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Fediverse instance that picks and chooses who it talks to, so only certain people can see its posts, everyone else can't see it, hosted at Polka.Ru

You might not have Polkaroo deep in your veins since you're not an Ontario kid and your kids are younger than Polka Dot Door
My kids don't even know what TVO is. They grew up without cable and commercial breaks.
I also grew up without cable - but uh - OTA TV ;)

Shæ has seen Polkadot Shorts on youtube and therefore kinda knows TVO Kids. And knows Polkaroo from his later days after he learned to speak.
Do - Polkadot Door was a #TVOKids original for mostly toddlers and it had a budget of approximately "Anything you brought to work with you" and so had ~4 actors, probably 3.

And two were not in costumes all day, and one was. But uh... Polkaroo (the polka dotted green kangaroo that was the show's mascot) needed an actor. So literally the male host would dress in the costume, show up, do the scene with the female host, and then leave, then walk back on without costume and be like "Polkaroo was here?! I missed him again?!"
AAaaand, that was the Heritage Minute of the day :)
A Part of Our Heritage