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started writing rust in order to be the actual worst - and... I'm having fun

Yeah, right? Coming from C and Perl and not feeling constrained by the strictness is unexpected...
Oh! I'm already feeling horrible by the types.

There's a lot of random types, they want me to unwrap everything and then that shoves out a random type, and I need to coerce it. And I've already had issues were a function gave me a pointer, and I just wanted to give it back to a function, and it seems very wrong. Sure, I understand they want to garbage collect the function - but can't it deal with the fact that that memory still have value? Why do I have to make like 3 different things to pass things around?

Also - declaring with `let` gives me the heebie jeebies every time
Yes, I'm also struggling with that. Not so much with the types themselves ("Make invalid state unrepresentable" is a good proposition), but with the borrowing and lifetimes and such. I'm fine with unwrap(), because I tended to use the usual "-1" or "undef" as a return indicating failure, and then not checking it.
The types seem fine, just a hell of an annoying learning curve, valid.

I want unwrap to be far more intensely returning something I want, or let me specify things more explicitly.
You might need to get better at the idioms surrounding it, at least I feel I'm not there yet. Like the whole "let ... match" shebang...
I mean - I've been using it for like... an hour - so definitely
Oh. I'm at it for a few weeks now, some evenings. Definitely a steep learning curve and a reminder of how much, for me, programming is about being familiar with a language and not constantly having to look up basic syntax...