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So I redid my phone homescreens to avoid having application links, and replaced everything with widgets.

For years I've felt like desktop widgets are mostly a gimmick and pointless, and basically after a day this way I've completely reversed my decision on them. I basically got annoyed at the way that the shortcut model leads to just a soup of icons and I usually just go to the display of all and then use the link from there, and I completely reversed my decision. Feels very weird.

@silverwizard I wasn't impressed by widgets either, but I now have a calendar and a weather widget on my phone home screen. That's probably as far as I'll go though.

@Hypolite Petovan Got home assistant buttons for my few smart lights, got my media players, email and calendar widgets. Means I can quickly start and restart music, stop my kids turning on lights in the night, and so on.

It's very weird - I'm starting to worry that it's becoming a tiling window manager for android

@silverwizard The iPhone shows you the player widget on the lock screen when music is playing, so I don't have a need for it. Also, I'm living in a very dumb home and I wouldn't want it any other way. Not sure what I would glance at for email in a widget but I see the benefit for some people.

@Hypolite Petovan Yeah - I think the iPhone and how it grinds all the apps into your face and rejects the idea of organization apart from folders makes this more complicated.

Also - yeah - smart lights are very nice for making sure kids can't turn their lights on in the middle of the night and stay up and play.

@silverwizard This sounds absolutely dystopian to me, but I've been blessed with a kid who mostly follows rules, so I'm in no position to judge.
@Hypolite Petovan I mean, it's easier than finding a stool at 2am and unscrewing his lightbulbs again