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Tech companies use Timeboxes as a way to make investigations way harder so much of the time
@Hypolite Petovan So it's like "Can you figure out this bug, but don't spend more than 1 day on it" or "Don't spend more than 4 hours on it"

It's a convenient excuse to leave bugs festering while pretending you're trying to fix them
@silverwizard Oof, I'd never heard of these before.
@Hypolite Petovan I feel like you work in a field that isn't as brain rotted as me...
@silverwizard Definitely not. I'm in tech, but I'm part of a legacy entertainment behemoth, so the vibe has always been "older" than what you can expect in pure tech startups and companies.
@Hypolite Petovan I've been starting to look at jobs in retail tech and banks in order to get out of this hell
@silverwizard It's funny how there has always been a stigma to be working in the tech department of an established business, as if it was impure.