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Memories of when I was a junior IT heldesk in the early 2010s and had people calling me an idiot for not knowing what Class C meant in a network

Happy #CIDRDay, everyone!

Today in 1993, Class A, B, and C addresses were deprecated in favor of classless addresses.

28 years ago.

If a computer person talks about Class C addresses, they are not competent #sysadmin

Most of us old timers would know when you're talking about a class C you're talking about a /24 regardless of what address space it is now located in, a class B a /16, and a Class A an /8. Punks would get on your case for not using modern terminology, fuck them. As long as you know what you need to configure your router, that's what matters.
Yeah, ain't gonna disagree, just need the packets in the right spot
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I just wanna be clear though:
Please stop teaching people those terms in formal education
@silverwizard Why? It's good to know the history of how things evolved.
I mean, taught as current is the problem
@HippyWizard I remember this coming up in the IT coursera course I took. I bet it will come up in the A+ study guide I'm reading through.

2020-06-29 17:45:32

I just spent forty minutes troubleshooting a routing problem caused by me transposing two digits in a number. I've been in this biz for over a quarter century.

It doesn't matter how much experience you have: always check the very basic basics. #sysadmin
@silverwizard only 40min! ... that kind of shit normally needs a new pair of eyes to fix.

Sysadmins, find arguments are ordered, beware ⚠️ especially with -delete ☠️

$ ls
bar.txt foo.txt
$ find -delete -name foo.txt
$ ls

obviously -name should come first

#linux #sysadmin

2020-01-25 09:11:28

Hello my fellow aspiring sysadmins/research software engineers/infrastructure people from Africa! We at @SANBI_SA are starting a community for like-minded people to share and learn. Please join up at

Please share! #RSE #cloud #sysadmin

I am sad thid message only exists on twitter without my intervention, hopefully I can fix that

Join us Monday at 7pm as Sean Howard @HippyWizard demonstrates #Friendica, a Free Software social media platform. Your #NonProfit organization can do the #SysAdmin for your own communications… #Net2KW #Net2 #Tech4Good

2019-11-11 01:19:25

Join us Monday at 7pm as Sean Howard @HippyWizard demonstrates #Friendica, a Free Software social media platform. Your #NonProfit organization can do the #SysAdmin for your own communications… #Net2KW #Net2 #Tech4Good
I am hoping to convince nerds this is the right choice for all their federated needs!

And they asked *me*!

2019-10-28 17:14:22

If you watch videos from BSD events: thank @BSDTV. He does most of them, as a volunteer, and doesn't get near enough credit. Or glory. Send him glory. #OpenBSD #FreeBSD #NetBSD #BSD #sysadmin

2019-09-10 11:09:01

Good on #OpenBSD for disabling DoH in Firefox.

Hoping #FreeBSD and #Linux follow suit.

Configure DNS in the operating system, not in applications. #sysadmin
I'll bite. What's wrong with DoH?