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Anyone else considered running Postfix from an android phone? Specifically incoming

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See - people want Decentralized Social Networking - so let's try it with the most battle tested protocol first
@christian mock All the people being like "I want to run my social network without servers" are annoying me so now I am considering how bad an idea being a monster would be

You could use dynamic DNS to set an MX record! Or a VPN tunnel!
I guess you even could run a medium-sized full postfix node on some android phone you pull out of the drawer, given what previous generations of hardware we ran stuff on.

Also, the best protocol for unstable connections is UUCP.
(although getting the UUCP map software to run on any OS from this millennium might be a big task)
@christian mock I'm sure you could make it work - and I'm sure some retroputer enthusiast has done it
@christian mock Yeah - shove Postfix behind DynDNS and figure out getting it a public IP it can listen on sketchily - and bam you have a decentralized serverless email client.

Of course - this is kinda crap because you need to figure out listeners. Some sort of pubsub makes sense - but that's servers. So I don't know.
For extra geek points use qmail.
@Resuna Man - I've not used qmail in a decade and never want to again

I've been OpenSMTPd enlightened but I bet I can get postfix to do something stupid more easily
About 5 years for me.