Hey - this is important, especially if you use twitter anonymously or you feel threatened by people learning your twitter account
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@HippyWizard “We only need your phone number for security purposes”

“Oops, we doxxed you”
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Doesn't that look like official # is taking # and # of its account holders seriously? They recognize it's a problem, they take action to mitigate, they inform everyone known to have been impacted, and advise how to avoid getting outed should it happen again.

Take-away: link your alt account to an alt email and an alt phone. Go all the way. Because some platforms are too happy to announce who does and doesn't have an account.
Yeah - and seriously, move off twitter.

I personally bridge to it - but fuck - move off it!
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@HippyWizard not to be pedantic/blame-the-user type but anonymity shouldn't be expected out of a service that monetizes its own user base. either you accept the defeatist "yea it is what it is" stance and post cats or you go find somewhere that respects yr privacy. greasy move either way tho
@HippyWizard we're already on to fighting to preserve pseudonymity, even