Create a Stephen King adventure for your # campaign!

"It was a nice day, until someone found an evil [THING]inside a [THING], and then TEH HORRORS!"

Place: Roll 1d6
1-5 = Maine
6 = somewhere else

Number of main Characters: Roll1d6
1-5 = 4 boys/men
6 = 1 man

Profession of main character: Roll 1d6
1-5 = Writer
6 = Roll again

How it ends: Roll 1d6
1-5 = Completely unrelated to the thousand of pages you just read.
6= Roll again
Silver Dragon Mountain

I should make a #TTRPG just called "Cybersecurity" and annoy everyone with how boring and generic it sounds
Temple of Mishakal

Important thread

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Hedge Maze

Last Heroes Tomb
> Transhumanism is about how technology will eventually help us overcome the problems that have, up until now, been endemic to human nature. Cyberpunk is about how technology won't.

Literally from a post dunking on how bad some game called Cyberpunk is. Is it the same game? That would be ironic.

(yes, the tweet is about a map maker, not the game itself)
The dungeon tiles are a different font, so probably.

I also disagree with the point that Cyberpunk can't do good Cyberpunk, since, well, I've run a bunch of Cyberpunk in it. I think the author isn't leaning into the 80s RPG action aspect, since he's writing in a context where RPGs have changed a lot, and asking a very old game to be like a modern game.

I just liked the quote.
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