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One thing I realized today is that when I had Shæ I became a dad.
And in becoming a dad, became a completely new person.
When I had Rowan, I just became a father of two.

And I think my relationship with Rowan suffers because of that, and I wish I could figure it all out.
Shæ changed me, profoundly, and some of the joy of that change filtered onto Shæ

When Rowan is maybe 8 months I'll see how that relationship grows, but I think it's a thing I need to engage constantly

I am officially "thinking of getting a pegboard for tools" years old
@PizzaFacts2go I dunno, lots of dads are something-else coded, this is about "I repaired cabinets and picked locks with my dad before barbequeing"
@HippyWizard i'm just trying to say that you've written code and are a dad

$10 toilet seat: install 30 seconds
$100 toilet seat: install, trip to the hardware store to replace the provided parts

If you are a careworker specializing in infants and expect patients to be exactly on time constantly, you should also expect to live in a world of constant disappointment

On RPG PDF discourse
I will pirate PDFs of RPGs where the publisher doesn't sell the PDF, after buying the book

I have also PODed pdfs where the publisher didn't give me an option to get the POD from them

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Every time you’re tempted by a #PrimeDay  deal, remember this is what you’re funding





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I'm kind of hoping that when Jeff Bezo's shoots himself into space a month from now, it will be a one-way trip.

Ya'll ever spend hours, during the most stressful time of your life, just writing a piece of software to replace a different piece of software you spent over $200 on?

Just me?
@HippyWizard Stressful, very yes... but also in the best way 🥰 imo

Ug, I don't waaaaaaaaaanna use SQLlite in python to write a shadowrun dice bot that tracks init for mumble

system administration is a lot harder with a two year old picking locks in your lap

My nephew corrected me, saying I wasn't a hacker because I didn't break into things

Luckily my dad was there to explain cracker vs hacker

What nerd do I have to talk to to get the Fortean Times on Microfilm?

I've always been a maintenance and monitoring activist, meaning that I regularly quit coffee and alcohol for months at a time, and if anything goes wrong I look at options

It makes being an addict very manageable, but also very strange
I also do this but for alcohol and weed.

Coffee and tobacco stay permanently :)

I do not want Live Action versions of animated shows...

Tue Jun 08 10:55:17 +0000 2021

the initial push for the internet came from the state and from academia. but the market innovated such now-ubiquitous features as 'every page taking forever to load' and 'half of it going down for no reason'

I wish I had a cellphone where I could use the GPS without signing a devil's bargain with an evil Megacorporation

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I use it for maps, but it's just like, Google collects GPS tracks if you leave it on, and I really want cool GPS features like AR games or location based alarms, it would be awesome

Tue Jun 08 13:59:15 +0000 2021

French police wear vests that say PSIG, short for Pisspig

gotta love the ambiguity of the English language.
It's a really quality naming scheme isn't it!

Oh no! There's a Leverage Spanish Flu episode

It's also pro killing people randomly because terrorism

I am very sad, this is well below Leverage's normal goodness

good question, i think so, starting to try in July maybe? we've definitely talked about it a bit.
Ok, sure, based on your things thought you might be in the process, but legit

I hope it goes well, and I hope you're going well

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Retweet this if you think that this man should stop spending public money on fancy lawyers to fight Indigenous children and residential "school" survivors in court.

We see you, @JustinTrudeau.


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Networking and privsep in containers is just vlans within vlans, wheels within wheels

Hidden Treasures - Pride Month Charity Soap ("Karma" dupe scent)
$5 from each and every bar sold will go to the Centre for Newcomers' LGBTQ+ Outreach program! via @Etsy

New DiCa and new phone letting me get notifications from friendica automatically and not pull

This has always been a barrier to weekend and evening Fediversing

This could have been fixed a long time ago, and is also likelg the fault of my phones being used by me, not the software

But I always use the different apps each time I start a new phone, and this time was good

This email makes me violent

This came to my inbox. This is called ignorance. Yes, the state is responsible. The parents fought for their children/were arrested or food rations cut if they refused to let their kids go. There was no choice! Some hid their kids 🙏🏾 Let’s not be like this. Truth & Reckoning!

I feel like you have to be willfully ignorant to be this clueless... like, how tf did they not have ANY clue that it wasn't a choice...

I am the kind of nerd whose two year old says "prop plane" and "jet plane" and is right half the time

I saw an ad for OnlyFans which emphasised non-adult content
This is about to get really bad

This is bonkers exciting

As someone said, two kids is ten times harder than one; while three kids is only slightly harder than two.
Yeah, my mom said that, and my elder son definitely agrees

@HippyWizard Gotta beware the evil day star after all

Good thread, but it always worries me when the best is too yet to come, make sure to allow the best to come

(Quinn is entirely correct, just saying more words about an adjacent thing)

A good chat with @DevP this morning about character backstories brings up what I feel should be the guiding principle for any character backstory:

The best should be yet to come.


if this doesn't make someone wanna watch deep space nine then i don't know what would


Spotify's Algorithm is at the point that I actually don't recognize half the songs on my "on repeat" playlist can we finally get off this thing?
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@HippyWizard @FireflyLeigh I’ve joked that a person’s Spotify listen history says less about their music taste and more about their ability to resist Spotify’s algorithm

Switching from holding a 2 year old to a one day old and back makes the 2 year old seem much bigger
@BobJonkman I had two children
One was 1 day old
One was 2 years old

And I was carrying them both a lot - and holy shit did they seem different in weight!

I no longer have a one day old child though
@HippyWizard You misplaced it already??

(srsly, congrats!)