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Member how reddit mods went on strike and reddit responded by forcing them to reopen subs?

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I think about that every so often

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I know I have followers and moots that really dislike the anti-AI movement. I freely admit that I am heavily biased against the technology, and probably make some unfair conclusions because of thst. But part of my frustration comes from how much of the current applications of AI tech are predicated on the idea that making creative work - writing, drawing, singing, songwriting - *cheaper* is more important than making it *better*.

This is a capitalist attitude. Starting from this premise is an anti-labor stance. That is why I start from anger on this topic.

you are overestimating the intentionality involved. The current state of AI does not permit it to improve the quality of art. An artist could use it to improve the quality of art, but it cannot do it alone. The goal is to replicate humans so that the machine is indistinguishable from humans. All technology is anti-labor in the sense of the John Henry story, but pro-labor in that it increases wages. The tech involved is open source, so it’s unstoppable.
@economics I am not overestimating the intentionality of humans who have said in interviews that they are excited to replace human artists with AI tools, when I say that people are excited to replace human artists with AI tools
I write short stories and have a few screenwriting credits; I am also a research scientist. I wrote my first AI in 1989. Very little of what I do couldn’t be replaced by AI. I have no doubt they are excited to replace artists just as others were to be rid of typists, secretaries, and computers. Several hundred thousand attorney jobs were recently eliminated by AI, also bricklayers. But it isn’t that good yet. Use the tools and improve art. The world already changed.
@economics I'm more interested in using this recent set of advancements as a catalyst for better worker protections and welfare systems. Then they can eliminate whatever jobs they want without people getting hurt.
I strongly agree with you. At least in the US, worker protections are abysmal. I considered running for the legislature just for that reason. There are really useful things that could be done that would either be economically neutral or improving, whose impact would be substantial. However, the Great Society was undone by Nixon because it was disrupting local, rural power structures. Be ready for a fight.
Programming also counts as creative labor! And our jobs are just as much at risk of being "automated" - even if that automation system is way worse, it's just to save some money on paper before the end of the fiscal year.

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The irony is that @Becky only knows Hbomberguy from the time he liked my post, then immediately removed the like and made the same post

@lady deathbird @Becky I don't really begrudge him, it's just incredibly funny

We were both being pedantic about lighting in the Star Trek Mirror Universe

I need to write a novel called Do Not Wear Your Body To The Internet apparently

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It's fascinating to see that, after a decade of desperately trying to convince people there was no reason for perl to fall out of use (and there wasn’t), everyone conceded that it had happened and the fight was over.

And then suddenly, once it's no longer constantly under attack, people are now rediscovering it and being delighted by how good it is for solving real world problems.

It's not going away because it's actually the right tool for so many tasks.

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@nuintari I am still scarred from managing Majordomo.
@nuintari For better or worse, it's still my go-to tool for data processing, after...20?...years.

I was trying to explain a security situation to a coworker in order to design an auth flow, and I got to send them the security incident response from 1password to the Okta breach, since it was exactly the kind of issue we were attempting to prevent. So thanks so much to 1Password for publishing

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The grim reaper meme finally pulling Henry "war criminal" Kissinger out of the claw machine with the text:

Henry Kissinger!
Fucking Finally!

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A reminder that Spotify continues to find new ways to not pay smaller artists while simultaneously paying hundreds of millions of dollars to white supremacists like Joe Rogan.

Please consider other ways of getting your music.

@joncamfield wasn't Plex inexplicably sending this data to friends and family lately, to great embarrassment of many involved parties? :blobcatgiggle:


@rysiek nah it was less sensitive data than just how much swift I’ve listened to this year, like passwords

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this would be not great if the British Library wasn’t notorious for demanding ridiculous levels of ID evidence from its readers for registration. as it is, however, it is truly truly atrocious.

British Library hack: Customer data offered for sale on dark web #BritishLibrary @bookstodon

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@silverwizard @Sjoerd Levelt Doesn’t this joke work better with the British Museum?

@silverwizard @hypolite In fairness, the British Library Reading Room used to be in the British Museum.

And they are both national British institutions. But I am pretty sure that the Library has acquired its collections with appropriate consideration, and nothing there is stolen, AFAIK.

However, I still get your point.

Keeping a Root Cause Analysis a Blameless Root Cause Analysis sucks, and stopping people from blaming *themselves* is included in there

So I think I can combine my two current projects and get Hannah Montanna Linux up and running and use that to play qSpaceHulk

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My uncle works at nintendo and says wario has achieved AGI

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I feel like I'm the only person on earth who puts their laptop to the right of their monitor
@silverwizard Miner is to the right, but it's in a vertical laptop holder because I have two monitors.
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@Rivetgeek Yeah - that's a different beast! One day I'll be all monitors no laptop

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It's 2023, and / - \ | is still the perfect spinner animation.


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I just got an invite for a meeting at "Wednesday 10-11" and I was like "wait, isn't that in the past.

The fact that it was next week dawned on me a second later. That tells you everything you need to know about my meeting schedules

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Turns out that no one wants to work at Microsoft, not even Sam Altman

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@silverwizard I was welcoming the move expecting Microsoft’s corporate culture to smother the AI cult leader. What now?

@Hypolite Petovan Yeah! I thought that too!

But the Uno Reverse Card happened and now he fired the board and is now the CEO again

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KERNEL -> DOCKER -> GRPC-> DBUS. The bug starts at the kernel, docker doesn’t handle that well but keeps going and well GRPC also doesn’t handle it and finally dbus, gets the blame but technically it’s not at fault. To fix this I’d have to fix bugs in 4 different stacks. Container infrastructure is inherently complicated, disjointed, nested and messy.

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🍁The Steam Autumn sale is ON!🍁

All our games are 30-70 percent off until November 28th!

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This might be a good opportunity to familiarise yourself with the edit button 😄
It's Mastodon, Dave. You can EDIT posts. 😉
Having played a shocking one of those nine, I need to get on this.

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Maybe hire an archivist to organize your company's shared drive of folders that have been yeeted in randomly, and help tackle the backlog of knowledge that prevents people from being able to go on vacation or retire because no one else knows what they know. It may be low level work in your eyes, but that's also why your problem never gets better when you assign it as a three month project to an intern... once every few years.

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Remixing this post: hire an anarchist to disorganize your company, yeet profits out, and tackle your CEOs. No one should ever work.
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My discord friend just pointed out that Scott Pilgrim is Night In The Woods for people who graduated

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what happens when i like both

@taco, bird/cat :verified420: you're allowed to like both

But I think there's some level of empathy with Scott that gets lost if you didn't spend your whole life stuck in school until 22, Scott's inability to be a whole adult feels very tied up in that, and I think a lot of people kinda mess that up trying to empathize with him

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The true value of being a Sysadmin these days is that your job description is futzing with broken crappy software, so you get paid for it rather than have it block your work

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The top causes of personal bankruptcy in the USA are job loss and medical expenses. Fellow Canadians, please do not take our socialized health care system for granted. It needs to be protected. Fixed, yes. But not done away with.

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My 4yo is stressed out about The Princess Bride, I'm worried I did a bad dad

This is approx the age I saw it, but

@silverwizard 4 seems a little early for me, we watched it with my kid when she was 7. At this time she was already jaded outside of incomprehensible Minecraft-themed comedic shorts on YouTube.
@Hypolite Petovan we have been managing Youtube fairly responsibly, watch a lot of content about pokemon, but very little "kid mush", but he's more upset by the tension than the fear

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"infrastructure as code" for the love of god what are you doing, do you know what you want from infrastructure, have you ever met code

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I wonder if someone has written about IaC as (further) alienating programmers from any whiff of people who do physical labour (like racking servers). Or for that matter, the idea that there are people who do valuable work that is not programming.

(Then of course the IaC people got demoted to 'devops', not 'real programmers', because this is the way of the tech industry.)

@cks I can’t help but immediately see the similarities to Marx’s “commodity fetishism” here…

My first two years as a TD were spent doing IaC, as a person who had just spent four years racking servers - I filled an important niche in the team in actual fact but felt pretty incompetent the whole time.

I have "hot take" level opinions more generally about "User Friendlly" and how that all worked out. This is part of the set.

@mhoye I once met a system where they enforced DRY on all the code

Meaning we had a meta makefile which used make to run terragrunt to run terraform to build 40 AWS accounts with 40 separate unrelated configs

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So fucking funny when people believe that this messed-up system we live in somehow "fosters innovation" or some shit. Look at the world, man. Innovation has basically stopped cold, altogether, globally. Technological innovation has stopped because in between all their fictions of money and productivity there's no funding to be found, and social innovation has stopped because this narcissist fucking culture somehow believes itself to be the pride of creation. It's fucking pathetic. We're not getting anywhere.

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It doesn’t help knowing that every country which issues its own currency easily could give every citizen a liveable wage without affecting inflation. It would grow the economy and everyone, even billionaires, would benefit.

The current system is like a game of Monopoly where one player would start out with $1000, three with $10 and eight with $1.


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The medical sector is - almost without exception - absolutely dreadful at anything to do with computers. Digital Health evangelists rush forwards to unified records, research datasets which they assure you are "deidentified" but which actually aren't and data- and appification of everything.

The benefits are almost entirely speculative and unrealised but the harms are real:

When the media seek opinion on what this means, they go to the AMA (clueless, see above), cybersecurity academics (no health content knowledge) and the opinions offered are platitudinous and meaningless.

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when the Computer was created, heroes vowed to end its malevolent reign. the only thing powerful enough to destroy the Computer? a type of advanced weapon called Software. the battle has been ongoing for decades, with the Computer fending off all manner of assaults, and growing exponentially more powerful. but soon, the end is in sight. our heroes have the upper hand. we have mighty stacks of Software, tall as castles. soon the Computer will slow to a crawl, and its evil will be stopped forever

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@josef Why yes, I’m an SJW, a Software Justice Warrior.

Made mini loaves of bread and whipped cream into butter for lunch. Added some brie and cheddar and some basic vegetables.

Next time I need to whip in some garlic to the butter

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How to interpret RFC 2119 keywords:

- SHOULD: do this
- MAY: don't do this
- MUST: I'm going to open a can of whoop ass if you don't do this

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* there is no actual can of whoop ass, I'm just saying that I would if I had one

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SpaceX gears up for second flight of Starship rocket, launches marketing campaign “Own a Piece of the Starship” to households under anticipated flight path.

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My least favourite trope in media is that you need a more powerful computer to hack something.

"I need a half billion gigs of RAM to hack this system!"

I mostly seem to need small devices with a hardware keyboard to hack systems. Come on get me a new Nokia N900 replacement, netbooks or even just a cheap transforming tablet.
“I need a much scarier-looking rubber hose to hack this system!”

@silverwizard Reader Mode, man, it solves everything.

@Hypolite Petovan Reader mode should be the only mode

Web designers should be ashamed of themselves for existing

@Titan Up the Defense You brought up the Unwear On The Outside thing on a recent episode

Somewhere in this channel Chris told me that it was because it made Superman look like a Circus Strong Man, and the strong men wore them because when lifting big heavy things their pants split a lot.

Imagine you were lifting a tank over your head and your pants split!