I might become addicted to buying Microsoft Surfaces and putting free OSes on them and trying to make them usable by others.

This weird "nun chuck computer" design I'm using, where you have a tablet, and then a USB keyboard is really nice. It's currently my main computer.
@HippyWizard Sorry no dice if the tablet doesn't take my ps/2 model m keyboard
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It sure does!
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Wait - that one is backwards
@HippyWizard One time I went to an office at my last job and there was a computer connected to a TV using an HDMI cable, an HDMI to VGA adapter, a VGA cable, and then a VGA to HDMI adapter.

Then I remembered that I was the one who originally set that up.
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@PizzaFacts2go Fuckin' A

that's amazing!

Tell me what happened, and I really hope you say "They only had a VGA cable and wouldn't buy a cable"
@HippyWizard No she just originally had a laptop that was VGA only so I got her connected to the TV once. Then she got a new laptop that only had HDMI and my brain went "ah yes just add another adapter no need to actually think for a moment".
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@PizzaFacts2go Oh, lol, that's even better

All the steps make sense!
Uuuuug, I miss my USB Model M, I should use my Climate Inaction Plan money for that...

But really I was to make a keyboard with magical sigils
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@silverwizard sounds awesome. You got dinner obstructive?
diner obstructive? Uuuuh?

I've been mostly working on building a sigil library using SVG magic so they scale really well