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I have multiple working pages and CSS for my statically linked website working

Soon my terrible idea will bear fruit
Just gotta deal with
1) putting some HTML in a rust binary will probably end up with a 2TB file
2) figure out how to easily serialize an image into a rust binary
I was just making fun of Rust's binary file sizes
@silverwizard This is perhaps terrible, but could you not just create a program that you could pipe an arbitrary binary file into it and it would output a rust module that defines an array of bytes that matches what was fed into it?
Yeah, basically a makefile that runs markdown on the file, makes HTML, then objcopies the html and images into a rust file, and then populates the valid pages header with the list.
@silverwizard I'm curious to see this now. Is there a git repo you can point me at?
so firstly - right now it's just me doing:
pub static {
 index: &str = "<html>...

The next step is all the objcopy shit - mostly because I don't have a sense of how to do what I want to do in rust yet, since I've probably written a total of like... 2 hours of rust.

And right now the code just sits on my laptop, sorry. I'll probably open it once it's in a reasonably acceptable place.