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2020-04-11 21:14:59

I’m very wary of people who say “put all information on the one page” for an encounter as a result of the experience with the delve layout. Inline stat blocks? Tremendously problematic because of the space they use and how they interfere with adventure flow. #dnd

2020-03-14 21:15:53

Is this another D&D Coronavirus meme?
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2019-10-17 23:05:09

This might be a bad idea... But like, follow, and RT and I'll hook you up with your very own Twitter #dnd Statblock based on your profile.


Important thread
2019-10-04 01:25:09

Hi everyone, it's me, @justJamieDean.

This is a thread about #FeastOfLegends, Wendys, #CriticalRole, and why I've decided to step away from the #dnd #ttrpg community.

Warlock, Sorcerer, Barbarian, Druid Bard, and Rogue

Picking one: sorcerer
2019-09-27 17:35:27

If you had to delete one #DnD class from ever existing in the game, which class would it be?
Barbarian. Full stop.
They are definitely just double fighter, but the lack of non-casters stays my hand there

Amazing Game Play
New Takes on Skill Conflicts & Magic
Systems for injuries, morale, Noir, Horror, & Warfare
A Rich Sci-Fi Fantasy Setting
Wide Open Advancement System

The #ttrpg Carbyne Jungle hits #Kickstarter, on 8/15 ⬇️

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Background are 5e's best feature!

I tend to play Criminal, Hermit, or Sage

But building NPCs I put more thought into Background than class or race

There's always talk about favorite class or race to play, but what is your favorite background to use?

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2019-07-10 05:22:47

Ok, as a result of parenting I am writing a book for D&D of boring magic that adventurers wont use

But I want to add a new warlock *pact* not patron. Has anyone else done this? Is there advice for it?


Ok, as a result of parenting I am writing a book for D&D of boring magic that adventurers wont use

But I want to add a new warlock *pact* not patron. Has anyone else done this? Is there advice for it?

Yes, I was indeed expressing my opinion about D&D, not about your specific work that looks like it could have been part of a D&D book.

And I feel at some point mechanics harm both the Role and the Play in RPG to become Legalese-Game I guess?
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I mean, D&D is a tactical game, rules are a shared language between player and gamemaster, making sure that's consistent matters

Burning Wheel does this *better* but is still tactical, but shoves narrative into those tactics

Fate does tactical *super* well while being narrative

Personally I like tactical games for that shared fiction, it's easy to agree on how the flavour works so you and the GM can agree on what exists. Games like Fiasco and Soth are hard to predict, you can't know how things are going to go, since you don't have a consistent set of tools, which makes them harder to run for people who plan

now, as someone who doesn't plan... I play too many games

but I am trying to make a tool for my friends and I to be able to have predeclared rules that *aren't* all for fighting

Why is an Interstellar Dragon University not on your random encounter table?

2019-03-17 17:02:19

I want to run or play a Spelljammer game. Who’s with me? #DnD

Witch+Craft is a new crafting system for 5e games, complete with character customization options, a new setting, and an adventure! Inspired by Kiki's Delivery Service, it emphasizes self-care and a love of craftsmanship: #dnd #homebrew #Kickstarter