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2021-03-10 13:31:00

Guys, relax. Comrade Dougie said he’s using provincial powers to destroy conservation areas because we need more affordable housing.

That’s why he’s overriding local planning to build *checks notes* a warehouse, and restaurant.


🧵The behaviour of Ontario govt leadership should not be a surprise, they simply don't consider covid that big a deal, that has been made clear with every watered-down, foot-dragging action they have taken. They've shown it time and again by their actions. ⤵️

2020-06-14 02:30:59

A Toronto cop was caught in a drug sweep. In 2007. He's been on *paid* leave for 12 years.

He's on the sunshine list. Over $100k in annual income.

Why are our taxes paying for his permanent vacation??

#DefundPolice… #onpoli @fordnation #GravyTrain

2019-12-27 18:56:35

I think the real concern here is that you used $375 worth of gas. Did you open all the windows in your giant house and try to heat all of #Nipissing, Vic? Next time you faux-outrage online perhaps double-check what you're posting to avoid being roasted by twitter. #ONPoli

Thu Sep 26 15:48:28 +0000 2019

Remember when Doug Ford said no one will lose their jobs?
Remember when Jason Kenney said Grassroots Guaranteed?
Don’t trust conservative promises they will gut the crap out of public services in order to push for private...
#ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #elxn43 #yyc #yeg #onpoli

2019-05-04 11:59:58

Ford Conservative government creating uncertainty in the business community, by canceling contracts mid way through completion. #onpoli

2019-03-21 12:24:40

Hey, @OntarioNDP & #onpoli media, SSAH & ACSD make a huge & meaningful difference to low income families w disabled kids like mine. Maybe you could pay attention to *this* instead of abusive, wasteful, junk science ABA for a few.

#AutismDoesntEndAtFord #AutismDoesntEndAtABA

2019-03-01 18:58:11

Ontario NDP Education critic @maritstiles says that Doug Ford has just put families on notice that deep cuts are coming to their children’s education — cuts that Stiles says should be stopped before they hurt children.… #onpoli #OntEd