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Hey #OpenBSD people - are you getting perl errors after upgrade to 7.3?

I've upgraded 3 servers successfully so far, but bringing up my webserver gives me:
web$ sudo sysmerge
doas ( password: 
web$ sudo pkg_add -u 
Zlib.c: loadable library and perl binaries are mismatched (got first handshake key 0xec00000, needed 0xeb80000)

CPAN and CPANm both give me the same kind of errors. perl-migrate-modules gives a similar error. I rolled back the update and pkg_add work, and I ran perl-migrate-modules to try to get XS versions and things correct, and then I ran the upgrade again, with same issue.

web$ env

My env is pretty empty, and I've tried deleting my perl5 directory, and other site packages (pkg_add explicitly no_libs them but you know).

Anyone else seeing this?
@Solène :flan_hacker: Hmmm, I see an ungodly number of fonts, a bunch of stuff in /var/www, and a huge number of libraries in /usr/lib, /usr/include, and /usr/share and stuff in /etc/ssl

Nothing perl

Anything that I should be looking for

Also - thanks so much for replying and offering help!
@Solène :flan_hacker: Welp, I definitely didn't crash my hypervisor and make that take forever, that'd be silly.

But that seems to have not helped, so I...

I'll replace the VM with an up to date one and just copy over the files. Thanks for the help though.
This is usually caused by installing things with cpan or cpanminus. Base tools like pkg_add should all avoid that by using "no lib" though. I'm not sure what "perl-migrate-modules" is though, but it sounds like something else that would cause this issue.

You should be able to get around it by moving (or deleting) /usr/local/libdata/perl5 and whatever flag to pkg_add reinstalls/repairs packages.

I really do need to stop messing with the 3d printer and catch up on OpenBSD stuff so I can resurrect this patch -

Apart from that, it sounds like the base73.tgz you unzipped forgot to include the Zlib object. Not entirely sure how that's possible.
This file:
@Andrew Hewus Fresh yeah, Perl migrate modules is for migrating your installed modules to a new Perl binary apparently, but yeah

Yeah, I nuked my perl5 dir and it definitely no_libbed

It definitely is weird because Zlib wasn't there but I've installed three servers successfully from this install73.iso (but used the http mirror to get the files... On all servers), and it's persistent on this server and only this one...

It's super odd