(And doing a good job at it.)
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"no, YOU rtfm!"
That's why I yell at people to WTFM!!
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now i'm imagning the kind of dev who will proceed to pretend to have read it, despite it not existing, because they cannot ever admit being wrong
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@alcinnz “Here’s the code repo. Read the code. It’s self documenting.”🥸
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[every variable name is either "r", "t", "f", or "m", or some combination thereof]
logan misskey (AP)
reading the manual should be normal.

you wouldn't operating a power tool without reading it's manual, why is this different?

just because it can't take off your limbs if not operated correctly?
Writing the manual should be normal.

You wouldn't make a power tool and then sell it without any instructions.

Just because it can take off limbs if not operated correctly?
logan misskey (AP)
and i agree.

it seems our points do not clash , at least from my prospective.
CptFabulous mastodon (AP)
I need that as a laptop sticker
Becky friendica
I can make this happen for you
what the fucking manual?!