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@LucaBongiorni @Microsoft @ubuntu I'm old enough to remember when people who freaked out about advertisements in ubuntu's MOTD, and it's phone-home on by default stuff, were told we were over reacting.

Everyone should be forced to listen to before running Shadowrun (msotly because Shadowrun, has terrible heist rules...).

So many people get caught up in the idea that corporations are *good* at security when designing things. Assuming that most people access infinite complexity in their lives, and have infinite monitoring and infinite research time. Without any errors, breaks, or idiocy. And that people always follow procedure to the letter. I really hate it.

My job for today:
Talk to someone, no one knows who
To learn something they don't know
To give them information that I don't have
So they can shut down a thing that might ruin their work
But no one knows if it will
@silverwizard a worthwhile job indeed :)

Train software engineers to be bad at Kubernetes and Terraform, but only one or two per team
Then, once they're trained, promote them since they have skills.

This makes sure you have no technical debt
It's important to train people whose job isn't infra to be bad at it, rather than hiring a dedicated infra team, it's definitely better

Or, you can have an infra team, but seal them off, and don't let them work on stuff

This is the perfect thread
I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, Windows Subsystem for Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, WSL.
I think they virtualize the kernel, don't they?
I think so, yeah, but it's not *for* linux, it's *for* GNU, you just need Linux to get GNU

Friendica went down, I found a bug in my log, I updated to develop in order to make a bug report, and everything was working - so I am just gonna assume the Friendica team is badass
But honestly, I don't appreciate all y'all enough, I had plans to try to help at the beginning of last year, but um, I assume you understand
I do indeed, I do.

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Why is it that the best way to shop online is:
Put thing in cart
Put in email
Close window
wait for fairly large discount email to show up
I can report that this works sometimes. Discovered by accident.
That only works in certain cultures. In Southeast Asia, you place the item in the cart and wait for some time to see the price has gone up. Happened to me a serval times.

It seems to follow the local logic that if you cannot sell stuff, raise the prices and people will think the item has become more desirable. The mind-boggles when I see this here.

Needless to say, I'll take my custom elsewhere in a such case.

Sean: I tried to turn on my laptop and it was dead
So I went to get my backup battery, and it was dead
So I went to get my backup backup battery, and it was dead
So I went to get my backup backup backup battery, and it was dead
Fortunately I have my backup backup backup backup

It bothers me how much my dad doesn't seem to be able to distinguish Hardware from Software

This would be less concerning if he had not written a commercially available Unix kernel clone that you might know

As it is, I worry about people's ability to think about computers

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I think you just broke my brain.
Try living it! It's very weird!

Thinking about first aod skills in RPGs, and how, in theory, a highly skilled first aid person should be good at medicine, but not if they are separate skills.

This is why I love GURP's alternate skill roots and Burning Wheel's FoRK

what does the "i" stand for?

Anyway, if you compare this to Stuxnet I will laugh at you, and if you say, “why didn’t they just not use VNC” I will also laugh at you because I’ve seen whole installations servicing cities with a single IT person.

searching for vpc in CloudWatch groups gives you all the groups that contain the letters V, P, and C, in that order, but not necessarily sequentially.

Why do any of us use AWS?

Holy shit Krypton would have been a better show using Booster Gold instead of Adam Strange

You need: A time traveler, having an identity crisis, who wants Superman to think they are cool, and is a bit of an idiot? With a piece of shield tech.

And you make them *Adam Strange*?!
I keep going "This is shit, why are you shitting on Adam Strange", instead of "HEY EVERYONE! LOOK UP IN THE SKY! IT'S BOOSTER GOLD"
I keep going "This is shit, why are you shitting on Adam Strange", instead of "HEY EVERYONE! LOOK UP IN THE SKY! IT'S BOOSTER GOLD"

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I just get so mad when I think of th is last decade of computing, how we finally got powerful, amazing computers in the hands and pockets of everyday users everywhere, and iOS and Android tag-teamed getting users to expect them as consumption-only devices :\

The two most important lines in Star Wars are "I have a bad feeling about this" and "it's not my fault"

So much of the two attitudes that hold the setting together are summed up there. As is the conflict between them.

As far as I can tell, the thing that made Star Wars really good was George Lucas' love of racing.

So much of Star Wars does well because of how it handles chases. (Note: Episode I of course made this seem bad)
I like Episode 4, Episode 5, and Episode 6 above all else as they were the first star wars movies I saw.
While I definitely have the most nostalgia for them, I also think they are the best *made* and best written. Editing and a lack of pandering, and a willingness to not be auteur pictures, makes them great.
Interestingly enough, watching Episode 7 and 8 gave me more respect for the prelogy. It isn’t great, but at least they tried something different. I have no desire to watch Episode 9 now.
The prequels definitely were the story of failed ambition, which makes them fun to dream about, the sequels are safe, and that sucks, yeah
Because they were borrowed on VHS, I ended up watching Episode 4 after watching Episode 5 several times, and it didn’t measure at all, so I ended up watching it only a couple of times in my life!
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I think ESB is my least favourite of the originals, mostly since I *like* victories in my fiction (unlike so many of the people I hear)
Since I didn't watch Episode 4, I had barely any context, since Episode 4 is self-contained, and Episode 5 liberally assumes you've seen Episode 4. Also I didn't see Episode 6 until later, again because of VHS borrowing. So it always felt "complete" because I didn't have anything to place before or after.
Ah, sure
I only saw them after getting the VHS set, but then had VHSes
Well, I think it was on TV when I first saw it. In fact, I think it was the year I lost one of my grandfathers when I was 15. Then again being a 40-year old that attempts to be a caregiver to one's mother kinda kills a number of brain cells so you might be right by the time I saw them they may have been on VHS. Either way that's when I started loving Starwars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and so on.
I'm sorry about your difficult personal situation. I'm glad you're with us.
Star wars is one of my favourite universe. I've read all the novels of the "Legend" series. The thing I love is more the side universe than the Jedi/Sith Manichaeism. That could explain why Rogue one is my favourite movie too.

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Content warning: Sidewalk Labs snark

Content warning: Sidewalk Labs snark; Nevada

I wanna rip open my computer and do some work on it

But imagine having some time

I am so out of the loop on the Attack on Titan discourse

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To understand why millennials hate you, you must understand capitalism. To understand capitalism, imagine being forced to play a game of Monopoly where one person starts with nearly all the money in the bank and all the properties… and what about you? Fuck you, that’s what.

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Economic inequality increased sharply since at least 2008, people born after 2000 get the short end of the stick and complain, people born before 2000 criticize them for being lazy and entitled even though the opportunity field shrinked since their own youth.
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I mean, millenials are born before 2000, but they are the people entering the work force and markets before three recessions of such scale that assets are basically unknown.

As a very rich millenial, almost all of my wealth is familial, and so many friends with good degrees are just... Unemployed or underemployed for years at a time

Successful millenials have shadow economies to support themselves
Google is just saying "We want to control Open Source"
Fuck 'em

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I just spent a day and a bit modifying some stuff I'd made to remove as much clever™ as I could

Someone is gonna do a government with Smart Contracts, I just know it
Nevada bill would allow tech companies to create governments…

Text Shot: Planned legislation to establish new business areas in Nevada would allow technology companies to effectively form separate local governments.<br><br>Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak announced a plan to launch so-called Innovation Zones in Nevada to jumpstart the state’s economy by attracting technology firms, Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Wednesday.<br><br>The zones would permit companies with large areas of land…
Creating unelected governments? What could possibly go wrong?
If only we'd experimented with Company Towns in the past

The light grey is one eviction hearing, the dark grey is 2-5, the black is 6-10, and the red is 11+.

Horrifying reminder that even in a country that brags about having a better social safety net than the USA, landlords are the government’s priority during a global pandemic.

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Today, most webpages look the same. They don’t have to.

There is no reason for their look beyond convention, false assumptions, and probably a type of soul-tiredness prevalent today.

Your webpage can, and should, look however you want.

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I'm growing tired of this weird callout for a supposedly endless creative freedom when their own website is extremely conventional, and for good reasons. Conventions exist to increase affordance and accessibility, and going "beyond" them will make a website harder to use as a result.

I'm not a fan of this mindset assuming everybody following conventions somehow do it against their will.
I think that web design is art. And that art has value. And I think that modern web design is very specific. People make jokes about it - but generally, there's very specific forms it takes, and I dunno, not a fan. Not of the defaults, but of the criticism of non-conformity as incorrect.

Also - I feel like the modern web design sensibility limits accessibility.
Web design isn't just an art, it's also very functional and this is why websites trying to achieve a functional goal will look similar. I like the idea of experimental artistic websites but they don't need to convey more information than their own existence.

It's very similar to newspapers in that regard.
Today, most newspapers look the same. They don’t have to.

There is no reason for their look beyond convention, false assumptions, and probably a type of soul-tiredness prevalent today.

Your newspaper can, and should, look however you want.

How does that sound now?
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Newspapers *dont* all look the same. They have a specific form, but they don't have to.

But websites aren't newspapers, they're zines. And zines *really* don't look the same.

This is also on the topic of *personal* websites, rather than corporate websites. Corporate websites have slightly different rules, obviously.
I agree with you, but we're circling back to my initial argument, if there is a seemingly endless creative freedom to design websites, why does the article look so conventional?

I wouldn't mind this criticism from an original website with weird navigation, bizarre formatting and distracting visuals. But here it rings hollow and at odds with their own design decisions.
Sure, that's totally 100% legit. I am a fan of the school of web design in general. And all deviation should be intentional.
Like you said, corporate websites have slightly different rules, so this rules out pretty much 90% of the current internet. Then you have CMS which constitutes another 9%, and then you have 1% (generous) who make their own website by hand and have an actual creative freedom doing so.
corporate websites are too much of the web, yeah. I hate the death of the blog

and CMS you can customize, and you can use CMS themes that look wrong
for most people, customizing means replacing the art work. And that attracts copyright trolls.
Yeah, better theming tools would benefit a CMS, though I acknowledge how hard those are
@Hypolite Petovan @silverwizard There is no reason aesthetics and functionality can not be combined, it just takes a lot more work.
We have pretty strict building standards and city counsel has to approve all buildings.
Once a counsel decided: we really don't care how it looks, anything goes. And everybody build perfectly normal houses.
People copy. And maybe improving while copying. Starting all over gets you lots of work, with worse results.
The worst part of making a unique web design is that your website will probably look like something from geocities.
Many people miss the Geocities aesthetics now.
and it's fuckin' *great*
Many people miss the Geocities aesthetics now.

I think Neocities is pretty cool for that. Lots of really creative sites there and I think it uses IPFS as the backbone.
I know about Neocities. It's a very cool website. And yes they did implement the ipfs protocol. Ipfs is very good at serving static content, dynamic content still has to be kind of figuring out with ipfs. But for a site like Neocities where all the content is static it is w perfect match.
I know that I do

Morning. Here's a little thing I like to do in my games that I call skill vines.

Basically, it's a a skill challenge without rolling, meant to be make a quick montage transition.

Start with a goal, then ask a PC how they use one of their skills to help reach it...

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This whole year has been about people dancing around UBI

Coworker tells me my problem is trivial to solve. We pair up. He goes on to explain that my problem is a coding style thing, and he prefers a different type of loop.

The data problem where we can't get the data we need? Oh, that's super hard. He doesn't know how to fix that.
Sorry, feeling bitter
Every time I talk to this coworker, it's exactly this terrible

If #Riverdale is getting a jump forward in time - does that mean this is the last season?

Also - does this mean that we aren't getting Jughead's Time Police Adventures? Or, are they gonna go back in time and get a 6th season in the past after changing this timeline?! OH FUCK YES

I am finally putting together the Young Wizards books I didn't have a preteen/teen, and I really like the way @dduane does magic. It's very folkloric magic, while also being rooted in modern folk-science alongside other folklores.
I should reread these books.

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Well this is gross

I mean, the obvious issues of distracting the driver with constant alerts, and that they are constantly surveilling workers. But also - Amazon should not have this large surveillance fleet. And nor should a random California company.

My brain has been writing a hack of Don't Rest Your Head by @fredhicks about greek heroes called Don't Rest Your Sword, where instead of exhaustion you have Legendary, and if you run out, your story fades into history and you are forgotten...

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Harden security for activists and vulnerable people
If you could make your developer salary doing anything, what would you do?

I’d build LEGO professionally (if they’d have me 😅)
I'm not presently making a developer salary. I went freelance before the pandemic, and things turned south.

Doing tech support for cable TV to stabilize the income. I don't mind though. It frees me up to be able to pick and choose the projects I want to work on without having to sacrifice my ideals for financial reasons.
Sounds, unfortunate (damn, bad timing), but also sounds like it's probably way more rewarding

Ok, seriously, watching Krypton, and I definitely don't have a sense of why this show was made. Did they want a religious persecution story? If so, why did they make Brainiac hijack it in episode one? What did they want?

I don't care about people making big boobed characters in their games.

I DO care that Wizards is putting their brand on it, when we know from their recent history that if it was a queer guy doing sexy queer guy content on DM's Guild, they'd prohibit it. It's a double standard.

@silverwizard well, Jeff Bezos also owns Blue Origin. Possibly he wants to have more time to be able to better compete with Elon Musk and SpaceX ... It is said they don't really like each other.
I doubt he's gonna retire quietly, definitely