One of the fascinating things about the mass migration to GMail is how giving your email address to a company and having them send you almost daily spam is considered *normal* and *good*.
@HippyWizard I'm confused - what does migrating to gmail have to do with marketing spam?
silverwizard friendica (via Twitter)
@GordSpence So lots of people moved to GMail in order to get their antispam tools - but somehow, I get a *daily* email from LinkedIn telling me ALL THE JOBS, and I've not opened it in *years*. Yet somehow, Gmail finds that not to be spam
@HippyWizard Perhaps you should click the "unsubscribe" link instead of deleting it daily?
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@GordSpence So obviously I could, and do from other things, but that should be handled by antispam - and not by me - this is what automation is *for*
@HippyWizard Sure, but how how many "execs" (you know the type), just read the subject/snippet and want to read that part only before deleting and would bitch and moan if gmail started filtering them out?
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@GordSpence I mean - that's the point - we shifted from it being the norm to the spam being normal
@HippyWizard Who's we though? I don't get any of that stuff in my inbox - I don't subscribe to the nonsense in the first place and when I do accidentally it's unsubscribed with gmail's magic unsubscribe button
@HippyWizard iirc, a prior customer relationship serves as a basis for exemption in Do Not Call list legislation, so email behaving the same is consistency with a standard explicitly adopted by society
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@tjrobotham Spam filtering is not a legal requirement.

While I completely understand the logic being used - it's still fucking garbage
@HippyWizard of course it's not a legal requirement; the parallel was simply there

I'm more baffled by the marketing minds that think multiple emails per day to infrequent customers is good and okay