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What ever happened to that weird mess of uzbl, xombrero, surf and so on. I've heard so little about weird minimal browsers. Might be that I'm out of university - but I thought the Fediverse was filling that hole.

I never got into uzbl or surf - I was a Xombrero user due to the OpenBSD package being easy - I wonder how stable those are? Kinda the inverse of LibreWolf.

Fuckit, git clone git:// just happened

Welp, uzbl wouldn't build against webkit. They say I should build my own webkit... which maybe later. I needed to build a gnarly already to make it even get to that point.

Then I tried Surf from packages, which just straight up didn't load :'(

@silverwizard: i used to be partial to luakit if "as minimal a browser as humanly possible" is a goal. Maybe still good?