't big enough

When the development team meet their first Scrum Master

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Yikes Slack 😬


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Oh shit! Someone else using the bonkersness I am!

I am also on a Surface 3

I am using straight Debian (devuan's installer couldn't figure out GRUB) and just XFCE - this is mostly because I think... I hate all the touch DEs I've seen. I just use Onboard to get a screen keyboard.

My main issue is that youtube (the website) crashes it sometimes - so I wrote a little tool to make VLC do the work

Ok, so, uh, Jade has forced me to think about finishing the things I've been writing. But - LOOK AT THESE COVERS! HOLY SHIT!

(both images licenses under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0)

I look like this, and therefore this is insulting to me

Not being able to eat a saxophone



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@HippyWizard has 3 drinks this morning try to take a guess as to what they all are before reading the next tweet and comment how bad the difference between imagination and reality was (if you want)




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Not a lot of venues for this vest ya know

I always felt like Stephenson was gonna be a shithead. Mostly because Anathem. And apparently.

You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
Press release screenshot:

Visionary Futurist Neal Stephenson and Crypto Pioneer Peter Vessenes Announce Lamina1, the Layer-1 Blockchain for the Open Metaverse

Stephenson’s book Snow Crash originally described the Metaverse and gave it its name. Thirty years later, the biggest names in Web 3 are supporting Lamina1’s vision for a blockchain protocol equal to the Metaverse’s original promise.