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If you're gonna paginate a list, let people know how many pages there are, and let them skip to any item.

If I need to click an arrow >400 times with a 1 second delay between them, I'll assume you're as bad at your job as an Amazon engineer

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AWS takes all the worst UX engineers, it would seem. Every service has a different type of UX, some have filters, some don't, some have refresh, some don't etc.
Seriously! It's like.... anti-design!
Why can’t you just request the feature for the browser? Webpages don’t need it.
Seriously! Let the browser do the work! But noooooo
Need a *desgin system* and a standard javascript button which loads a blob of WASM or whatever!
They probably didn't think of that idea that the browser should do the work. Tell Google. Hopefully everyone else will follow. The *design system* probably might still not go away though.
Yeah, I'm really offended by the whole concept though.

I set my browser up to work for me, why do they do extra work to make it not work as well! Just because they dislike that I might like something different than them?!

I blame Steve Jobs and his obsession with everything looking the way he wanted