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Does anyone else say "David Copperfield" instead of "Abra Kadabra" when doing magic tricks?
Abra Kadabra was the name of a fairly famous stage magician, and other magicians would say his name to invoke his power.

This, of course, just feels weird to know, and so saying David Copperfield forces other people to feel that weirdness, and I'm exactly that sort.
I had never heard of a stage magician called Abra Kadabra, but could it be that said magician called himself after the "spell" Abracadabra?

(I am not even attempting an internet search on Abracadabra because given the topic I am pretty sure I am going to find countless BS theories)
@silverwizard @🍁 Kicou 🇨🇦 🌱🌱🌻

Isn't the formula much older than stage magic?
I see, thanks ! When did this magician live? According to wikipedia, the first known use of the word dates back to around 200 AD