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I had to learn how to do JOINs in mysql today

Can I never learn any more MySQL?

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Brand new pinephone OS just dropped

A pinephone with keyboard case running Windows 3.1 in dosboxA pinephone with keyboard case installing Windows 3.1 in dosbox
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Side note: it's weird seeing a Windows 3.1 interface with "ALSA" in the background.
Yeah, it's very off and I love it

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Has anyone gotten # working on # ?
@silverwizard I haven't even gotten it running on Linux.
Really? I find it really simple in the in-browser version? For some reason it seems to fair a bunch of dwm?
To be fair, I really haven't tried. My daily driver doesn't have a webcam, and I just use it on my phone when necessary.
I am exclusively running it on work machines - though I think I've tried it on my currently-stock macbook
try with the flatpak version, works great (I hate zoom tho)

Breaking my own rules by wrapping a script whose args I always forget in a second script that handles the args for me.

I feel like this is gonna cause me *more* problems in the future


I guess my Mac has decided to not read USB devices today

No, I didn't want to read my calendar, or contacts. Definitely didn't wanna use an external mouse.

As a dad my irony poisoning means I say things like, "There's an old saying, bear is driving, how can this be?"

I love how removing one line from a given JSON file can, but necessarily, render it invalid

Setting up a tablet for a 3 year old

I feel like he deserves to have access to technology (and he's alone and inside a lot due to pandemics)

And - holy shit - technology for kids is a horrorscape wasteland
Having given a tablet to my oldest when she was very young, we plan on putting it off as long as possible with the new one. The only thing I can recommend for your own sanity, block YouTube.
yeah, no youtube capabilities was a requirement!

Ug - the last hour basically unfucked my day. Social Media is super important to me in the sense of "I like these people", and the fediverse is the place where I am actually happy.

And I was trying to setup some cloud inventory stuff for a few days - and that was gargage.

So now I got both fixed within an hour.

What a weird day.


that was DB surgery.



my whole VPS just fucked it's DB...

I think I'm back - let me know if I seem broken or if I unfollowed you please!

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pip apparently has a feature called 2020-resolver

Damnit - get on that! Resolve 2020! I'm tired of all this pandemic shit.

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I’ve been using that feature since last summer, only I call it “therapy”

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