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I describe NPC body language as giving away vibes *a lot*

Like, the PCs say a bunch and I go "She scowls and seems disbelieving but doesn't speak"
Or "She replies " that makes sense", obviously not believing that"

I realize I don't know if I see that elsewhere.


reshared this

it's just better that way!!
Exactly! I find it hard to say specific cues, and remember to include them.

But just saying what I mean helps so much!
there was an old tip from somewhere like "if your NPCs are lying, give the players a big ol' exaggerated wink like OH YOU KNOW WHAT'S UP"
I don't do this for skilled liars, but have told skilled truth seeks that they notice something up or whatever, yeah
Hmm, this inspires me to put a body language cheatsheet into my GM screen!