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Can someone make an instance for all the Animals Daily and Hourly Animals accounts so I can fediblock it?

Trying to replace work slack with DeltaChat to piss everyone off

Making git less elegant would make git less painful to use

Kubernetes is the worst thing that ever happened to docker

Docker is the worst thing to ever happen to LXC

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lxc is the worst thing that happened to plan9 process namespaces.
I thought Solaris Zones were first?

And a fat layer on top of chroot is kinda valuable
i'm far from an expert on this but wikipedia claims solaris containers/zones were circa 2005. i also kinda remember hearing about them at the time. rfork and plan9 namespaces predated me by far and according to this ( they were published around 1993. :). of course the scope of isolation that they offer is different. and you can argue that solaris was a "production system". Plan9 just seems to have tried to address the problem in its design.
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I don't have the lack of headache required to separate these Plan9 namespaces from a good ol' 1979 chroot and then the later intro of zones
XD 100% honest response right there brother.
@silverwizard oh gosh I understand this and now even a significant part of the responses (but not all!) 😶😶😶
@Becky @silverwizard I understand even less, which is a compliment to Sean's teaching abilities.
@firefly_lightning I dunno what LXC is so I'm gonna be here looking impressed :flan_ooh:
LXC is just the linux container thing - it's a thing docker wraps

Basically LXC is jails to docker's iocage if you know what that is (you being a BSD person instead of a Linux person I assume the different knowledge base is there, but I dunno)
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I've had a jails lesson... but container-y things are not anything I get to play with :flan_laugh: ​ duckduck set me right. Sounds like you two have been having fun, that's cool stuff to learn about!
@pamela@silverwizard @pamela I thought lxc was purely userspace stuff? don't it and nspawn and docker and etc directly use the various kernel features under the hood?
@Neko McCatface v2023 :verified::makemeneko: @pamela :flan_butterfly: I.... have no idea

I do containers under protest only, and mostly spawn VMs and chroot processes - Becky just asked the question "what is docker"
@silverwizard @pamela :flan_butterfly: @Neko McCatface v2023 :verified::makemeneko: I've only just kind of decided I want to learn more but I keep asking questions like "how does wifi work" and then we end up talking for like 3hrs.... and I keep doing that... it has been fun tho, and hopefully I'll actually know some stuff soon. I'm appreciative I get this chance to learn...
@firefly_lightning @silverwizard that's what Kurt and I did! He's especially great at walking through how stuff developed over time. Such an excellent way to learn, hearing how stuff works combined with the bits that the other person finds interesting and wants to share
@pamela :flan_butterfly: @silverwizard oh, that's awesome! In your posts you seem to know a lot too, and it's cool to see someone else who has done the same thing as we're starting to do xD

Ug - if anyone is looking for VP of Engineering role or a Senior Python/JS Dev role - let me know - I want to replace my manager (and a major peer) with someone I trust

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1) No idea what that unicode tombstone is
2) Don't know what to call "a person I work with a lot"
@silverwizard It's a saluting emoji:

It's a joke I learned in How I Met Your Mother, every time someone uses either "major" or "general" you salute while repeating the hypothetical officer name.
Ah, of course, that makes sense
@Liwott Are you supposed to salute Privates? Or more like a general "Thank you for your service, Private Property".
@Hypolite Petovan In HIMYM they do at least one with "private" (private joke, I think), and now that you mention it maybe someone replies that one does not salute a private
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*enters a room in my memory palace*

fuck why did i come in here again

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@silverwizard How can someone refuse to use DeltaChat? Do they not have email?

I'm actually banned from Discord for reasons that were never made entirely clear. I could probably evade the ban, but I can't be bothered.
Oh, they can refuse to use DeltaChat by just... not using DeltaChat and only doing email - and me not wanting to be a jerk - since DeltaChat does a lot of things like "sending Message Read notifs" and stuff, which is real bad.

But also - my sister isn't using it so she just gets spammed by my family group chat and keeps up via email. But DeltaChat is kinda too feature creeped to be a good experience out-of-app

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Been seeing a lot about #ChatGPT lately and got my first question at the library this week from someone who was looking for a book that the bot had recommended. They couldn't find it in our catalog. Turns out that ALL the books that ChatGPT had recommended for their topic were non-existent. Just real authors and fake titles cobbled together. And apparently this is known behavior. 😮
Ooooh that's kinda fascinating. And scary.
And people are talking about using it as a research assistant (admittedly, I'm one of them, envisioning ChatGPT as some kind of personal assistant in the future)

Doesn't sound like it's remotely close to being ready for that task!

Thanks for sharing this. It's good to have real-world stories like this.
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My grandma made us dozens of costumes over the years, and now I have them for my kids, and I am so happy every time my child yells "I want my jaguar costume", it makes me feel part of a family

Been watching Forever Knight (a vampire show from the 90s about how cops are perfect, especially when they are attacking queer people, that a bunch of people have told me is really good, and I'm not feeling it, but keeping watching since possibly first season blues...)

And the beginning of every episode they're like "He wants to emerge from his World of Darkness" in the least trademark infringing way possible in 1992.

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What service is it on???
uh... ummmm.... my Emby server.... ...

But it looks like Apple and Amazon have it streaming
hehe okay cool! I used to love that show.
It feels like a show that's perfect for anyone who knows what "Afters" is for in a diner at 2 am without ever getting drunk. Someone who remembers looking up pricing fangs and going "nope". And anyone remembering fighting about when to Roll Frenzy.

All of which I 100% do.
the 90's were a great time for TV like that. Highlander, Forever Knight, Silk Stalkings ... USA Network. Heck there was even an Aaron Spelling Kindred show based on V:tM !
I own Kindred the Embraced on DVD!

I love the Highlander Show - the basic premise of the Immortal Western with a weird strict moral core and a focus on home and family is just so tense as a theme, it really shouldn't hold together, but somehow it just does!

I don't know Silk Stalkings... But yeah - I love what I've heard call the "90s DoGooder Show". There's a mostly normal world with a single magical thing who does good.

I feel like Buffy and then Supernatural really changed that entire genre to make it not really the specific thing it is. But you can super see Arrow or The Flash in Forever Knight, and that connection is fun.

There's a Live Action Witchblade show which uh... confounds me but definitely is on my to-watch list.

Unfortunately 2 kids mean I watch shows at approximately 1 episode/week.
There's an episode called 1966 and the time difference is longer. Just had one of those "Oh yeah, time exists" things

One day we will stop positing technical workarounds to "evil administrator" attacks.

"This person has (and must have) 100% access to everything, how do we stop them from accessing it?!"

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This is just a proxy for the concept that the device is owned by its originating company not its user. It's just more socially acceptable to posit an evil admin than to admit they mean .. every one of us.
This is cause by people whining about Mastodon Admins being able to read DMs and trying to figure out how to escrow E2E keys in a way that the mastodon admin can't ... just use
I mean,even without the fact that I know my administrator personally and know I can trust them.... I trust fediverse admins more than twitter and facebook and google admins who also have all that access because they're not working for a company that only cares about it's continued existence and profit
Yeah - that's definitely a thing I feel

You: Your husband can read your DMs
Twitter: Bari Weiss can read your DMs
Yes, definitely, but I think it would be reasonably true for anyone. Like I understand the anxiety, but what was that article in computer security? The one that essentially says, you need to find trust somewhere for the web to work... like understanding that it's essentially paranoia
Feudal Security - the Bruce Schneier idea - yeah
@silverwizard @Becky That was such a power move by Musk to weaken the “Your Mastodon admin can read your DM” position.
@Becky @silverwizard This is why I self-host. 🙂
I think there's definitely something to be said for the fact that you can't selfhost everything

Though I definitely am wondering if I can get a block of IPv6 and just host my own damn BGP because my ISP isn't doing it

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If anyone ever tries to convince you that your nation would be better served by a private health insurance system, rather than having government managed healthcare, that person is your enemy. They are trying to kill you.

Someone paying 10x as much for Insulin.

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This person is talking to you, England!

It is a matter of time before this country gets health care socialized, or the nation dissolves

Which is why our health care systems parasites are now looking for places to exploit. Can't exploit something that has been ruined

Don't let them do this to you
If anyone tries to convince you that a public health system like the British NHS is the answer, kick the person in the butt.
Currently, a high number of people are dying every day because of malfunction of the NHS.

I cannot tell the answer, but having everything done by the government is definitely not good.

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@holgerjakobs That’s because the Conservative government have starved the NHS of funds and run it into the ground over 13 years to pave the way for introducing a private insurance system. The mess it’s in is to make people question it and think ‘maybe we need another system’. Stats show under Labour the NHS was properly funded and outcomes better. We need another Government - investing in it, paying staff properly to retain them - not a different NHS.

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@holgerjakobs Having something run by the government does not mean it cannot be mismanaged. Especially, if said government uses the same neo-liberal methods trying to run their health care more "cost-efficient".
There is no cutting costs when it comes to someone's health - there is either doing everything you can to make them better or doing the bare minimum and telling them "sorry, but we don't have money for more."
At least you can vote against that government...

Linux just .... sometimes.... forgets that computers older than a year exist doesn't it

I have a bunch of computers from 2012, completely fine computers, just don't use EFI, and devuan is freaking the fuck out and refusing to setup grub

Do you think @Becky will notice if I use FreeBSD?
I know right!

Though my ... work... tablet... (listen, it has a mechanical keyboard...) runs linux

But I am not certain about the Wacom options

Also - freebsd also failed the "boot on this thinkcentre" test
*listens for the mechanical keyboard* … oh, oh yeah… I think I hear it…

I need to automate our pipeline automation - and uh - I love recursion
@silverwizard "We have to go deeper" - from a movie whose title has unfortunately nothing to do with the recursion it depicts.

Friendica upgrade is the easiest upgrade I know of, git pull and you're dun.
Wait wait wait!

git pull
cd addons
composer install --no-dev
git pull
cd ..
php bin/console.php dbstructure upgrade

Missing a step can cause *real* issues!
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atm I'm using no addons, wanna debug my missing text problem before I start playing with those
Then you don't need to run the pull on addons, but definitely run composer and dbstructure upgrade
@silverwizard @Lorraine Lee You should run the composer step in Friendica's base directory, not in addons. 😉
Well, maybe, if you want things to work

I also typed that from memory
php bin/console.php dbstructure update
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When designing a user interface, imagine some old woman using it, say Margaret Hamilton, and she's clicking your app's buttons and saying to you, as old people do,

"Young whippersnapper, when I was your age, I sent 24 people to the ACTUAL MOON with my software in 4K of RAM and here I am clicking your button and it takes ten seconds to load a 50 megabyte video ad and then it crashes

I'm not even ANGRY with you, I'm just disappointed."

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Huh talk about Margaret Hamilton and there she is!

and there's a million things she hasn't done
but just you wait

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Exactly 14 years ago , Satoshi Nakamoto designed the most pathetic / inefficient system ever invented by humankind : the blockchain.

Today, it weights 60 000 tons, wastes constantly 10 gigawatts (more than Belgium or Chile) to process less than 7 transactions per second :

Less than a 33 bps modem from 1990.

This could be a joke if it didn't have such gigantic environmental impact, wasn't enabling billion dollars ransomware industry and was not crushing thousands of lives in the process.
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