[bookmark=]I just spent forty minutes troubleshooting a routing problem caused by me transposing two digits in a number. I've been in this biz for over a quarter century.

It doesn't matter how much experience you have: always check the very basic basics. #[/bookmark]
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@silverwizard only 40min! ... that kind of shit normally needs a new pair of eyes to fix.

Sysadmins, find arguments are ordered, beware ⚠️ especially with -delete ☠️

$ ls
bar.txt foo.txt
$ find -delete -name foo.txt
$ ls

obviously -name should come first

# #

Que Shu

I am sad thid message only exists on twitter without my intervention, hopefully I can fix that


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I am hoping to convince nerds this is the right choice for all their federated needs!

And they asked *me*!

Academy of Sorcery

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I'll bite. What's wrong with DoH?
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