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OK, hear me out, what if the Resonance is just that the Matrix is the 6th World's first thread item #shadowrun #earthdawn

What isn't common knowledge is that Michael Eisner actually *does* own Shadowrun
2020-04-01 12:23:02
I got the worst April Prank ever. My GM told me that Disney bought the Shadowrun license. #shadowrun

2019-12-20 04:11:16
Just thinking about TTRPGs and how #shadowrun has changed its message over the years from "resist and rebel" to "cope and survive" and getting a little sad and a lot motivated to make something better.

#Shadowrun: Dragonfall would be better if Simmy was a more fleshed out character and Blitz was less

Seriously, I hate it when the party members are the story focus, and you uncover it by taking them on missions, but you have enough slots for all but one
i loved it personally.....
but the end is a doozie
it was definitely my favourite of the trilogy

but having a 5 member team and picking 4 for each run makes me want to scream

and I wanted to help out Simmy

Wait, a Mr Johnson hired a bunch of random people to commit a crime for him?


2019-05-24 13:53:49
If you’re not familiar with the story of how Boris Johnson conspired to get a journalist beaten up, i don’t blame you. It really doesn’t get mentioned enough:…