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"I forgot my password" form that emails you the hash in the database so you can figure out which one you used

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My brain didn't notice the quotation marks, and I thought you were confessing to having made such a form and forgotten about it. I imagined you of all people would know better.

With my new understanding of this post, I suppose my response stands though.

Edit: grammar
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@Jonathan Lamothe I editted to add that since I realized that was a possible interpretation
@silverwizard Ah, so I'm slightly more literate than originally believed. Good to know.
@silverwizard “ 5F4DCC3B5AA765D61D8327DEB882CF99? Of course! Why didn’t I thought of it earlier?”
@Hypolite Petovan Wait - does that look salted? Gotta send the salt!? If I don't have the salt I wont be able to figure it out!
@Fabio @silverwizard Nah, I believe you’re looking for 4a7d1ed414474e4033ac29ccb8653d9b