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Is there a good way to set arbitrary headers in #OpenBSD's #httpd? Man page seems to say no?

Crap. Thanks

I guess I have to set that up.
No. You need to config and use relayd!

#OpenBSD #relayd #headers #Floc

but only 325 lines of shell :flan_thumbs:
I didn't realize it was all shell! (Bah, I need to source dive more)

Man! It's a privilege to do stuff in the #FreeBSD and #OpenBSD communities - that are just ... awesome
I had made a pretty stupid error when it came to hosts on Bhyve. I asked a (hopefully) clear question, and the FreeBSD community answered it (make sure vfs.zfs.arc_max is <=1/4 total system memory) really quickly, and clearly! While also being good at asking questions, and kind.

the main reason I never do this in the OpenBSD community is because I've almost never encountered an undocumented problem.

Getting better at documentation is one of my goals for the year, and helping both projects is a goal.

Sadly, one of my main goals as a sysadmin is to never do anything exciting - so I don't end up in novel or surprising situations much to help.
I think it's mostly for bhyve guests, since they have less insight into the system, and so if you have a few, it can cause you problems. But yeah - might be good in a man page somewhere - the main question is - which one would surface it best.

Hmmm - gonna think about that and then submit a patch I guess.

I’ve patched Mozilla‘s authenticator-rs to get U2F/FIDO with Firefox on #OpenBSD 6.6-current. Now we have to build it into the browser port somehow, get it tested, and potentially into upstream. reshared this.

ty! for all users: thanks you!

Man pages shed no light, so #OpenBSD question that I don't want to throw at a mailing list yet:
Mednafen and retroarch segfaulting directly at startup? On Arm? Known issue?
there is a kernel hackathon going on at the moment, temporary breakage wouldn't surprise me.
6.6-stable :(
I am only running -current in one spot, since trying to have my TV which rarely connects to the internet track current would suck
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in that case, try a snapshot?
I'll try on my similar-but-different -current device
Shiiiiiiiit - it works on -current >.<
You could also ask on IRC or Matrix.

#OpenBSD's mail system (OpenSMTPD) is the best mail server I have tested. Works perfectly almost out of the box. Just setup relaying and IMAP access.

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2019-10-28 17:14:22

If you watch videos from BSD events: thank @BSDTV. He does most of them, as a volunteer, and doesn't get near enough credit. Or glory. Send him glory. #OpenBSD #FreeBSD #NetBSD #BSD #sysadmin

Updated #OpenBSD image for #pinebook available.
Now based on u-boot 2019.10 and FVWM2, contains official sxipwm and pwmbl drivers.
Screenshot of FVWM2 Window Manager.

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2019-09-10 11:09:01

Good on #OpenBSD for disabling DoH in Firefox.

Hoping #FreeBSD and #Linux follow suit.

Configure DNS in the operating system, not in applications. #sysadmin
I'll bite. What's wrong with DoH?

2019-07-13 05:29:16

Infosec peeps could recommend #OpenBSD more, but... money

WordPress could recommend static hosting, but... money

When money drives the world, efficient solutions stand in the way of those happy to profit from suboptimal solutions

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