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So, based on what people were talking to me about yesterday, I think I have started to write my #cybercityconf talk for next year

So, based on what people were talking to me about yesterday, I think I have started to right my #cybercityconf talk for next year

I was super glad that #cybercityconf had pronouns on badges, I met someone there who I only have seen at tech conferences, and since I had last met them they had changed pronouns. Meant I could be seem less in talking to them

Pronouns help speech!

I've been out of the AWS loop, so @eSentire mentioning ENI mirroring for IDS/IPS is exciting


I am glad that @BinaryTat is talking about compliance deeper, since it's so much of your security #cybercityconf

I keep hearing things about insider threat, inadvertant and intentional as a major theme


I think I managed to me a good hacker and talk about important things
2019-10-01 15:47:23

We enjoyed Sean Howard aka @hippywizard from @roadmunk's tips of how to secure your startup!

What tip resonated most with you?

photos by @gusmaru





Big fan of this talk
I expected to learn less than I did #cybercityconf
2019-10-01 13:27:44

What happens in the first 48hrs of a ransomware attack?
Hans Study is telling us all about it now!
photos by @gusmaru


I need to calm down and be excited for #cybercityconf
It really is! So far solid hacking!