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One day I will figure out Command and Conquer's timeline

I have Thin Lizzy's Jailbreak stuck in my head, but the words jail break are replaced by werewolf (I don't know)

But it's the themesong to a tryhard Netflix series where people play Werewolf the party game

Create a Stephen King adventure for your # campaign!

"It was a nice day, until someone found an evil [THING]inside a [THING], and then TEH HORRORS!"

Place: Roll 1d6
1-5 = Maine
6 = somewhere else

Number of main Characters: Roll1d6
1-5 = 4 boys/men
6 = 1 man

Profession of main character: Roll 1d6
1-5 = Writer
6 = Roll again

How it ends: Roll 1d6
1-5 = Completely unrelated to the thousand of pages you just read.
6= Roll again

If I, in theory, wanted to make a record, would I know anyone with the tools?

My coworkers, releasing a new product in 2 weeks, have siezed on the idea of having QA look at it

Just release it as is with everything giving a 502 error, it means no pesky user can break the (completely nonfunctional) system!

It SEEMS like a second feature, but the 502 is a crash, it digests data, and THEN crashes, meaning it's EASIER to find security issues

Happened to us too. With literally the same message.

In our case they were bluffing, they just dropped the database.

That sounds awful! What did you end up doing? Restore from backup?

To this day I do not get how anyone likes Chrome

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I officially believe that @titansnetflix was only ok until @IainGlenActor just snarked an entire episode

Seriously, Titans is definitely bad, but it's bad in a way I don't normally get to see
It embraces its own weird, it embraces comics, it leans way too hard into the Grimdark, but it's at least being itself


People have pitches instead of panels, pitch the weirdest and more silly idea, people sign up to sessions where you make that idea a reality, or as close as possible

The entire 10K is spent trying to figure out what weird objects will be needed nearby

Now that I have the NAS setup, I need to create a backup schedule that I trust