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@Spencer how do I get an android core set for two people?

I am thinking of trying it
For Netrunner? If you want the newest version of the #Netrunner core set, the one we (Null Signal Games) make, that's called System Gateway. It comes in two parts, which you can purchase together or separately, based on what you're interested in:

  • The Starter Pack, which contains slimmed-down duel decks for learning the basics, plus a handful of extra cards for each side to introduce more advanced concepts, and
  • The Deckbuilding Pack, which expands on the cards in the Starter Pack and provides a bunch of extra cards for you to start deckbuilding with.

If you think you'll be interested in making your own custom decks, I'd recommend getting both 1 and 2, which we sell as a bundle. On the flip side, if you only want to dip your toe in right now and don't care about customization, buying only the Starter Pack is the cheapest option.

You can find purchase options on the product page here. If you're US-based, currently, DriveThruCards is the best way to get these cards—if you're not, the product page lists other options.

However, if you can wait a month or two, we're about to release a "remastered edition" of System Gateway. This won't change anything functionally and won't invalidate older versions, but will clean up and modernize some templating. Perhaps most importantly, it will also rework the cards to use our new, modern card backs—which we changed recently, when we renamed our organization. When we do that, we'll also release it on our web shop.

Let me know if I can answer any further questions. Happy to help.
@Spencer oh, cool, I will wait on the remaster since it seems like buying all the shop contents is reasonable and that seems like the best way to support the project
Sounds good. If you want to stay on top of things, we've got a Fediverse presence: @Null Signal Games . We'll make a lot of noise when the remaster is live!
@Spencer @Null Signal Games cool - thanks - I was reminded about it in the non+
-profit games thread, and now that I have enough money to make mistakes, let's spend that money on people doing cool shit!