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@HippyWizard has 3 drinks this morning try to take a guess as to what they all are before reading the next tweet and comment how bad the difference between imagination and reality was (if you want)




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Ug that twitter reshare is ugly...

@Becky needs to figure out file uploads

What's the status on the JS uploader these days?
Coffee with frothy milk, coffee that briefly looked like pita bread during brewing, and coffee?
Uhh, espresso for the GCHQ mug, and the frothy milk also has espresso instead of coffee.
Some pedants care
Also, what kind of filter is that in the brewing coffee picture?

My wife uses a similar device to brew coffee but we use paper filters. We have a reusable metal mesh filter but it's not nearly as good.
So the system is generally called a Melita named after the company Melita, named after the woman who invented this thingy

I personally use a ceramic one I found in a random coffee shop locally, they're a pain to ship, but I prefer the flavour of glass or ceramic (plastic and boiling water are bad together)

The Chemex is the most common device I see for doing it that way, but I definitely prefer my cheap ceramic holder to an expensive chemex.

The filter is a "coffee sock" which is just a fabric one, I almost made one out of cheesecloth, and then I didn't because I have a toddler during a pandemic. The one I have was from a random "coffee supplies" website, but there's a bunch on etsy.

My main issue is that after two years of *constant* use mine are starting to pour slowly, I was recommended to boil them, and I have done so (both in vinegar and water) and it didn't seem to help? So I dunno. Maybe I should use that cheesecloth I bought to make a new one...
coffee, mit and mitout frothed milk. The coffee cup and the chemex could be before and after shots, I'm not sure what the difference is there. 😁
In order:
Pourover coffee
Mug of espresso
My thoughts exactly! And I wanted coffee and cappuccino and it seems a shame to waste the leftover espresso my 1980s espresso maker makes!