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Doing this re #introduction post for newcomers here 😊

Hi! I'm Becky! 🤗

I draw Helicopter Death (see my profile pic), who's been my pet character since grade 3, I love to #paint, I sometimes write #essays when I think of them and I love doing #research, especially on #bipolar but also on other topics which cross my mind.

I live with bipolar and I think #adhd, so I post about that a lot, and other mental health things. I also post a lot about my kids and random things I think are cool or interesting. Likely sometimes politics. Maybe some lgbtq+ (I'm bi and demi)...

I know things about #memory and #psychopathology too, as those are very interesting areas for me and I've done seminars when I was in undergrad (plus I started grad school in clinical psychology but I never finished)

Adjacently, I'm married to @silverwizard so sometimes I talk about tech stuff too, if a topic comes up between us that sits with me

Nice to meet you all 😊
Heyyy 😄

Okay, not in the least bit relatable but when I was pregnant with a baby due June 1, I had morning sickness until February (I also had multiple Mallory Weiss tears)

Just talked to a friend due may 27th. I'm very excited for her!! But also somehow she's already over the morning sickness phase? Is that what pregnancy is just like sometimes? Where you don't vomit multiple times a day for what 5 months? 🤯

Thinking about boundaries and frens I gotta say nothing makes me less inclined to want to be around you or help you with problems than repeatedly asking me if I'll do something I've already said no to a dozen times. This has happened far too often this pandemic (why yes, I am talking about indoor activities with kiddos)

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Folks, I open my christmas PWYW commissions.
Additional info besides what is said in the image:

^ I will not draw copyrighted characters or celebs/public figures (AKA fanart) - OCs are totally alright!
^ I will not draw furries/ferals. Kemonomimi is totally okay!
^ I can work off description, but then expect me to ask a lot of questions.
^ Contact me with the following info: Image of the person/character I'm supposed to draw, pose suggestion. When I approve your commission, you can pay. Please send a screenshot of a sent payment so I can have an easier time checking it on my side if all went well. If paying through BMC/Ko-Fi, please notify me beforehand)
^ The PWYW closes on December 20th to make sure I will have enough spoons and time to finish the commissions.
^ In case some commissions will be unfinished before December 23rd, I will refund all the money.
^ All requests containing political statements of any kind will be rejected. Folks, this is supposed to be fun. :blobcatbox:
^ There's no forced theme. Want a summer pagedoll? Here you go. A pride pagedoll? Your call. It doesn't have to be X-mas themed! (X-mas themed requests don't get any priority either)

If you have a hard time reading the image, alt-text has the content transcribed.

Please boost it so more people will see!!

If you cannot afford a pagedoll, but still would like to chip a buck my way, my PayPal is sozoudan.
(Make sure that it says "USD" on both sides to avoid currency fees :blobcatcheer2:​ )
#christmas #xmas #art #DigitalArt #commissions #CommissionsOpen #CommissionMe #PixelArt #MastoArt #fediverse #CuteArt #PWYW #gift
Pay What You Want
I decided to organize a little something.
I would like to gather some extra money for December to make some gifts for my peers. My situation is a bit rough, so I thought of a little exchange. I would feel embarassed asking for money and give nothing in return...

For only 5 USD I will make you a custom 100x120 pagedoll. You can use it for your website, as a profile picture, etc... I know, it says PWYW, but I think I set the minimal amount low enough for it to be affordable for many people.
You get a personal pixel artwork, and I get to fund more gifts for my peers~

Payment via PayPal. I can arrange a BuyMeACoffee or Ko-Fi account for alternative methods.

Contact me via DMs or e-mail (linked in site)

Below are 4 examples.
1. A brown figure with medium curly hair and elven ears in a red sweatshirt.
2. A white-skinned figure with short spiky hair, a hearing aid and a long, yellow hoodie.
3. A black figure with long animal ears, purple dreadlocks and cyan tanktop, sitting on a wheelchair.
4. A white-skinned figure with a pink mullet and cat ears. They hold a gold infinity symbol flag and wear a yellow t-shirt with a dark leather jacket on it.

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can we request more than one or do you prefer to limit to one slot per person?
@firebird you're free to request more than one! just that remember the minimal is per drawing (as it mentions one pagedoll in the image) :blobcathearthug:


Lord of the Rings
Mary Poppins
Mad Monster Party?
And then there were none
Pan's Labarynth
How to train your dragon
@Becky I have 0 confidence the list of the 7 films who impressed me the most would help anyone know me, let's see:
  • The Fifth Element (1997)
  • The Fast and the Furious (2001)
  • Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)
  • The Princess Bride (1987)
  • Jurassic Park (1993)
  • Antitrust (2001)
  • Swordfish (2001)

Let's throw Memento (2000) and Mission: Impossible (1996) and the only thing you can reliably know about me from this list is that I was a teenager in the late 1990s.
I didn't choose ones that impressed me as much as chose ones that represented different facets of my taste, but I think it's cool to see what people choose anyway 😊

I considered princess bride too 😊

We're mostly only meeting people outside rn because of covid but it often feels like we're one of the few left

In a few weeks tho, we're going to visit my sister, and she's taking all kinds of extra precautions to make sure it's safe for us to go and we're even doing a few too just to make extra sure

Anyway, I talked to another friend who lives in Ottawa for an outside playdate and it turns out that they're doing a lot of things similar to us and it just.... it doesn't feel like we're the only ones anymore (even though looking online I know we're not but it's different knowing someone irl).... and that's really comforting in a I-was-feeling-al9ne-in-this-but-now-I-feel-solidarity way

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one of these days im going to talk about how the idea of discrete, neatly identified, clearly seperate neurodivergencies as defined by diagnostic manuals does a lot of harm to people trying to figure out their brains.

"am I REALLY autistic or am I only VERY MUCH LIKE autistics?" should be a question as unnecessary as "am I REALLY gay or am I only having all the same experiences as gay people"

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this is sooooo great, I love this. totally agree. in the end it's just learning about yourself and managing your symptoms, yeah?
Thank you for writing this out, even though maybe I should know it, it's helpful for me to actually read it

What did Mario and Princess Peach do to the turtles that turned them from persistent critters looking for ponds and turned them into such vindictive little creatures?
@Becky Koopa is the species, but the aggressive ones are Koopa Troopas, foot soldiers of the Koopa Troop under Bowser's command.
The resemblance to Testudines is uncanny

Made some time to make some stickers and a shirt inspired by @silverwizard that just say WTFM with a border

I care about building community, but holy cow is it hard when you have two busy littles and you only have time AND energy to post or read posts in short intervals like once every few days. Plus I keep liking posts with the intent to respond but then I get caught up with life and forget. It all gets a lil intense sometimes
I don’t have children and find keeping up difficult enough. I’m sure you’re doing an amazing job, I take my hat off to you. I don’t think I could manage!
I appreciate the kind thoughts ❤️❤️
@Lilly :infinity_rainbow: @Becky These days, it's been very difficult to keep up with it, I had to curb my timeline not to feel bad about missing on posts.
I'm glad it's not just me who's feeling it ❤️
Not that I want you to be stressed too or anything

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hey if you're enjoying your time here and want to keep it going, please remember it's about groups of people, not computer junk. We have mutual aid and disability crowdfund and trans crowdfund hashtags and a lot more, let's take care of each other <3

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No idea what I'll do with it but feeling this today.

Edit: tweaked the bat wings and center pattern

#sketching #sketchbook #sketch #gothic #goth
#lace #drawing #digitalart #art #artwork #myart #MastoArt
circular gothic lace pattern with trees, roses, bats, lightning, and an all-seeing onion in the sky
radial design gothic black lace with bats, trees, lightning, roses, lightning, and an all-seeing garlic in the sky.
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I got to learn about how connecting over cable to the internet worked tonight with the power level indicating 1s and 0s very very quickly, how packets can be confused and how tcp and udp work from @silverwizard .... but then I asked the age old question: how does wireless work

And friends, let me tell you that I'm amazed it works at all but also... why did I need to ask, because I think I'm more confused now, at the same time.... like I think I understand it in theory but uh, I feel like my theory of wireless must also be wrong because uh... wut
hah. I've decided I do not need to know how ones and zeroes get transmitted over the ether. I will happily accept "magic" as the answer to that 😅
Sometimes I get hit by curiosity, but sometimes I regret getting it lol
yeah I feel that. Hence setting my own limits hahaha
@Becky Sometimes I'll go down a rabbit hole and eventually come out the other end with a ton of knowledge that I'll never use for anything.

It's fun though.

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Throwback to my first feature film (that cemented my transition from 3D animator to concept-artist), "Mune", art directed by Remi Salmon. Character design by Julien Rossire/Julien Le Rolland, background design by Martin Tristram
#MastoArt #ConceptArt #Art #2D
A painterly concept-art of a purple floating rock with a moon carved on it.
A painterly concept-art of a character made from rocks, with a waterfall streaming from his heart.
A painterly concept-art of two characters made of rocks, and covered in flowers.
A painterly concept-art of a lush jungle at night, with bioluminescent flowers.

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Thinking about my middle name, which I passed on to both my kids, since my partner passed on his last name... but it feels really perfect that I have this middle name which can be passed on, used as a backup name or primary or placeholder name if my kids ever decide they hate their (more gendered) first name. I love that it kind of works in all these ways (plus it can make your first name an adverb for better or worse)

My middle name is Leigh

Cw covid19, isolation and other associated costs

The isolation that comes with the pandemic at this point in time is unlike the times before it. I'm not enough to support my partner on my own and vice versa. We're both feeling dejected and trying our best but anyone who might have been safe before to let in our group no longer is, because they've all decided that covid might not be that bad

How did it get so late and why am I so resistant to the idea of laying in bed to sleep where I'm alone with myself to ruminate on my stress points?

(I think this is what kept me up all night in high school)

I did some #Art tonight, and while I feel like I'm no professional, I still like sharing

Dabs of paint in different colours with two flowers and a bird drawn overtop
wow that is beautiful

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Dear linguophiles, I want to improve my rusty #French. What online resources do you recommend for reading and oral comprehension?

I'm looking for resources made for and by native speakers: YouTube channels, blogs, social media profiles, that kind of thing.

Besides #linguistics and #tech, I'm interested in #art, #animals, #DnD, #film and #PopScience, to name a few interests. Mentioning this because hobbies are the greatest motivador in language learning.

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Some posts recently made me realize not all who are new here know this.

It is important that you're on an instance where you feel you can trust your instance provider to make the right calls for you, especially around blocking other instances. If you don’t trust the admin of the instance you're on, then you should move somewhere else, be that to a smaller instance where you can more easily communicate with the admin or a larger instance where it's less personal and might feel better for whatever reason

As a reminder, you have to trust someone somewhere in the line for social media to work. So please don't come at me saying "trust is a valuable resource I'm keeping to myself". If you'd rather use Twitter, you're putting your trust in their admins all the same

CW: male gaze

I was just thinking about how much I've struggled to find my personal style because my whole life I've been running away from the male gaze. Not because anything happened, but being demi and not really very interested in being viewed from that kind of perspective has made me stressed to wear anything that wasn't thrown together without any thought. In theory, I want to like what I wear and how I look but the idea of drawing any kind of attention to myself, especially male attention, has driven me to this point where only now am I figuring out what I like to look like for myself...

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Any #Audiobook lovers have any good recommendations for a #Fantasy (including and even ideally YA fantasy) book I could listen to that would be okay to be overheard by a toddler? I just finished The Wee Free Men for the second time but I think my copy of First Test by Tamora Pierce might not be exactly what I'm looking for when around the littles

I never felt sexism play a role in my life so strongly as when I became a parent

I lucid dreamed once. It was a nightmare and I, of course, thought "oh, I can control this! I can make anything happen..... oh no, what if we're suddenly driving up a giant hill" and poof, a whole lot of giant hills were formed.

Yes, my in dream nemesis is driving up a giant hill. For some reason I have nightmares about them and so dream me is always afraid of them

Planning a scavenger hunt with the kids this morning with some treasure chests I found at the dollar store

I have 4 chests (1 bigger then the rest to end it off) and I drew a picture to point my kids in the right direction

This is the first pic I drew to start them off

Hand drawn rough image of a house with a deck with the words: Outside on the deck

My kids can't read yet, but I still wanted it explained in words to get them thinking about these things

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Pacific sea nettle jellyfish, painted on an oyster shell; one of my many shells for sale in the shop at the Seattle Art Museum.

Whenever I see that old question, "What animal would you be?" I want to answer "jellyfish." It seems peaceful. But then, you might get eaten by a sea turtle, so...

#art #illustration #painting #nature #wildlife #MarineBiology #jellyfish #shell #oyster
Orange and red jellyfish with lacy white tentacles, on a green background, painted on an oyster shell interior.

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Beautiful work!

I have the knowledge of a definition of a generic server from @silverwizard and I don’t know what to do with it
@Becky When you start understanding how the internet works, you realize that it's a wonder that any of it works at all.
The internet works because it's a fairly stable underlying protocol suite and a solid foundation

and then a terrible Web

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I'm really interested in learning how to use music software. I've tried a bit on my own, and I'm really useless at it, but if anyone knows a patreon or people who actually teach these kind of skills, please let me know because I am possibly quite interested

Thinking on this post @silverwizard looking for someone to make sea shanties and so I've got music on my mind
Your mixer likely will work as an interface if the USB lets you connect to a computer. DAWs come in all price ranges and configurations. If you are a student or teacher there are big discounts. For example Protools studio is $99 if you are a student. If you have a Mac, you probably already have Garage Band for free. Logic Pro also is Mac oriented but costs a couple of hundred dollars. Once you get a DAW, I am more than happy to give you a quick tutorial.
I really appreciate that offer, and I might actually take you up on it. It's incredibly kind ❤️, I just need to figure out what we have/can get. Thank you tho! Truly!!

Shæ: "this is a big jet plane, it's got a jet on it!"
Sean: "I don't think that would fly in real life"
Shæ: "It would! It has a handle to help you fly it!!"

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"Chill Capybara" A psychedelic rainbow capybara! :artcapy4: What more could you ask for? The world could use more chill right now. Acrylic painting on wood panel, 2022
Art Prints:
Available as a holographic sticker and more in my Etsy:
#capybara #art #MastoArt #psychedelicart #TraditionalArt #rebeccawangart #acrylicpainting #AnimalArt
A painting of a cute capybara in bright rainbow colors on a psychedelic trippy tie-dye inspired background.

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More old mechs! I’ve also included my initial pencil thumbnail and an alternative colour shift. #mechsketch #DigitalArt #2D #SciFi
Four legged mech, very shiny and smooth, warm colours.
Pencil sketch of the four legged mech
Alternative cooler colour shift version of the mech

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I adore music and play it constanty to survive

But Shæ is very sensitive to noise so I play it low most of the time.... but importantly, he doesn't dance much or sing along much

So yesterday when he started swaying to music on a patio restaurant I took notes

I played him Jazz today. He said he loves it! I think he likes Jazz!! More music I can play for him!!

Ro is the opposite, he loves music

My kid said today

"Mummy, I want us to make cookies"

Well, needless to say, there was no arm bending about it

But now I have soo many cookies and I need to stop eating them
this is so cute :)

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Hello Mastodon! I'm new here, I'm a 3D artist that likes making cute stylized hardsurface designs. I currently work in the games industry as an environment artist. Thanks for checking my work out!

#art #MastoArt #b3d #blender #3d
A chubby cartoony tank with smily faces and treads that are all tangled up
A small crab robot that has succulents growing out of it's top.  The arm is a UV light
Scifi floating scooter design
A new design for a pokeball that is realistic with buttons and glowing lights inside

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For the last few month my mother in law has taken my kids to the park for 3h to give me opportunities to do other things

Most days I clean frantically in that time

Today I have an appointment an hour and 15min later but right now I feel like doing absolutely nothing

So I texted my partner: "Gosh I feel like just not being productive"

His response: "You can be"

Just a gentle reminders for others like me in the world.....

You can... just not be productive sometimes.... it's okay.... you deserve rest sometimes too ❤️
Maybe I can give you my wife's mobile number and you can tell her that? She won't listen to me :)
I honestly think it's really important to rest but hard to dismantle the messaging from society that we must constantly go. I hope your wife gets rest tho!! She deserves it!!
think working from home during the pandemic was the worst thing for her. She has such a hard time disconnecting from work when it is always right there. Now she works a "hybrid" schedule, which I think is the worst of both worlds for her. As someone who has worked from home for 25 years, I'm pretty good at disconnecting.
My partner is in the same mood: "I can't believe you, you said you love me". 🤷‍♂️

I love making playdough with the kids, because you can do any colour trivially (at least with the food colouring we have 😅) and it makes so much! We were out of cream of tartar but the internet tells me vinegar works well in replacement
2 bowls of playdough - bright purple and green
Note: it does not