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i would love being a mobile developer under communism we could make mobile devices so much more useful than they are. it’s a computer in your pocket! and they’re hamstrung by profit

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or like… games that are actually good lol
There are a few, but they are increasingly hard to come by because, yea, profits

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Alternate way to tax bug tech:
Levy fines of a few million a month to enough places for crimes inherent in their business model
@silverwizard Is "Bug Tech" specifically about surveillance technology?

Made cinnamon nutmeg pancakes (called pumpkin spice), kids are excited

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I’m always baffled by the suggestion that an #LLM could write my articles for me. That only works if plenty of people have written a very similar article already, which begs the question why I should write it in the first place.

I just actually screamed at Google Calendar

Holy shit - how can a calendar be this bad?!

Did you know you can only put Events on secondary calendars?! Team communication?! Fuck it!

My 4yo dropped a thing and said "I can't find it! It disappeared! I must be learning magic!"

When I recently replaced my server I went from 64 GB of RAM to 128GB, and now I'm seeing that i'm using 54% of that at steady state, so apparently I needed the upgrade

also - damn

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From comments I've seen here and there, I get the feeling that there is a bit of a bottleneck when it comes to finding people that can convert material to Roll20, and I was wondering if anyone has any more insight into this. Am I just hearing random weirdness, or is this an area of growth that's outstripping capacity in RPGs?

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Tbh, the bottleneck is Roll20. They use a bespoke system for rendering custom sheets that puts limits on the CSS and JavaScript that can be used. The scripting is arcane .There's no development environment—you basically have to load the individual files for the sheet in their character sheet sandbox to see what the sheet looks like (in other words, you can't develop the sheet independently and then upload it).

Is there a good SBC that supports HDMI and will do native full Android?
I'm looking to build a tablet with a 4 yo, and I don't wanna use a raspi, but I wanna plug everything in, no soldering.

Odroid? Pine64? OrangePi? Any advice?

#sbc #diy #android

@">Mr Bitterness :mastodon: @F00F/Eris :cat_is_blob_and_melt: ☯️ I haven't heard of Punch Drunk Love nor Uncut Gems. I'll consider them.

I'm not a big Sandler fan and I didn't like all of the jokes, but overall I did enjoy Pixels and Don't Mess with the Zohan.

Fuck - I'm using dwm again and a proper OS

Having a nice computer again is kinda nice. It kinda sucks - I've been enjoying the hell out of convertible tablet computers - but it's hard as hell when doing the touchscreen thing.

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People keep telling me to not be technical when we are answering security questionnaires, but they are just *wrong* in their definitions of words and not accepting that these words mean things. "Mobile Device Policy means cellphones" is just stupid
I routinely record less than perfect scores on our corporate security awareness training check ups because the writers of the tests don’t know what “might”, “could”, and “never” mean.

I am starting to use Tridactyl without a mouse to use Firefox. I'm starting to think I should dig out my Tap keyboard in order to try to use it as a mouse.

Ok - someone has stolen a cool fucking WorldCoin orb - will you send it to me? I wanna make it a server.

Fuck - I want a spherical server forever

@silverwizard So the latter, "do as I say, not as I do". Plus white collar crime, I suppose.
@Hypolite Petovan Yeah - the US definitely is just intervening because it's rich people and their whole stance of "US Citizens should be immune to law enforcement"

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LB, if you’re waiting for a benevolent government to do this math and tell you that you should mask again, that ship has sailed in the interest of capital, so you’re gonna have to be strong enough to put on one without having that handy reason.
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my middle one listens to audiobooks for bedtime when he’s with his mom.

When he’s with me he always wants to listen to that one episode of a podcast about war history where the hosts decided to talk about Warhammer 40k lore instead…

@Tinyrabbit ✅ yeah, he *normally* listens to audiobooks of Dragon Masters before bed. But just one night he's like "I want to listen to songs about Puffy"

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I have unilaterally decided to hack the planet. Any requests for what to do while I have a root shell?
[ root@🌎 /~ ]

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Get rid of the mosquitoes.

Wife's birthday is Saturday

I think the cake plan is a Queen Mother Cake, a nougat middle layer, a peanut butter frosting, and then cover that with the standard queen mother hard chocolate icing

Going for a "chocolate bar but it's a cake", as was the request

Youtube is a weird fucking beast.

It's a first class media type. It is definitely the new Television. But no one is making money from youtube ads, and external services (sponsors, patreon, and so on) is where the money is. But the *value proposition* of Youtube is supposed to be money.

But the value is obviously discoverability. Not even just the recommendation engine, but because if you search for a thing, Google will give you YouTube links early in the listings, and lots of people search for media on YouTube first. To the point I suspect it's the most popular music, book, video, and podcast platform.

There's literally no value to youtube basically. But because of how centralized everything got, it's nearly impossible to break out of. We *just* need better tools to search the web. It's literally all we need. And because of that, they're all getting incredibly bad.

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why not matrix?

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> matrix expects the json to be in canonical form, except the spec doesn’t actually define what the canonical json form is strictly, so there’s every possibility different implementations will end up generating different signatures for the same event.

I did not know this, that is so fucked

>speaking of moderation, this is notoriously difficult too, as moderation relies entirely on the functioning of the event auth system and breaks down if state resets happen or if someone abuses their power.

not even that, I don't even have any tools to moderate. I own one public room where you need to manually get message write privileges assigned. there still was harassment towards the members. fuck all members, how can I stop invites sent to *me* from, say,

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Simple and Small Git Hosting

#development #developer #blog #git

today I learned! I've been wanting my own git server but I'm pretty constrained on hardware so something I can run on a potato is very appealing

Gitea has a feature to mirror and keep in sync, with options on how frequently to update. It tracks branches and tags, but issues and PRs (as non-git data) are not synced. is my local mirror of OpenTTD from GitHub, although if I was doing it again I would set it up with a dedicated user instead of my normal account.

So I have a Shadowrun GM who wants to run deep political intrigued and complex cons

But he's absolutely awful at it

So he trying to run a political grift that we're opposing and we found why the politician who had backed down, they had received a note saying "Change your vote, or else"

And I was like "ok, but this is a grift, what the fuck is actually happening, we gotta figure out why nothing made her fold" and then the GM was like "oh, it had an explicit death threat"

And I think I'm offending him because I keep thinking that "a politician receiving death threats" wouldn't even crack the top ten surprising things that had happened to her in a day. But he keeps saying how this is deep politics and no hints we have to figure it out.

"Or else" isn't very specific. At the very least include a photo of the politician's children at their school or something. That's what makes a threat at least somewhat credible.

I'm also running a somewhat political game, but it's not that deep. I'm mostly following the SRM4 adventures, fleshing them out a bit more here and there. I want to do a bit more with the corruption around the Backhaven administration, but I'm not sure how. It's mentioned a lot in various sources, but never very fleshed out.

@Martijn Vos yeah that makes sense!

And yeah! It is a very minor unactionable letter with no proof they can *do* anything. As I read it, it's a violent person blowing off steam, sure, it could be a problem, but that's why you have security!

I was expecting some level of:
inside person who was leveraging a weakpoint to talk her into being stressed out and afraid, balanced by threats and perhaps demonstrations, but apparently not

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I wrote about the idea of craft -- a concept I've been hearing a lot lately in conversations about software work and often find myself wrangling with. But it also turned out to be about my grandpa. In a year of many losses, I have been thinking a lot about those I love and try to take with me in everything I do.

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Beautifully written piece! Thanks for sharing that.
(Missourian here) where was he from in Missouri?

My 4yo doesn't understand "I don't mind you sleeping in our bed when you're really scared. It's the kicking me in the face in the morning that I don't like"
Welp, my 2yo has apparently grown up enough that's he's started the plan of cuddling his face into his mom, and kicking his dad repeatedly in the face when he's too sick to sleep on his own without crying

My boot config gets lost so damn much, across multiple disk arrays across different hardware, I'm just about ready to give up on freebsd
@silverwizard Is this your “I’ve been kidnapped and I’ve been able to send only one innocuous-looking social media post but completely out of character for my friends” canary?

@Hypolite Petovan It does fucking look like it doesn't it.

I'm so fucking annoyed. This is three times I've put together a valid zpool and then booting from it fucked up. On three HBAs and two chassis. I've also replaced all but 3 disks

"Why knit it yourself when you can buy it from!"

This is still one of the greatest ever put downs of Mastodon, to be fair.
Tweet saying “Mastodon is basically your mum saying ‘We don’t need to spend good money on expensive ewitter - I’ll knit you one’.”

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Another interesting #perl module by @leont : You can do this:

use Magic::Check;
use Types::Standard 'Int';

check_variable(my $var = 1, Int);
$var = "abc"; # this will throw

We're getting great momentum for having data checks in the perl core. @leonerd even threatened to just go ahead and implement something.

I'm really looking forward to this!

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We suspect there isn't a nice solution currently. Anything magic-based will be horribly slow and inefficient as it has to shadow things all the way down. If you wanted anything approaching performant it would likely require some new feature adding to Perl itself.
I assume because Perl data structures are exposed internally, there’s not even a way to hook into dereferencing?
There's ways sure; if you want every read and write access to be hugely slowed down. The trouble isn't making it at all; the trouble is making it not get in the way
is it possible to have separate, slower checked variables instead, without magic? (akin to polymorphism)

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microsoft made excel execute python code in the cloud because it was easier than shipping a working python install on windows

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Another wonderful episode of @techwontsaveus !

I was particularly struck by how much Weizenbaum's work presages the issues we are confronting today and the part towards the end about how judgment requires values which require lived experience.

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Well, the first question is copyright.
Based on the publication date and because of the USA's maximalist copyright law, it doesn't look like it will enter the public domain until 2072.

The Internet Archive preview lists the copyright as W.H. Freeman and Company, which is owned by Macmillan? I don't know if that means they own the copyright, but probably? So you'd probably have to contact them and ask if they'd be willing to reprint it.

IANAL etc.

One chapter most people forget about in _Computer Power an Human Reason_ is the chapter about “bit hackers” or computer addiction. Listening to his history in the Podcast, I realized he was criticizing himself and those who had more computer time at the cost of human experience.