As a parent I'm seeing the fucking Jeanette McCurdy thing and fuck.
Why are people so focused on what kids owe their parents and not what parents owe their kids.

Parents fail kids
Kids don't fail parents
so many parents fail their kids and don't see their children as their own people who can make their own choices.

It's fucking awful.
Yep! And fuck parents who don't believe that!

Parenting can be hard! And it can be hard to have a *human being* who demands of you every day! Especially a human who relies on you for all knowledge and support.

But holy shit - don't dehumanize them! That's literally the opposite of the job of parenting!
@HippyWizard Jennette fulfilled every dream her mother ever had for her. It's really easy to see which of them failed the other, you know?
@HippyWizard Kids def fail parents. We can acknowledge both without acting like one doesn’t exist
@trustinSelf19 you seem like a bad person, based only on that comment
@HippyWizard @trustinSelf19 Probably either a performative contrarian or an estranged parent whose kid no-contact'd their ass.
@HayashiPatrick @HippyWizard You’re the kid that disappointed their parents and is using this status to justify it huh?
@trustinSelf19 @HippyWizard If that's what you want to tell yourself to make yourself feel better, go ahead. Kids don't fail parents when they never even asked to be born. πŸ˜‚
@HayashiPatrick @HippyWizard I’m neither weirdo. Just someone who can recognize two truths can exist.
@trustinSelf19 @HippyWizard There is only one truth. You can't disappoint someone who never asked you for your consent to be born.
@HippyWizard @trustinSelf19 You seem like a fuckin idiot based on yours. So even?
silverwizard friendica (via Twitter)
@dariusMckoy6 @trustinSelf19 @HayashiPatrick
This is why you block socks - they grow like fungus
@HippyWizard @dariusMckoy6 @trustinSelf19 Imagine needing a sock to deal with someone you'll never meet in real life. That's sad.