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# Shower Thought Questions:
1) Can a mage use FAB as an ink only visible with astral sight?
2) Does that mean I can put FAB in a printer and print things that spirits can read?
3) Does that mean I can print off top secret data and make a backup with an ally spirit?
@HippyWizard @FrauAnarcha The first two I think yes. I don’t know the connection between fab and a ally spirit though. That’s a rule I am unaware of.
@HippyWizard @FrauAnarcha Though I wil say I don’t think spirits inherently are literate. Ally spirits and a couple others sure they can be.

So I've been playtesting a # technomancer stream for a while, and if you are interested in technomancers in Shadowrun - check it out!…

It uses the Tarot deck to make daily Techno streams! And the techno in my group *loves* it.