My Daughter Sophie Painted another Puffy Painting... I'm very Proud of her. # # #
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ty! for all users: thanks you!

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Man pages shed no light, so #OpenBSD question that I don't want to throw at a mailing list yet:
Mednafen and retroarch segfaulting directly at startup? On Arm? Known issue?
there is a kernel hackathon going on at the moment, temporary breakage wouldn't surprise me.
6.6-stable :(
I am only running -current in one spot, since trying to have my TV which rarely connects to the internet track current would suck
in that case, try a snapshot?
I'll try on my similar-but-different -current device
Shiiiiiiiit - it works on -current >.<
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You could also ask on IRC or Matrix.

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Updated #OpenBSD image for #pinebook available.
Now based on u-boot 2019.10 and FVWM2, contains official sxipwm and pwmbl drivers.
Screenshot of FVWM2 Window Manager.
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I'll bite. What's wrong with DoH?

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