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I am running a Cyberpunk game where a corporate has their headquarters outside a city, but few onsite apartments, so the people who are *in power* all do what is known locally as The Commute, a two hour traffic jam.

The world is making it clear that there's off-road public transit available, and there's an economy of people doing bike food deliveries, prostitution, and busking along the track for the four hours a day people are spending in traffic.

All for the right to drive to work in their own car.

And - Cyberpunk hurts me
@Hypolite Petovan My bike communte in a city of less than a million in Ontario doesn't prepare me for your New York life
@silverwizard In New York you can see three-piece suits in the subway so the mindset may be closer to yours than you are expecting.
@Hypolite Petovan But aren't three piece suits a sign of someone who works in a bank for not enough money but need to pretend you're rich in order to talk to people in ripped shirts like me?
@silverwizard No, they're nicely tailored suits with the snazzy shoes to match. Either they are overdressing for their bank teller job, or they actually have a fancy job.
@Hypolite Petovan Oh, I was thinking of like, the people who do a meeting with you when you want to renew your mortgage, and their entire job is to look at a computer, tell you the number it gives you and then you to be sad about it and they tell you they can't do anything
You'd think the CEO would jack into his (inevitably his) in-office meat-puppet if he needed to actually be there...
@Darcy Casselman @silverwizard Interestingly enough, most Cyberpunk universes I know are pretty concerned with having diversity among soulless corporate officers.
@Darcy Casselman No no - these are VPs and stuff the CEOs are just flying

And yeah - there's a room in the basement where people do offsite meetings.

Meaning yes, these people are commuting 2 hours to be in the office to work remotely
At least the SVPs get self-driving cars, so they can join meetings during their commute (and get hijacked by enterprising hacker PCs...)
@Darcy Casselman Definitely! (Shadowrun - all cars are self driving, so all applies)

The PCs are meeting their contact in their car during his commute, because they can pose as delivery people, and it's a space he can trust!
To my players, "Yeah, looks like his headware was installed before he was grown enough to not have it hurt him. Kinda like a 10 year old who has botox scars from beauty pageants."

My players didn't know how toxic pageant parents are...