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This is why I don't use IDEs
I type some stuff, realize that JSON wants the thing to be a string, so I add a " to the end of the line. The IDE adds two "s instead of one.
I notice after I go back to the beginning of the line, and have added a " at the beginning of the string.


I go to the end of the line, and I remove a "

I run the thing

Turns out the IDE removed both "s

Because fuck you

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Stupid behaviour around quotes keeps surprising me. If it's smart enough to analyse the code, surely it should be smart enough to see that the quotes are meant to go around the bit that's not valid code?

I do use IDEs, and they're often very helpful, but sometimes they're trying to be a bit too smart for their own good, and failing badly at it.
@Martijn Vos To be fair to IDEs, I'm very rarely writing code. I'm always writing config, and editing some small things.

But also, what is code is a really hard questions

But yeah - I am entirely in nvi whenever I can
@silverwizard What would you consider to be a better alternative? Bash has always just worked well enough that I haven't bothered looking at alternatives.
@Jonathan Lamothe I'm a "does less fancy shit" type - but mksh on Linux and oksh on MacOS, and of course, ksh on OpenBSD is my ideal shell
@silverwizard Might be worth looking into. I do like the concept of using the simplest possible tool (says the Emacs user) though, I do like bash's Emacs-style keybindings.
@Jonathan Lamothe Yeah - mksh, nvi, and so on.
I'm currently considering using edbrowse but too busy to onboard a new simple tool