only kids born in 1988 know the curse of needing to change your email once you figure out the mistake you've made
silverwizard friendica (via Twitter)
@pr1ntf I was born in 88, but unlike most of my peers didn't put "88" at the end of my email >.<
@HippyWizard I was very guilty of this in the 90s-00s
@HippyWizard I mean, I had to change mine because of one as recent as '02.

But I've yet made more mistakes since then and had to change it again, lol.
silverwizard friendica (via Twitter)
@MultimediaMage See the problem is ending your email with "88"

I've changed my email so often I've finally settled on giving everyone a different email

But also all my peers end up with people wondering if they're nazis
@HippyWizard oh, woah shit that is a PARTICULAR kind of mistake, yes
silverwizard friendica (via Twitter)
@MultimediaMage Yeah, but like... 80% of us did it
Because all the names were taken by the time we got to hotmail, so we put our birth year at the end!
@HippyWizard ah, the birth year thing


Okay, I'm finally making the connection, lol.
tony mastodon (AP)
... Because of Nazis?
tony mastodon (AP)
man, they ruin everything. I never would've thought about that, but I'm '86. At worst, someone could make a restaurant-related threat against me.
lol, seriously.

It's funny, I assumed everyone would just *get* the joke - but everyone except you not born in 88 has been like "Uh, my email as a kid sucked too".

So thanks for getting my terrible joke for only kids born in 88
tony mastodon (AP)
terrible jokes are sometimes the best ones. πŸ˜… I love getting an eye roll or groan out of someone for my terrible jokes.
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@HippyWizard yeahhhhh