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2021-05-01 12:20:44

One single bitcoin transaction now emits 325kg CO2, more than shipping a ton of gold round the world... !

I am writing dossiers for a Shadowrun murder mystery set in a research base, and I really wanna know more about what degrees mages get

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Pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but I have two copies of MMM so I could read it faster
Two copies of Mythical Man Month on a bookshelf
Brilliant! Instant PM hire.
Blazing a trail down the critical path.

You can tell the maker of this isn't a hacker because they use a mouse

(This is a joke, there are great and important contexts to use a mouse in)

The World's "Greatest" Hacker

I attempted to hack into Egardo's mainframe. Luckily, my webcam was on and it captured the whole thing. Subscribe and/or support me on Kofi:
@tjrobotham I mean, if you use a real window manager, I might agree that there's no good context. But many people use window managers made by sadists
@HippyWizard I meant more like there's a bunch of surprisingly nicer ways to point-and-click than mice (although I think that trackpads manage to be the outlier of somehow being worse)

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Got kind of freaked out about how popular this one was getting, and I didn't really do a good job of attributing it. So here it is again.

I originally stumbled across this here:

Artist patreon here:
Webcomic: Hey Buddy Comics<br>Strip title: Terrier Team<br><br>Panel 1: A baker points off in the distance, while speaking urgently to two dogs. He exclaims "Someone stole a loaf of bread!"<br><br>Panel 2: The two dogs (in super hero outfits) say "We'll find the person responsible for this!"<br><br>Panel 3: One dog bites a well dress man in the rear while the other confronts him. This new man is clearly the mayor of the city. The dog states "Why are there people in your city who can't afford to eat?"

All these monster fuckers out there who are looking forward to Goblinization being today but didn't notice the lack of Spike Babies or UGE


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Content warning: Email opinions

Content warning: Email opinions

Content warning: Email opinions

Me: I really should watch more Noir
The Internet Archive:
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2021-04-29 20:39:00

If your favorite icecream shop doesn't have gaudy yellow lighting, isn't cash-only, isn't in the middle of nowhere, and hasn't updated its facade in at least 30 years, how can I know it's any good?

An icecream and hotdog snack shop onh trees and mountains.
A sundae in a clear cup with whipped cream.

Controversial Take:
Gotcha Mechanics and Gacha Mechanics sound way too much alike

1979 IBM training seminar.

A computer can never be held accountable. Therefore a computer must never make an administrative decision

This shit is why I was *livid* when The Stream of Many Eyes podcast tie-in was like "We're gonna reach out to D&D podcasts" and just, reached out to non-D&D podcasts because what community.
2021-04-29 15:35:22

This shit is why I'm so past "a rising tide lifts all boats."

When big names engage with TTRPGs, they need to engage with the whole community.

It's just basic fucking decency to remember to tell people where to find a game you use.

Clint was all 'It was so much fun, I wished we could've done that part longer' and I'm like YOU FUCKING CAN, DOGG, IT'S CALLED "PLAYING THINGS THAT AREN'T D&D."

(This is info from the latest episode, which is a postmortem for Graduation, to clarify.)

Becky was in the hospital again today

It's harsh, exhausting, and not even my problem.

I hate it. I care deeply about her, but it's exhausting me. And I need to not be exhausted for her again.

The thing that worries me the most about YouTube as a creation platform is the idea that if your subscriber delta begins to go down, you are bad. Rather than being able to just, make a thing.
The thing that was nice about YouTube's ad revenue system was that it made it so that the creator's audience were no longer directly responsible for the creator's revenue stream. Unfortunately, Google really does seem to have done away with the old "don't be evil" mantra.

Yeah, I can't easily afford all the creators I want to give money, even if I only gave a dollar.

I think Flatter might still exist. But it's definitely not a thing people are using and that does suck.

I wish we had better tools, and no profit motive
I think the real problem lies in assigning as single company as the gatekeeper for these sorts of (financial) things. This was one of the things that I really liked about Bitcoin, not it's not without a host of other problems now.
I think it's also hard because it's hard to engage when it's a corporation. But also just, creator has become a job, and it removes a lot of the ways that works.
I had a look, and apparently Flattr still exists and has a browser extension that tracks your usage and divvies up the donation based on that (you can override, however).

I don't think I like the privacy implications of that.
Oh, yeah, I liked the click a button model

I also dislike the Brave model

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2021-04-28 23:23:14

Reading more than the headline is important here:

> …representatives from the SPLC designated hate groups Alliance Defending Freedom and Family Research Council were allowed to talk for up to 40 minutes and that only opponents of H.B. 1570 were held to the 2-minute time limit.

I am very glad that Bill Gates tried to Carnegie himself, and turned out to be so horrible and evil that he can't even do that.

I mean, it's horrible that it doesn't matter. But it's good.
I mean, he made his billions off of the concept that you can own an idea. I think he's trying to redeem himself, but old habits die hard.
That's what I meant by Carnegie Himself, redemption through bribery

So I just realized that Blues Clues has more advanced lessons on sharing and diplomacy than the Expert Diplomancy in Star Trek Discovery

If you're restricting meetings based on the pay of the people involved, ask yourself, why do you pay them at all

2021-04-27 19:06:15

The "need" for this project should be a stunning indictment of the basic competence of the web development community.

Literally nobody should ever need to have something like this.
Heh, this is the kind of solution that Putin's RKN would love. A system where all browsing is done centrally under supervision of the watchful eye. Shut up and take my roubles!
I mean, it's definitely gonna be easy to E2E encrypt and validate. And the spying will be located elsewhere.

Finally watching episode 3 of Season 3 Discovery so that I finish it, so that I remember why I hate it and don't feel the need to rewatch later

They're like "Millions of people died in a galaxy-wide calamity" and I'm like "Oh, so the casualties were pretty low?"

Imagine being a Catholic school board and trying to get points by flying pride flags

2021-04-26 21:27:53

Tech companies of the 90's:  Bring your WHOLE SELF to work!

Tech companies now:  no what we meant was: make work your whole self, and then bring THAT self to work.

Do you think I can buy a pet microchip and put it in myself?

Just for the dumb?
You mean, like a pacemaker?
I mean, I was thinking the ones for tracking a cat

Holy fuck
Jim Steinman died today
I care so deeply about his work, it has been important to me since highschool.

He helped me engage with emotions as a *very* emotional teenager.

Here's to him.
Yeah! He was a genius of a lyricist and will be a huge loss!
“you have to go over the top. How do you see what’s on the other side?”

To paraphrase him.

2021-04-22 02:31:01

From a student's speech today:

"At school, we should be developing passions rather than anxiety disorders."

That line hit hard.

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2021-04-22 14:42:25

Bitcoin is a commodity. You buy it hoping someone will buy it for more later. Except there’s no actual value behind the commodity.

Trying to join a calendar meeting using Google calendar

"Oh, you were one pixel off, so we're gonna make a new meeting and cover the old one! Helping it is! That's us at Google! Real helpers!"

So much of modern API documentation is teaching people how to put a binary in their path and run it

2021-04-21 11:41:09

Closing the SaaS loophole inevitably requires *deep* changes to how we think about free software, about licenses, and about the obligations of developers, end-users, and third parties.

There is no "change some phrases in a license and it's fixed" solution.
This is why I've never even bothered looking into the Affero GPL.
I am definitely coming around on the AGPL, but yeah, people invented whole complicated models just to not care

One of my favourite AWS SSO features is how it's setup to not be integrated with any other piece of AWS
@HippyWizard I apologize for the trouble. Our SSO Team is always open to feedback, you can share your thoughts with them directly via these steps: ⬅️ ^AW

The thing that kinda makes me sad is that right now the neighbouring country finally charged a murderous cop.

This gives me hope that my country might start to have their cops deescalate a little. But I also am frustrated by the celebrations, because this isn't even the 0th step, but so many people think it's a victory.

But I am also celebrating that the police didn't murder anyone in response last night.

That we know of.

But also - blah - I hate it. I worry. My fear isn't over.

But there's a crack in it. And I don't know if I want that crack to turn into relief.

2021-04-19 16:19:06

By far the best description I've seen of how mRNA vaccines work is that they tell your body to make up a guy and then to get really mad at that guy

Coworker: You should use jq! It's a lot more powerful than awk!
Same Coworker: I've never used awk

I need to write a talk called "Tools are not Workflows"

Every ops team needs this kicked in their head
@HippyWizard It's the fun to read book and silver bullet promise of a sales rep.

I wanna make a bunch of leek soup
I did it!
Leeks are good

Coworker just told me that I should go to conferences and talk to the friendly and knowledgable salespeople! because they're so smart!