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Strange, isn't it, that the values of real people — the things most of us truly care about — are not reflected at ALL in the values of our hegemonic capitalist consumerist culture...
Simple line drawings of 12 "real luxuries" with these captions:

a good night's sleep

listening to birds singing

colorful sunsets

slow mornings

long walks

freedom to choose

time for fun and play

a good book

favorite home-cooked meal

ability to freely express yourself

day naps

a good conversation
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Make no mistake, the massive layoffs are intentional SHORT TERM sabotage by business decision makers with the goal of LONG TERM benefits for them.

They're trying to drive down the costs of labor. Specifically, they're firing everyone so that we'll accept lower wages upon rehire.

In #infosec, this will backfire on them.

By firing everyone, the level of security technical debt will increase that they'll have to hire everyone AND THEN SOME back at even higher rates.

So. Neat. Fucking great.

In the mean time, research how to create unions. Start doing so. Tech folks and infosec are not used to needing collective bargaining. You need it now.

Learn about the concepts of Economic Leverage and how it works as an individual contributor and when that fails how Collective Leverage works. The whole "if you fire that one person, we all quit" sort of thing works.

You all hack systems every day. You all study Social Engineering and combat it every day.

Hack the labor market. Socially engineer our mutual protection.

#mutualAid #collectiveBargaining #UnionStrong

Could just have that one big score and walk away..
@krypt3ia - The start of every great heist story....

In the mean time, lean on each other. Use your current support networks and build those networks up.

Mutual Aid means you give AND you take. It isn't charity. It's support structures that don't rely on those that would exploit you.

Plant food. Share food. Learn about your local food banks. Contribute now if you can. TAKE NOW IF YOU NEED! That means your money for rent can go a long way.

Those with means and equity can look into buying multi-family buildings (think apartment buildings and condos... yes those are for sale). And setting up tenant co-ops.

Others can form renters unions. Think of it as a reverse HOA where you organize to protect against landlord exploitation.

Use your libraries and boost them. They have free internet and free hotspots. Free streaming. Free education. On top of free books. They are third spaces with free meeting rooms. - Use the library to organize your local unions.

Those that are out of work need to hold weekly meetings with each other. Compare notes. Share leads. One person gets in and can help hire the others up. Form unions when you get hired.

#mutualAid #collectiveBargaining #UnionStrong #infosec

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How about instead of banning flipper zeros we ban cars

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I am only just now finding out about this and I think it is very silly. Yes, to banning cars.

"I wont help, but I will hinder" - @Becky trying to explain her oath in Wednesday night Burning Wheel

fuck, I vaguely cut a biscuit recipe in half and just guessed and made the fluffiest lightest biscuit I've ever soon

they're probably tasty for about an hour but who cares

fantastic news have been waiting a long time for this!!! Now if only CURRENT would run on my arm64 boxes atm

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every new user being shocked that DMs aren’t actually private is kinda scary because it means that everybody just assumes DMs on other platforms are private

because they aren’t. the only difference between fedi and other social media is that fedi admins don’t have a vested interest in making you think DMs are private

Every AP server implementation that considers doing some kind of DMs should just add an XMPP server and javascript client with OMEMO instead.

Aw fucking shit!

@Titan Up the Defense posted a fucking episode! I know it's a different show now but it doesn't matter! Fuck yeah!

I should make a neocities for this as well! To rival the amazing

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Generative AI today is where self driving cars was in 2015. Lots of impressive announcements by big tech and startups with the idea that machines replacing humans was a few years away.

In reality, instead of being close to done, a decade later we realize now we’d barely started.

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You know how young children will see some toy or shiny object on a store shelf, and somehow — by design! Marketers know what they’re doing! — they instantly •have• to have it, and are obsessed, and all sense and proportion go out they window and they need it now now NOW, but if they get it they soon abandon it because it’s junk that only looked good on the shelf?

It’s like that with CEOs and AI right now.

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My mother-in-law still wont look at me, talk to me, or be in the same room as me, its been almost 6 months since I told her she couldn't blame my son for being bullied (and explicitly she couldn't tell him it's his fault). Apparently she just wants an apology.

Parenting sucks,

ugh. Cousin teasing is the worst :blobugh: good luck. With all of it. :flan_luck:
@Erin thanks and good luck with your own parenting! I know it's not easy, but I hope you find it as rewarding as I do!

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Which is better way to find the area of a circle?

1. pi X radius squared, written with soot on some pressed reeds

2. Take all the known areas of all known circles that have ever been, stuff them into a tokenized data base, power up a nuclear reactor to crunch the numbers, then give an approximate answer that's judged to be right 81% of the time by slaves employed in a sweatshop in Ghana, then present the results at a board meeting while the ice caps melt?

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better mathematically or better for shareholder value? 🙃

@beeoproblem When everything is shareholder value, this amounts to the same thing.

RIP Math.💀

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Boardgamers say they hate Monopoly and then buy from Asmodee

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I just found out about the Nexus Q which is literally just a sphere computer. My desire for it grows infinitely, but the ebay listings around all over $100 and that's enough to stop myself from being a dumbass.
Would you keep it as a music device or do something else with it?
@Morgan McMillian So there's a valid cyanogenmod for it (no, not lineageOS), so you can shove fdroid on it. So it'd likely spend most of its time as a small terminal PC and a music player, since it has good music interfaces on it and basically nothing else.

My son has decided he only wants @Alasdair Beckett-King 's books at bedtime. All other books can pound sand.
Much respect to your son.
@Alasdair Beckett-King your publisher's supply chain to Canada is horrendous, and so now I've got to figure out how to convince a UK publisher to send a book overseas again!
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"If an external MTA refuses to use plain text SMTP, but has not been updated for so long that it cannot use TLS 1.2, it probably has cooties and you shouldn’t talk to it anyway." #ryoms

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ah, this. can't send me mail because it insists on long out-of-date TLS.

I am on my second cup of coffee today. I am dreaming already of my third.

I went off coffee for 3 months for reasons of "I try to force myself to not get too addicted", but fuck, I am so happy I am back on coffee

I’ve always hated coffee, but I quit caffeine by accident, and then felt like my heart was going to explode when trying it again after a few months.
@Lester Ward I am pretty light on the effect of caffeine, hence my ability to spring from nothing to 6 cups in a day. But I also go off coffee for three months every 5 years to make it nearly impossible for me to get badly addicted, hence the cause of all this.

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Appealing the removal didn’t yield any result. Google just repeated the same statement "the app was removed because it uploads the contact list" without even acknowledging any of the arguments I made in the appeal.

I understand that most of my audience here on Mastodon is more ideology aligned with F-Droid but the app sales on Google Play store have contributed significantly to me working (almost) full time on #Conversations_im.

Without the revenue from Google Play I can’t afford this.

Pretty sure almost all of these systems are just bots and ai models looking for something they think is suspicious and will have 0 people looking at your case unless you bring in big bucks for them :)

I use the playstore version because it has gcm/fcm enabled but I'd rather not of course.

#Google and #Apple - a plague on both their houses!

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Grab a couple of dice. Roll them.

If you get below 5, those are rookie numbers. Shout at the dice, let them know they're underperforming.

If you get above 9, that's what we want to see! They're good dice, and you should acknowledge that.

Repeat that and keep a record. You'll notice that negative feedback often results in better performance on the next roll. Positive feedback, conversely, can make them get lazy.


Yes, and that's why I'm asking. Reading 2/2 charitably, I was hoping you could help me "fully understand" what you meant by the dice analogy.


(a) the dice are not responding to your feedback: they're dice

(b) nonetheless, the stats "show" that your negative feedback was more effective than your positive feedback (this is a genuine thing you can try if your Friday nights are as exciting as mine...)

People are a little stochastic, although that's not really the point: we have good days and bad days influenced by factors that we can't predict well. In fact, the first time I saw this effect referred to it was in the context of actual human beings, and it occurred to me that it would be amusing and maybe clearer to put it in the context of inanimate objects.

It's a really powerful cognitive illusion caused projecting an emotional response onto regression to the mean, and a similar effect can definitely cause people to believe it's in some way effective to mistreat others. To be clear, I don't think it is.

I guess it's not really an analogy, it's a thing you can actually do, and the dice don't even have to represent anything other than their cubical selves.

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It doesn't matter if Firefox's AI is good, it doesn't matter. Firefox is doing this to advertise, and the people thinking of switching wont switch to firefox if it's touting AI.
I believe that is active sabotage by google, the primary founder of Mozilla.

@cheetah_spottycat 100%! Definitely!

Google has been actively sabotaging the web from all fronts for decades!

But Mozilla* really needs to figure out getting Mozilla** in check, but that seems unlikely

* The not for profit
** the for profit

What ever happened to that weird mess of uzbl, xombrero, surf and so on. I've heard so little about weird minimal browsers. Might be that I'm out of university - but I thought the Fediverse was filling that hole.

I never got into uzbl or surf - I was a Xombrero user due to the OpenBSD package being easy - I wonder how stable those are? Kinda the inverse of LibreWolf.

@silverwizard: i used to be partial to luakit if "as minimal a browser as humanly possible" is a goal. Maybe still good?

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#CDCSays Covid has a right to defend itself.

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Fuckin' Drata rolled out a support AI and now their support doesn't appear to look at tickets. Who the fuck.

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$0.0000001196969/req web server
$0.0000019666666/req auth server
$0.0000040533333/req database
$0.0008833333333/req large language model

someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my SaaS product is dying.

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i don't know shit about fuck, but i think one of those things is worse than the others

So I redid my phone homescreens to avoid having application links, and replaced everything with widgets.

For years I've felt like desktop widgets are mostly a gimmick and pointless, and basically after a day this way I've completely reversed my decision on them. I basically got annoyed at the way that the shortcut model leads to just a soup of icons and I usually just go to the display of all and then use the link from there, and I completely reversed my decision. Feels very weird.

@silverwizard This sounds absolutely dystopian to me, but I've been blessed with a kid who mostly follows rules, so I'm in no position to judge.
@Hypolite Petovan I mean, it's easier than finding a stool at 2am and unscrewing his lightbulbs again

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Hi everyone, I’m looking for work! I have ~7.5 years experience working on iOS apps, both Objective-C and modern Swift.

I’m based in the Netherlands and would be looking for a fully-remote position.

Boosts appreciated!

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there's been almost twenty years of work on optimizing javascript engines with JIT and complex heuristic-based GC and a wealth of feature-rich profiling and analysis tools and validation and testing frameworks for deployment and integration and syntax improvements and functional and higher-order primitives and serverside transpiled code. and it's all enabled some amazing new stuff, for example github now takes 10 seconds to display a plain text file, and you cant search properly anymore

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also we've got hardware running at billions of cycles per second, and to compensate for this incredible feat we make software with features such as taking five seconds to start up, hogging 1 GB of memory to display some messages and using half your available graphics compute for a spinny arrow icon

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also no one talks about how much resource these modern sites consume for displaying the simplest looking page. I've seen vastly static landing pages having 100mb heap size. We must thank React (and similar technologies) for assuming that all of us use latest gen 32gb macbook pro 🤗🤗

So I gave up coffee until Lent back in November, and I've been chasing the dragon of something that tastes half as strong as coffee
A cup with a ginger teabag floating in it
The same cup with the tea bag, but also slices of raw ginger
A little end of ginger and a stick of cinnamon makes a mean cup of ... tisane

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It could have been done in Rust

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Was it awk, or Gnu awk? You can do quite a lot with gawk...
waiting for git written in Brainfuck. 😎😂

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According to Apple’s lawyers, "no reasonable user would expect that their actions in Apple’s apps would be private from Apple."

I repeat to make it clear: According to Apple itself, no reasonable Apple user should expect privacy when using the device.

So let’s make it even more clear: if you expect basic privacy using your Apple device, you are "unreasonable" (= a fool).

(originally posted by @mysk )

Excerpt from the court document:

"Given Apple’s extensive privacy disclosures, no reasonable user would expect that their actions in Apple’s apps would be private from Apple."

Civil Case No.: 5:22-CV-07069-EJD
Case 5:22-cv-07069-EJD Document 122 Filed 12/08/23 Page 30 of 41

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Happy #blackhistorymonth Canada, we’re doing great:

Three Black speakers were barred from a meeting with clerks of the Supreme Court of #Canada for their social media posts related to #Palestine.

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hey! has anyone seen Lore AKA @taq ? nobody has heard from it since last friday. last seen in edinburgh uk

pale person with brown hair and black glasses
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That must be such a relief, I'm so glad to hear this!
very glad to hear it

So I spent all of the weekend with sick kids and then yesterday with a sick family. So, during this, I bought Mario+Rabbids - and holy crap - how did Nintendo let such shitty people control their brand?! So much misogyny and unkindness
It's almost completely avoidable. But you'll be going along, and then suddenly it'll make a joke about Rabbid Peach being super vain because she takes selfies.It's like 3 hours of good gameplay and then one little 4 second joke that reminds you Ubisoft sucks

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You don't hate project management.
You hate a mediocre tech bro's interpretation of project management

You don't hate product management.
You hate a mediocre tech bro's interpretation of product management.

Go find the people those tech bros were talking over last year. Hire them. Listen to them.

When something underrepresented people have been arguing for becomes trendy, it gets diluted by mediocre overrepresented people in tech.

Break the cycle. Stop building mediocre teams.

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When I was a smartass computer nerd in the 80s and 90s, an eternal theme was friends and family sheepishly asking me for tech support help, and me slowly, patiently explaining to them that computers aren't scary, they're actually predictable, they won't explode or erase your data (unless you really make an effort), and they operate by simple (if somewhat arcane) rules. Edit > Cut, then click, then Edit > Paste. Save As. Use tabs, not spaces. Stuff like that. Maybe not easy, but simple, or at least consistent and learnable.

But that's not true anymore.

User interfaces lag. Text lies. Buttons don't click. Buttons don't even look like buttons! Panels pop up and obscure your workspace and you can't move or remove them -- a tiny floating x and a few horizontal lines is all you get. Mobile and web apps lose your draft text, refresh at whim, silently swallow errors, mysteriously move shit around when you're not looking, hide menus, bury options, don't respect or don't remember your chosen settings. Doing the same thing gives different results. The carefully researched PARC principles of human-computer interaction -- feedback, discoverabilty, affordances, consistency, personalization -- all that fundamental Don Norman shit -- have been completely discarded.

My tech support calls now are about me sadly explaining there's nothing I can do. Computers suck now. They run on superstition, not science. It's a real tragedy for humanity and I have no idea how to fix it.

#HCI #UX #UI #okdoomer

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