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Dear everybody: You're doing it wrong. Please stop.
Lenovo seems confused; they invited me to write a review of my new Thinkpad with Linux.
(The Thinkpad shipped with not-Linux and runs a different not-Linux. It's very nice. The only complaints I have are unreasonable expectations set by the Macbook that it doesn't quite meet.)
The new Thinkpad feels like a real battery hog, but having run the numbers, I think it's just that the Macbook has raised my expectations a little bit too high.
Me: OpenBSD because it's a no-nonsense system that just works and my computer is a tool, not a project.

Also me: I don't like the battery status reporting tools I've found, I'll make my own.

Also me: Why does all the prior art use polling? Time to look at the kernel source.
I think I now have a list of things that aren't in # base that I can't use a computer without: git and rsync.

Of course if I want to use the computer *for* something, that's a longer list.
It's probably noteworthy that base includes tools that occupy the same space as these. The ones in base don't quite meet my needs but come close enough that they'd do if they were all that was available.
Just what I need, another computer.
At least I only have myself to blame for this one, whatever that's worth.
Oh, look at that. Another course I need to talk to an advisor to enroll in because there's a bug in the calendar.
(Unlike the last one, this one might at least have a reasonable excuse.)
Discussing an online purchase from a company whose location unexpectedly turned out to be relevant: "In hindsight I guess their willingness to quote me a price in CAD was a pretty good sign that they weren't from USA"
Up for review at day job:
18 files changed, 1 insertion(+), 476 deletions(-)

I've done better absolute line deltas before, but that ratio might be a personal best.
Today in easy to misuse interfaces: "Read the documentation and you'll get it subtly wrong in a way that causes an entirely different tool to dump core"
New stickers from @J T ! Now anybody familiar with my interests will be able to tell my computer apart from all the other Macbooks out there. # #
A badly lit photograph of a space grey Macbook Air that, for now (at least in better lighting), looks just like almost all the other space grey Macbooks in the world.  On the Macbook is a pile of stickers, with one of them positioned in the corner where it will soon find a permanent home.  The sticker art shows Puffy, the OpenBSD mascot, wearing a gi and hakama and ready for a night at the dojo.
@J T
So apparently being on @silverwizard 's instance is a cheat code for any questions one has about Friendica. Thanks to the tip and doc pointer from @Tobias I should have proper alt text on this picture: A drawing of a moomin holding a molotov cocktail.  If you know, you know.
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I would not have predicted this would ever happen, but I've found a visual bell configuration that I actually like.
I apparently need to find where Friendica allows specifying alt text. Image description: A screen grab of the MacOS terminal bell config; all of "Audible bell", "Visual bell", and Visual Bell's subfield "Only when sound is muted" are checked.
Friendica is using BBCode for formatting of the postings @Dave for the ALT text of images, you can place the text in the middle of the [img][/img]-Tags. E.g.

[img=http://example.com/img/this_is_an_example.jpg]And this would be the ALT text for the image used on mouse over etc.[/img]

Have a look at your nodes BBCode documentation for more information about the implementation of the BBCode in Friendica, and things like the "abstracts" which other parts of the Fediverse use for CW.
Looks like @silverwizard 's DB crash means I need to re-run my posted tweet. (Is it still a tweet over here?)
We call it a status

Or, if you're on Mastodon a "toot"
I like to use the generic term "post".
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