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Thinking about ttrpgs and how there's like a sweet spot for planning that seems to be a thing, where if people plan more, they map out expected successes and failures and are disappointed when things don't fit in their plan, but on the other hand, depending on the gms style they kinda benefit from either scenes or npcs to be mapped out a lil bit

Three of these are correct, the rest are bad to the point of harmful
Never prep plot, no paper after seeing scissors & three tiers of truth being correct?
In all honesty, I need to gwt more involved in running ttrpg discourse in general just to give me ideas of starting points because I still have a very fish-out-of-water feeling when trying to prep a game, even after half a dozen games ran
Honestly, Module Raiding is a really fun job.

Take an adventure and rip out the fun and only the fun.

Gives you free stats for pieces and some art and maps, but you get to ignore the crappy parts.

I have *literally hundreds* of prepublished adventures in the basement
I mean, yes that is good advice and I should think about that more

The other side of things is that it isn't an idea that I have trouble with, and I actually love coming up with ideas, it is how to express my concept into reality that I feel tugs at me

Although some ideas I change so much on my way to putting them into practice that I might actually have more luck seeking out something that fits the description

Other ideas, like Melanora, would anyone else make a module for, and would I be able to *find* it?
I mean, you can search out your concept

I also like to read books or short stories on the theme I want to hit, though that's less stat blocks

Literally, do research! You don't need to tell a story in a vacuum
Three Tiers of Truth being one of the worst

Timezone Salience being the other correct one