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How do you tell a sales person "you are unselling me - tell me a price and shut up"

They just - are managing to make me less excited as time goes on - because I know they are *saying* things wrong. I've *used* the product before.

reshared this

what happens if you say exactly that?
do it while looking at cute animal videos
When I'm "selling", I can sometimes forget to "accept the Yes".

I'm so excited about the topic, or just caught up in my script, that I keep talking after the customer is sold.

I need the customer to tell me, "Sold! Where do I sign?" 😃
@Trillion Byter Yeah - but in this case I told them:
"I used this at my last job. I need a damn quote two days ago, can you help"

And they decided to give me a demo that unsold their product
That is the worst. 🤦‍♂️
That sounds extremely annoying 😅

I'd be tempted to explain, extra clearly and simply, what my wishes are:

"You don't have to convince me I want this. I already know I want it. I just need you to tell me the price. So I can tell you if the price is right for me."

But that is hard to do without coming off as at least a bit rude 🤷‍♂️
Lol is it just how miserable it's making you or something like oh shit is owning this always gonna involve someone explaining things to be wrongly about it?
@Toph the Tiff(any) 👩🏻‍🎤 💾 ⚙️ 🌻 It was literally that they were talking about changes and it seemed less useful than before >.<
Oh, that IS the worst.

"It's new and better now!"

"Well, I'll agree on the first part."