Does anyone else remember OpenID?
i really want OpenID back
remember that demo site for OpenID where you could make claims and people would back them
Oh shit! I don't!
it was really fun, just a little demo to let people try out their OpenID logins and establish links to real life reputation and other stuff, but it turned into a bit of a playground. I think it has vanished completely because I can't see anything about it now.
That kinda sucks - I love that kind of thing

I think there's something to be said about the whole LiveJournal era - where websites were a thing, but there were the outgrowths of central hubs - and the existence of people with friendships and stuff that exists, if we'd managed to add shared and cross site identity to that, it would have been a cooler space
I think I'm going to learn about PetNames or whatever the thing was, see if I can get it running
is PetNames an OpenID thing I don't know about? Because - uh - tell me more? (or link me)

I think it's part of an overall idea of identities machine-readable and otherwise, where the user isn't faced with weird UUIDs but they still get uniquely identified.
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@silverwizard YES! I've been thinking about and taking about OpenID a lot lately
Yeah! Federated Identity is a basic and sensible thing the web needs, and so much of the problems people have with platforms could be solved!

Honestly - we need ISPs to provide OpenID like emails *at the very least*
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@silverwizard I don't know about that part. I dont know where you live but in my region getting too much of your identifying information tied up in your ISP wouldn't be appreciated.
Ji Fu friendica (via ActivityPub) not to mention how many old people already feel trapped in overpriced ISPs because "I don't want to loose my email"
I mean, that makes sense. I didn't mean as the *only* option, I meant it as a quick way to give everyone an option. Kinda like how so many people are like "here's an ISP email" and then get a GMail anyway.

I have an ISP email, but I also have my domain mail!