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Bad people in the sense of not very emotionally aware, and bad at giving emotionally, not like, villains

#UnknownArmies pitch:
You are the team Elon Musk uses to clean up his paranormal "experiments"? (Jokes? Pranks? Trolls?)
@HippyWizard alternatively: you are the victims of said team
@SaddestRobots See, I feel like that's less horrifying
@HippyWizard probably. but your lives have been uppended by the pettiest, dumbest bullshit. stale memes, basically.

In 2020 if I make an #UnknownArmies magic school called numistamancy, I need to make a spell called "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher", right?
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Thanks, I hate it!
Good, I strive to annoy