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Devs: We should add a kiosk mode to make the application safer.
Manager: No time for such nonsense, deploy it now.

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reminds me of when the app I was using on on of these crashed to desktop and didn’t restart, so of course I dug in the start menu and started Minecraft
A child playing Minecraft on a large information kiosk

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@EndlessMason 🤷🏻‍♀️ I calls ’em like I sees ’em

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Content warning: tech ragepost

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Content warning: tech ragepost

Content warning: tech ragepost

It is just me or is NextCloud always super fucking slow no matter what?

Ok good

No matter the cores or ram I throw at it, it seems to suck
@silverwizard It is surprisingly memory hungry, isn't it?

I am so tired my eyeballs hurt, and I thought I'd caught up on this year

Apparently, no?


Don't become a father just months before a deadly global pandemic!

I have multiple working pages and CSS for my statically linked website working

Soon my terrible idea will bear fruit
Just gotta deal with
1) putting some HTML in a rust binary will probably end up with a 2TB file
2) figure out how to easily serialize an image into a rust binary
I was just making fun of Rust's binary file sizes
@silverwizard This is perhaps terrible, but could you not just create a program that you could pipe an arbitrary binary file into it and it would output a rust module that defines an array of bytes that matches what was fed into it?
Yeah, basically a makefile that runs markdown on the file, makes HTML, then objcopies the html and images into a rust file, and then populates the valid pages header with the list.
@silverwizard I'm curious to see this now. Is there a git repo you can point me at?
so firstly - right now it's just me doing:
pub static {
 index: &str = "<html>...

The next step is all the objcopy shit - mostly because I don't have a sense of how to do what I want to do in rust yet, since I've probably written a total of like... 2 hours of rust.

And right now the code just sits on my laptop, sorry. I'll probably open it once it's in a reasonably acceptable place.

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🙏may your home projects all require just the one trip to the hardware store🙏

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started writing rust in order to be the actual worst - and... I'm having fun

I mean - I've been using it for like... an hour - so definitely
Oh. I'm at it for a few weeks now, some evenings. Definitely a steep learning curve and a reminder of how much, for me, programming is about being familiar with a language and not constantly having to look up basic syntax...

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Paying a sysadmin by the hour is like a reverse swear jar
Put in a buck and they get one more swear word into their rant

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Can you seriously replicate indexes but not analyzers in OpenSearch?! WTF?! What's even the point?!

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Your periodic reminder that DNS over HTTPS does nothing for your privacy.
ODoH does not help either, because you can’t verify that ODoH is being used; it’s just as worthless as the provider’s pinky swear not to store anything.

Fuck - random file got truncated in my friendica config and completely trashed it last night. Queues going a little berzerk this morning
@silverwizard Living on the edge of the develop branch, huh?

The weird thing isn't that it was truncated, but that it wasn't filled with the actual node configuration values.

Were you able to restore it?
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I... uh.... made a bad choice a while ago and never got back on the release train

I just filled in the final values, closed the file, and things started working .... uh... hopefully?

Who called it a citrus battery and not a lemon current muffin?

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"When It Comes to Twitter, Mainstream News Outlets Should Take a Cue From Fox News. Seriously."

Must-read piece from @parkermolloy about how news outlets have bowed down to Elon Musk's tyranny instead of using their considerable power to push back against his war on journalism.

As Molloy points out, Fox once stopped tweeting for 16 months in protest. Of course, as an information warfare outlet, Fox understands how this stuff works! Legit news outlets must learn...

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Thanks for sharing this piece, Gil

Roku's Basilisk is an AI that will torture a future copy of you if you don't watch enough TV

@Spencer how do I get an android core set for two people?

I am thinking of trying it
Sounds good. If you want to stay on top of things, we've got a Fediverse presence: @Null Signal Games . We'll make a lot of noise when the remaster is live!
@Spencer @Null Signal Games cool - thanks - I was reminded about it in the non+
-profit games thread, and now that I have enough money to make mistakes, let's spend that money on people doing cool shit!

I hate how Substack just got to reinvent the blog and call it a newsletter and pretend it's not just a blog

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This is why I don't use IDEs
I type some stuff, realize that JSON wants the thing to be a string, so I add a " to the end of the line. The IDE adds two "s instead of one.
I notice after I go back to the beginning of the line, and have added a " at the beginning of the string.


I go to the end of the line, and I remove a "

I run the thing

Turns out the IDE removed both "s

Because fuck you

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@silverwizard Might be worth looking into. I do like the concept of using the simplest possible tool (says the Emacs user) though, I do like bash's Emacs-style keybindings.
@Jonathan Lamothe Yeah - mksh, nvi, and so on.
I'm currently considering using edbrowse but too busy to onboard a new simple tool

Thinking about a tabletop RPG licenses CC-BY-ND, imagine how fucking bonkers that would be!

You can give away the book, and make supplements, just not use verbatim text *if and only if* it's in a supplement.

It would be so good. It would be literally worth it to just... bundle the entire game *as an appendix* for each 3rd party supplement

Trying to figure out how something works, and I dig into my email for instructions, I find them and I say "What the fuck have I done" out loud
To be clear - the project was *my* idea, my plan, and my execution

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Well, I'm uncomfortable with this kind of thing but I'm looking to get myself #FediHired. I'm a Senior SRE for a relatively major content platform company looking for full-time remote work in #Canada. I eats my veggies and was chief-Cassandra-wrangler for a while; what gets me excited to work on in industry are Disaster Recovery, documentation, RCA, and design for resiliency. #Fedihire
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@smartwatermelon Oh trust me, I would be thankful for that; I've had my fill of US federal projects already managing our FedRAMP-related compliance efforts.

Everyone who asks me about ChatGPT gets the response "I do not use projects made by people who want to eat the blood of children".

And uh - I feel like no one knows about Ambrosia
@silverwizard @nora tindall is 🏳️‍⚧️ I'm reading that the Ambrosia startup was founded without Thiel's involvement and it somehow makes it even worse?

Character FoRKing Child Rearing to convince a nascent Volcano god to not explode everywhere


@silverwizard This picture makes me slightly uneasy.
@Hypolite Petovan lol, I am nearly dead, being silly for a 1 year old, but in a very Discordian way

You need to go back to bed to recover from all the sleep. It's the only logical choice.

"Daddy I'm afraid of ghosts!"
"Well, some people think ghosts are electromagnetic phenomenon, so you could use other em waves to beat them, like a photon, do you have a device that shoots photons?"
"I can't find my flashlight, can I use my crane?!"
"Yeah, your crane has a magnet in it, so it disrupts emfs, which is Electromagnetic Fields, and magnets change those!"

Am I a bad dad or a wizard dad?
I mean if they already understand photons and electromagnetism, you're doing something right.
@Jonathan Lamothe He's 3, gotta make sure he's learning *something*

He has a book that blinks LEDs via a light sensor, and we've done some mirror experiments and stuff to explain that light must be real

I think I am becoming an Absinthe Dude and
I am not ready for that level of selfparody
In which case ... did you know that "absinthe and coke" somehow manages to kind of work? Now you know.

D&D streams this year:
Brands have been omitted to protect a company from profits
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I just realized that WoTC did this right before releasing a D&D movie

It's a truly clownshoes move.

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Honestly, I should thank my old CTO for ambushing the department with his ridiculous quarterly roadmap bullshit. It means I spent all week having 1:1s with my fellow engineers to make sure I understood their priorities, instead of doing something useless like programming.

It's funny, just the other day someone was smugly being like "Nah man, spying doesn't matter. Microsoft already key logs you", and yet, today, Microsoft finally decided (correctly) to mark all of their own software as a trojan.

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The most annoying thing about the current "wizards of the coast is evil" debacle is that this like.... like... uh... our third rodeo? This century? Just from Dungeons and Dragons?
Sorry, I'm trying to make the larger point.
There's a company called USAopoly that just... makes knockoff Monopoly, because Parker Brothers owns the pictures of a train and the free parking picture, not the rules of Monopoly.

The main thrust of this is basically, "Wizards barely owns shit, and they're throwing a fuck of a fit over how they wanna get paid more"

I think we're saying the same thing but not quite getting it, I dunno. It's when you say "Public Domain" which this isn't even, this is freer than that.
OK - sure - yes - everyone should be not playing D&D - that has been the case since TSR.