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Why does linux have the perfectly good set of clipboard buffers and really simple logic for managing them, and then every single distro/window manager adds a bunch of clipboard shit to make it hard?

Can't believe Ted Cruz's real name is Gary Poste

My two cents on Facebook
1) BGP is hard and all of the mistakes make sense
2) When I was a junior admin it was drilled into me to make network changes automatically revert in 10 minutes unless they are confirmed
I've seen the internal sabotage theory be floated around as well, in connection with the recent whistleblowing. It's possible on the same level as an accident, I suppose.
If it was an insider threat, that would be awesome and wonderful

so the Facebook dns thing

shows how a tech general strike could be plausibly deniable fingerpointing until enough total is down to make demands....

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Me to a toddler:
"You're only allowed to eat things lower on the Mohs scale lower than your teeth"

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@PizzaFacts2go Muscle relaxers often help, unless I am required to be awake and alert for a baby

We have these sprays that ... like... feel weird but seem to help if it gets bad

But like - yeah - it's either pain every few weeks, or being a bad dad
@HippyWizard well.... after they;ve gotten bigger for a while eventually you won't have to any more lol

Conan The Barbarian was such a high concept movie that expecting Conan the Destroyer to be in the same *genre* was, in retrospect, too big an ask
@PizzaFacts2go It is 6:30 am and I am on a phone, I do not accept typos as real
@HippyWizard One of my best call of cthulhu characters was a nerd college student who was obsessed with weird tales and a generic equivalent of conan the barbarian, whose slide into insanity involved him eventually believing he IS the barbarian.
@HippyWizard Which led to me fighting an imaginary necromancer in a thunderstorm on the roof of the winchester mystery house.
@HippyWizard His physical stats were really low but every time I tried to do something physical as the barbarian my dice consistently rolled hot. It was great
@PizzaFacts2go I also love that a Weird Tales rpg pc became a different Weird Tales pc
@HippyWizard every good call of cthulhu group needs a barbarian
@Gender_Thief @PizzaFacts2go Ya know, I've never even been near a church in Call of Cthulhu... But I've set a tonne of old manor houses on fire
@HippyWizard @PizzaFacts2go it’s a great tactic for fighting things you absolutely do not want to directly look at
@Gender_Thief @PizzaFacts2go In a Call of Cthulhu LARP I once ended up making a blanket fort and so the GM playing Nyarlathotep missed us, saving the two profs from Miskatonic, so I firmly believe in building over destruction
@HippyWizard the only "high concept" Conan i want to see is the initial four-hour script written by Oliver Stone while snorting several hundred kilos of cocaine

I realized recently that we can do Period Piece Cyberpunk

Like, do a Hackers style movie set in 1996 and there ya go!
I'd watch it.
Honestly, the idea of Period Piece Future weirds me out

Basically, we all live in the future, but keep pretending not to

Meaning we can have times of The Future in our own past

Hey Ottawa people. Is there a charity that wants working appliances? We have a good quality washer and dryer set that’s working well but we don’t need it. It would need someone to remove it/pick it up. Maybe someone helping with a person or family moving? #Ottawa


The Magic School Bus has somany implied Sci Fi wizards, I want to game in the implied universe of happy wizards trying to be kind at the edges of society

Vancian Magic spellbooks written like patents
« This is a binding contract between the dark arts practitioner (hereafter referred to as "the Client") and the demonic entity Belzebub (hereafter referred to as "the Provider") ... »

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Every time I talk about loving being a dad, keep in mind I've been pooped, peed, or vomitted on 5 times this week (Monday to Sunday week)

Also keep in mind, that that is exceptional and worth a grumbly comment

Explaining to Shæ that some dice are made of triangles, and some dice made of squares
@HippyWizard Also, he's 2 😂 no shade meant for not bringing up 3d shapes lmao

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disney has colonized the global imagination used its infinite stores of wealth and influence to rig the copyright system to such an extent that there simply is no culture anymore. we have nothing. but yeah no let people enjoy things what can you do [shrugs in comic sans]

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Memories of when I was a junior IT heldesk in the early 2010s and had people calling me an idiot for not knowing what Class C meant in a network

Happy #CIDRDay, everyone!

Today in 1993, Class A, B, and C addresses were deprecated in favor of classless addresses.

28 years ago.

If a computer person talks about Class C addresses, they are not competent #sysadmin

Most of us old timers would know when you're talking about a class C you're talking about a /24 regardless of what address space it is now located in, a class B a /16, and a Class A an /8. Punks would get on your case for not using modern terminology, fuck them. As long as you know what you need to configure your router, that's what matters.
Yeah, ain't gonna disagree, just need the packets in the right spot
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I just wanna be clear though:
Please stop teaching people those terms in formal education
@silverwizard Why? It's good to know the history of how things evolved.
I mean, taught as current is the problem
@HippyWizard I remember this coming up in the IT coursera course I took. I bet it will come up in the A+ study guide I'm reading through.

Does anyone else loathe Mastodon's CW system? It generally feels worse than *twitter's*

Ah, when then upload is exactly 11.2MB/s

Means something is 100base-t and you gotta go find the bad cable >.<

"You're like a bunch of birthcontrol in the Brandywine river"

"Bad at hobit-forming"

Every time Shæ falls he says "I'm ok!"

They're gonna think we're overprotective
No matter what you do, they’re going to think you’re overprotective.
Yeah, it's just very funny

Prat falls due to tiredness, "I'm ok!"

It's like he's doing a bad comedy routine, but also looks like we obsess

which is a front end for sed; LOL.

The greatest pain of my whole life is hearing my son have his hair washed by my wife.
He screams just as much when I wash his hair, but I gotta be cold when I do that

Made up a CEO whose ransomware strategy is a mining rig in the basement

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midochlorians are the powerhouse of the force

Riverdale LARP where everyone gets stock characters to start session 1 and establish dynamics.

Every session is set in a different genre, and who the villain is is decided by a die roll.

All other dynamics need to stay the same.
Just imagine the GM taking you aside before game

"Ok, you're the Girl Next Door who is best friends with everyone. But here, you found a laser pistol in the woods and are now abducting people for your alien overlords."

"So I can win a fight?"

Becky thinks.this is a traitor mechanic, but no you can be friends after she sends you to alien hell prison

It makes me happy that xmms still exists and is still a cool Winamp clone.

If I used window managers where I saw my media player sometimes, I would 100% use it again
Sent you a contact request, now I wanna know
Apparently, I can't just point a regular xmpp client at it. I'll have to figure out how to properly configure prosody. Truth be told, I know very little about xmpp.

I'm too tired to actually work on something, I guess I'll just try to get wifi to work on a Linux system where KDE is installed by not used

Having kids was the best choice ever, I love them
Honestly, kids are a lot of work.

2 kids is more than twice as much work as one.

But kids are the best part of my life in ways I cannot describe.

if you think you want kids a little, do it. It's amazing.
This would be my advice too, if you want kids yourself, go for it and be ready to shape your life around them because they're here to stay.

Does anybody know of any trans-friendly companies hiring IT or tech support or adjacent fields? I have more than a decade of experience and I'm willing to relocate if the pay is okay.

The Conservative Party of Canada's own phonebanks and own Candidates seem embarassed by their party

Canada is in crisis and we need to start handling the broken party with entrenched eternal loyalty

When directors hate on the MCU they, seems to be, hating on the way that Disney is eating the industry, and literally one film series is getting *most* blockbusters. We don't have a film industry
And I think it's important to point out that the MCU is one of the only creative places where the main creators would probably be upset if you said they created art.



yeah it’s me… the trapdoors aren’t opening. yeah, I already removed the kernel module and modprobed it again.. what? yeah I did upgrade kvm but why would that.. what the fuck?

Holy shit, this is an amazing concept

Book Of Infinite Unbranchings

Someone loudly sawing wood nextdoor, after my child had a bedtime meltdown

I am about to go out there and be all "DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?!"

Fuck... when did I get like this