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You see, mining rare earth elements and production of batteries, and overcomplicated technical crap is 100% emission free.
2020-07-29 14:04:31

Emission free and it cuts down on cars in downtown core areas. Glad to see Albertans are gravitating this way. #abpoli #ableg #Alberta #ClimateChange #ClimateEmergency
Not as much as the relationship density suggests, I'd wager. Unlike other web giants who actively expect worldwide traffic except when they are barred from operating (then they cooperate with the local government to pass along user data), Uber only expects traffic from locations where it is enabled, reducing the overall infrastructure needs.
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2020-01-06 22:18:27

Cars are being banned from the centre of Oslo.
Parking spaces are to be replaced with flower beds. 🌸
60km of cycle lanes are being built. 🚲

We have solutions to the #climate crisis. Let's implement them.

#energy #sustainability #innovation #greencities #climatechange