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For those with doubts about the safety of vaccines, I propose the following. #science #vaccines

2019-11-30 20:42:15

Magic, as a unique concept, is a product of the Age of Reason. Previously, there was no distinction between magic and science. I wonder is there an artificial distinction between them and/or religion? #magic #science #religion
While taking care to say I am not claiming that heralds of science or Reason are above similar abuses of language, I hold such use of "we" as you make in your last sentence for characteristic of magic/sorcery.

What I believe is that there is a massive subset of the population that's basically color-blind to the specifics of scientific reasoning and thus (1) rely essentially on the branding of relayed beliefs and affirmations to make a distinction, and (2) constrain by their mass the discussion of the issue to be on their terms. My issue with your use of "we" relates to the latter.
"We" being culture

But yes! We are 100% seeing an Online Folk Magic which looks nothing like historical folk magic, and it's fascinating

2019-02-06 12:04:33

Literature reviews in #science