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Harry Potter

How do you reconcile loving a series so much just for it to be torn down by the author's horrible bigotry

At pride, some people I was talking to said that they wouldn't let her take it from them, that they wouldn't let her have that over them

But I dunno, it's so hard to read it with the same unbridled enthusiasm I once had, I just feel heartbroken that something that once meant so much to me is broken like this, still...

Does it even make sense, it's just a set of books...
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
I'm sorry about that, and there are two aspects that muddy the waters in this regard. On the good side, the Harry Potter saga probably wasn't meant as a TERF pamphlet. However, it was written by someone with a specific set of values that perspire in the books through the worldbuilding, the character's agency and prominence and especially the conclusion.

Is Harry Potter overtly TERF? No. Is it problematic in several other areas? Yes.

And then, finally, regardless of this discourse, you might not have been able to read it with the same unbridled enthusiasm anyway because the books don't change, but you do. I don't know how old you were when you first read the series, but you simply can't go back to this specific version of you who had an unbridled enthusiasm reading these books.

I realize I probably am not helping, so I'll leave it at that.
Becky friendica
I know it's problematic, and people talk about that 😔, I think that's one of the problems I'm having. I loved it so whole-heartedly for so many years. I even did a course on it in uni where I wrote essays about the themes
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It’s hard to let go but you now have the adult perspective to admit it isn’t the best work to hold dear. Like a certain Ice Queen said, let it go…