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Sysadmins, find arguments are ordered, beware ⚠️ especially with -delete ☠️

$ ls
bar.txt foo.txt
$ find -delete -name foo.txt
$ ls

obviously -name should come first

#linux #sysadmin

2020-02-11 14:46:00

Keeping syslog-ng portable means that it needs to be tested regularly on a variety of platforms. Not just on #Linux x86_64, but also on different operating systems, like #FreeBSD and #MacOS, and hardware, like @Arm, @OpenPOWERorg and even #s390:

2019-11-12 16:21:02

I wonder what percentage of #Linux developers realize their choices not only affect different init systems on Linux, but also the BSDs:…

This type of tech, #systemd and #docker being prime examples, are forms of open source vendor lock-in.

2019-09-10 11:09:01

Good on #OpenBSD for disabling DoH in Firefox.

Hoping #FreeBSD and #Linux follow suit.

Configure DNS in the operating system, not in applications. #sysadmin
I'll bite. What's wrong with DoH?

2019-07-25 07:56:43

A new breed of backdoors and malwares are targeting #Linux now, facilitated by the conformist adoption of desktops like GNOME and hidden in their growing complexity… - we are happy to say that our distribution is not affected by GNOME at all ;^)

Remember, whenever a headline asks a question, the answer is no